Is Viral Dollars a Scam

Is Viral Dollars a Scam? – A Social Media Money Maker Or…

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When you try to earn money online you need to be as creative as possible. and the value can be very good as long as you use the best methods out there. Some methods are legit and work great, others less so. The idea is to check articles and honest opinions like the Viral Dollars Review and answer important questions like this: Is Viral Dollars a scam or it’s not recommended to anyone?

Once you know that, it will be easier to figure out if any opportunity like this is legit or not. Some of them are, others less so. Once you know the situation it will be easier to handle it and eliminate the pressure that usually comes with all this kind of stuff.

What you have to understand is that with this Viral Dollars Review we want to make it easy for people to see what Viral Dollars is, how they can help you and if they are legit. That really pushes the boundaries and in the end it just makes things a lot better. The value and results can be second to none, all you need is the right amount of commitment and you will be fine for sure.


Product Name: Viral Dollars

Official Website:

Owner: Not Mentioned

Type: Make Money From Social Media Accounts

Cost to Join: $0 (Free)

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is Viral Dollars

What Is Viral Dollars All About?

At its core, the idea of Viral Dollars is that you get an opportunity to earn $500 per day. The way that Viral Dollars says you will get that money is via sharing affiliate links on social media. You have to harness the power of social media and make it work in a meaningful manner, and once you do that nothing will stand in your way. If a person clicks the referral link you will get anywhere from $2 to $5. And the amount triples if they actually join the website.

Either way, you are getting paid, even for a single click. That helps a lot and it shows you can get paid even for sharing links. We all share links, so monetizing such a monotone activity is really interesting. They say you even get $25 if you join the website.

Technically you do, but it’s promotional stuff and not things you can actually use. Which you have to realize it’s the practice with sites like this. They always try to make it seem easy to earn money online. Sounds like that, but it’s not exactly easy to do so. The Viral Dollars Review process clearly showed us that while you can make some money here and there, this will be a waste of time.

About the Founder

The main issue we found during the Viral Dollars Review is that they are not listing the owner. You don’t know who created this business and why, which shows a huge red flag. You really need to figure out what happens and how you can handle such a situation. That’s why sometimes the best thing you can do is to stay away from such a situation or opportunity, and it will be a lot better.

If you see that the creator is hidden and not listed, does that inspire trust to use the site or buy something? Of course it doesn’t, and the Viral Dollars Review is obviously pushed towards negativity in this situation.

You have to realize that when something seems too good to be true, it actually ends up being like that. So you have to try and handle it correctly, and it will totally be worth it at the same time. Once you see all of this, you will notice it’s a very clear sign to stay away from all of it, otherwise there are problems.

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how Viral Dollars works

How Does Viral Dollars Work?

As we mentioned earlier, the idea is very straightforward. This is pretty much a system where you want people to sign up to the site and create a membership. Out of that you are getting paid.

Viral Dollars will also pay you if you generate leads, which is quite uncommon in situations like these. That alone makes Viral Dollars very interesting, and you have to check it out and see how it really works, if it can be adapted or adjusted to the process in a meaningful manner.

That being said, you are getting paid up to $5 per person that clicks on your link to Viral Dollars. If they join then you get double or even triple that amount, up to $15. At its core the idea seems legit and interesting, and you might even start believing it. Until things seem to fall short because it ends up not being that legit. They say the website was created in 2018 and they already had a lot of customers, but that’s not the case.

The site was created in April 2019 and you don’t really know who did that or why. You just know that you get paid for sharing links. You lack the understanding of how they are getting paid, why they are using the link system and how is all of that helping you. When a system designed to help you earn money is not exactly easy to understand, that’s a clear red flag.

It shows that there are problems and in the end the only thing you can do is to commit to the process and work as hard as possible to make it work. Otherwise, there will be issues, and that’s exactly what you need to consider.

Can You Make Money With Viral Dollars?

They say that the Viral Dollars process is as simple as sharing a link and you make money. The more people click on it, the more money you can make. But the fact that even the click amount varies is a bit strange, it shouldn’t really matter who clicks on it as long as you are guaranteed to get paid even a small amount.

The problem is that you’re not exactly shown how you are getting paid, and in this business the lack of such information can be seen as a huge red flag. That doesn’t make it a major problem, but it does bring in questions and such questions are things that you want to address and think about as much as possible.

  • Overhyped claim

During the Viral Dollars Review we noticed that on their website it says you can get $500 per day. Even if the payment system would be true which we doubt it is, you can’t make $500 per day just because it would require hundreds of people to join up the site and also click on your link every day. Sure, they can claim it happens, but 99.9% of the people if not everyone would never reach such a goal.

And even then, people have to trust you that you are not promoting maleficent stuff. But as we noticed you don’t really know what you end up promoting with this stuff, and that alone can be a major red flag. When that happens, it ends up being a major problem.

Are you still trusting a business like this which doesn’t seem as appealing when you start taking the math apart? You shouldn’t do that unless they give you a clear reason to. And in this case, your focus has to be on making sure they are committed to what they are saying. They don’t really seem like that, with the owner or website creator not being listed.

When you hype something at this level and you don’t back it up even a little bit, people become skeptical and for a very good reason. You will need to focus on the situation, see what really happens, how you can change things even a little bit and then go from there.

  • Testimonials are not real

That alone is a problem. If you want to use the Viral Dollars and actually make money from such an opportunity, you need to be 100% sure that they back up all the claims like this with something real. But the testimonials don’t have a link to the actual website where that person said such a thing. And even the names seem made up.

Without a way to prove that names are real, unfortunately, it’s easy to think that this is a scam. It feels like a scam and Viral Dollars doesn’t actually provide you with a reason to trust them. Which is a shame because things could be a lot better here.

Commitment and focus are key when it comes to this, and you should be able to achieve some great results if you do this properly. It’s all about understanding the situation and actively getting the outcome you want. Once you do it wisely, the payoff alone will be great.

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Viral Dollars

Viral Dollars – Pros & Cons


  • The website promises a large amount of money for not doing a lot of work
  • You could potentially earn a lot, but it needs time investment.


  • The website owner is not listed
  • Testimonials are fake
  • They lie when it comes to the website creation date

Is Viral Dollars Scam

Final Word – Is Viral Dollars a scam?  

Based on our Viral Dollars Review experience we would say that Viral Dollars is actually a scam. When you have a legit business opportunity you want to be open to people and let them know more and more about it and how they can actually enroll in this kind of stuff. They don’t really do that here. Instead, they just make it hard to trust them.

As we mentioned earlier, the lack of any info about who owns the site or created this system is a huge red flag. You want the system to work and to be reliable, but when you see this type of stuff it becomes a massive red flag. That doesn’t really mean at first that the site is bad.

Yet any honest website ends up delivering a great experience and that alone is what you really have to consider with all this situation. It’s definitely a good idea to push the boundaries and come up with better ways to make people trust you. But not showing any information like this keeps people away instead of making them sign up.

And yes, the testimonials are not backed up by anything. There’s no link, even the names seem false. And without a way to back them up, it