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Is Viral Cash App a Scam Or It’s Really a Massive Passive Income?!

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Thanks for spending time to read my in-deep review of Viral Cash. You are probably wondering is viral cash app a scam or if there is a real making money opportunity behind it?

You are lucky because I’ve reviewed this app in the past week and can answer this question in details. To know what is Viral Cash and if you can trust it not, researching about its creator and know who is managing it is a necessary step.

Matthew Neer is a name that we come up with when we search for creator of Viral Cash App. I’ve done some more research and found that this is not the first program that is built by this guy and he’s created several other making money programs (mostly unsuccessful) before.

It’s good to see that you’ve decided to do some research before trying it and I assure you that if you read my review completely, you will be able to make the best logical decision will know EVERYTHING you should know about this app as well as Matthew Neer.

In addition to answering the main question (is viral cash app a scam?), I’m going to cover some other important questions like how this app really works? Who is behind it? And more importantly if there is any chance to make money from Viral Cash App?

So without wasting your valuable time, let’s start!


Product Name: Viral Cash App

Official Website:

Owner: Matthew Neer

Type: Make Money with an App

Cost to join: $47 at the beginning plus $197 upsells

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

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what is viral cash app

What Is Viral Cash App Exactly?

If I want to explain it in simple words, I should say that it’s an app which helps you create a blog or website and put a lot of attractive videos on it in the hope that people like these videos and start to share them in their social networks which makes your videos and website viral.

This is all Viral Cash App is going to do and as I’ve mentioned above, owner of this software has experience in creating other similar programs like Speed Wealth in the past.

When I’ve watched his sales video more, I’ve found that he claims you can make hundreds of thousands dollars with this strategy because people just share what they see on the Internet! (This is what I’m totally disagree with and I’ll explain why later)

Then Matthew explains about potential of making 6 or 7 figures with viral videos and he shows you examples of Youtubers who makes millions by this way. Finally he tells you about difficulties of making viral videos and how his app can make it an easy job for you so you just need to install app and start making cash right away!

To make money from traffic you get through viral videos, you need a monetized blog or website which can show related ads to visitors and as Matthew Neer claims, this is the main thing Viral Cash App is going to do for you.

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how viral cash works

How Does Viral Cash App Work?

Matthew introduces affiliate marketing as the main source of income when you’re working in video sharing industry. He’s actually right because affiliate marketing and displaying ads are two main ways of making profit for video creators.

Then he shows how Viral Cash App finds the best place in your video to put affiliate links and other related ads then when people watch one of your videos and are interested to know more about ads, they click on it to get more info and when they buy offered product or when they just click on ads or watch it for a specific amount of time (30 seconds normally), you will get paid.

Is It Possible to Make Millions with Viral Cash App?

Well, there are two answers for this question. The first is based theoretical and the other is based on practical.

In terms of theory, as Matthew showed you, yes this is a well-known method for making money from online videos but when it comes to practical, it’s not that much easy; especially if you are not familiar with online marketing world.

The truth is that creating and monetizing a YouTube channel is really a time consuming work and it must be said that all those successful YouTubers who makes 6 or 7 figures now, have spent a lot of time and created tons of quality videos on a regular basis (daily) then waited to get accepted by YouTube Monetization Program and only after that could put ads on their videos.

I personally believe that making a video that go viral is not something everybody can do and even if a video is shared many times by people, it does not mean that it has enough potential to get attention of buyers. This requires marketing knowledge, significant effort and most importantly patience so make share you have all these skills before trying it otherwise, you will lose both time and money!

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viral cash pros and cons

What I Like & Dislike About Viral Cash App

I Like it Because

  • You can request full-refund and get money back up to 60 days after purchase
  • It gives you useful tips in some parts of training
  • The membership’s fee set in a reasonable price

I Dislike it Because

  • The reality of making money with viral videos is far from what Matthew claims
  • Many Annoying Hype
  • Lack of reliable information about creating and monetizing YouTube Channels
  • Creating videos for other blogs and websites which does not provide any benefits to you in the future

Nothing Comes to Life Easily

Many people wants to make easy money fast and that’s exactly why many programs, apps, companies, platforms and online training courses are all around the Internet which claims that can tell you making money secret. It’s interesting to know that a YouTube Channel which has +300,000 subscribers make money just by spamming people!

It’s a long story if I want to explain how they could gain that much of subscribers with a black method like spamming but I said that to let you know even a big number of visitors, subscribers or members does not confirm legitimacy of a program or company.

is viral cash app a scam

Final Word – Is Viral Cash App a Scam?

To find out if Viral Cash is a scam or not, I’ve read many reviews (both positive and negative) about this program and done my own research. About reviews of other people there is a 50%-50% answer. Some people say that it’s completely a scam since you can’t make money with that while some others call it a legit but low quality program.

Now let me give you my final word about Viral Cash. I agree with second group of people who consider it as a scam because you have to pay at least $47 to be able use this app and when it does work for you, it’s like losing $47; so since I’m sure about misleading information provided by Matthew Neer, I never put it on my recommendation list.

Another thing I want to mention here is that Viral Cash IS NOT an application because you won’t be given an app after enrolling into it and you just will be given access to their platform.

If you want to make money by promoting products of other people, it’s better to promote a high quality and legit program which can be beneficial for others as well. By this way both you and people who purchase that product will get benefit from it.


This was my honest review of Viral Cash app and I tried to cover all aspects of this program in my review; to be honest my long experience in reviewing making money programs and platforms let me make sure that Viral Cash is a scam even before reviewing it in detail but I wanted to explain why it’s not a legit program in my opinion.

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Making money online (even big money) is absolutely possible but you should find The Right Way. There are tons of apps, platforms, courses, programs, etc. that claim that teach you how to make money easily but that would be very irrational if you want to trust all these programs, especially those that have a get-rich-quick scheme.

Many people think that making money in virtual world is easy but they understand they were totally wrong only when they join a couple of scams and lose their hard-earned money. However if you choose The Right Program, you can absolutely get success and become one of those persons who make thousands of dollars in online world. To find one of the best and legit platforms which can teach you everything you need to build a thriving profitable online business continue reading my best recommendation section below.

Thanks for reading my Viral Cash App review and if you have any questions or want to sure you opinion about this app with others, feel free to leave your comments below. I would be more than happy if I can help you with anything. : )

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  1. Hi Ali,

    What a great review on Viral Cash App. Your article is truly helpful to everyone who is looking for online business or online income. There are lots of online businesses available and almost all of them claimed that one can earn tons of money in a short period of time.. (Too good to be true!)
    Also, I totally agree with you when you said that making video that go viral is not something that everybody can do and even if the video is shared many times, it does not really mean that it has a potential to get buyer’s attention. I personally would say that those people who had earned a lot online have their own share of hard work, research, knowledge and even time.
    I am glad that you shared this article for it will help us decide which online business to try and which to avoid – (of course the scammers).
    Thanks for this post. Just like you, I would also recommend trying Wealthy Affiliate (WA). One thing good with WA is that it has free trial, good training and supportive community. WA will not promise you gold right then and there, instead WA will teach you how to earn and will tell you that you will have your share of work for you to earn.

    Keep it up!

  2. Ali,

    I really appreciate when online scams are called out like this. I understand that everyone needs to make a living somehow, and for some people that means via scamming folks unfortunately. You are fighting the good fight in letting us all in on the nitty gritty details of these businesses. If people are going to throw their money into a toilet, they ought to know that there is a chance it’s going to get flushed. And that they will never see it again.

    Thank you!

  3. Ali,
    Let me start by saying thank you for your fantastic review! Coming from an actual Internet Businessman it is a real honor!!

    So you asked me to give you an honest critique of your post and I am gonna live up to that request.

    First, I like the way you have structured your overall post, you picked a questionable online business offer, then you broke that offer down, then you led the Visitor to where you wanted them to go. Perfect!! Your Post read like an experienced WA Affiliate Boot camp Student!!

    However Ali, here is my takeaway. As brilliant as your post was, it is painfully obvious that English is your second language. Because of that your sentence structure is a little difficult to work through, and it makes reading your post tedious at best.

    Now Weather or not this is effecting your income is a question you will have to ask yourself, but an easy way to fix this little problem is find a friend or someone who you know that is good, at not only English, but also good at laying down sentences. Then have that person proof read your posts and offer you some guidance on sentence structure, verb usage, noun – verb relationship and inter-sentence relevance.

    Second, I think your choice of Photos are a bit dry and maybe they are supposed to be I don’t know, but in my honest opinion using the same photo over and over and just changing the wording seems a bit lazy. That is just my opinion though, YOU are the tech savvy guy not me, LOL.

    Finally Ali, If your making six figures a year with the way it is, who cares what I think, Right!? LOL
    Good Luck to you, and may you have all the success you can handle!!

  4. Great article Ali! You pumped this one up with detail and tips on identifying a scam program beautifully. I thankfully have not been victim to any scam but I am happy that you are making an effort to point out the frauds and promote the good stuff.

    I am looking into youtube for promoting products but your article raised a question – Am I allowed to promote products through youtube unless I am monetized? I have a business that I want to grow through social media like instagram and youtube but now I need to know this important answer before I go and waste any time! Lots of people are easy to fall for the get rich quick schemes and you pointed this out throughout your post which I liked. Effort is required to make money and I like how you reinforced this truth.

    Thank you for the insightful information regarding Viral cash app and I will steer clear from it!
    – Rowan

  5. Interesting post here. I haven’t heard of this program you reviewed but it.looks like something I have seen before. Many of these programs that claim outrageous income or state that the courses are.simple are anything but. It reminds me of a rollercoaster with so many twists and turns you don’t know which way to go next. On the flip side the Wealthy Affiliate looks to be a good choice. Not overly expensive and pretty cut and dry. Meaning, you have to do the work. Well written and informative article here! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you Ali for sharing this useful information with me!

    I have fallen a couple times to these “scams” and it is wonderful you help people to see programs’ and apps’ good and bad sides.

    Videos have long been trending way to blog and market different things and that is what Viral Cash Application uses to tempt people. Your arguments about this app seem trustworthy and well researched.

    I personally don’t like marketers who hype their product too much and make empty promises. It’s great that you open up the fact that this is the case with Viral Cash App. You are not scared to tell the bad side of things.

    After all this I like that you offer people better solution to make money. Wealthy Affiliate is a great program.

    Your other articles seem interesting and I will totally read them through too.

  7. Thank you so much for providing a detailed, honest review of this and getting awareness to your readers. With the economy and more and more people struggling to keep a float financially, many are seeking alternative ways of making money. EASIER ways. In today’s society, there are so many “rich-quick-schemes” and increased national debt and identity theft because of this demand, it’s overwhelming and disheartening to try to find ways of making money outside of a normal 9-5 without fear. But there are ways! Unfortunately, so many people take advantage of human greed and impatience, making scams like this and so many gullible people fall victim to it. The #1 recommendation is to always do your research first! One thing I have noticed about scams is they never give you the ability to try the program for a period of time for free with access to all the bells and whistles to know what you could be paying for. That is why I like programs like wealthy affiliate because they let you taste the potential and are up front about you needing to be driven and dedicated to be successful. But all the tools and support are at your finger tips!

  8. Hi Ali thanks for this very honest and thorough thorough review of Viral Cash app. As you say there are just so many products out there offering the world. They also claim that you can make money immediately. Like most businesses this is just not true. Any sustainable business takes time, effort and energy. Thanks for clearing the air on this one, at least I know I can take it off my list of online products I’m researching. Your recommendation sounds interesting and the fact that its free speaks volumes for the confidence of the owners, will give it a shot. Once again Thanks for your good review.

  9. A great post, very informative indeed! We live in a day and age of instant gratification. Everyone wants to get rich quick and when it doesn’t work out, we are disappointed. In the end, hard work pays off. There are easier ways to make money online in my opinion. Thank you for giving an in-depth review of this product, I honestly don’t think I will try it out after what I read here. Videos are very difficult to go viral in my opinion (like you said)

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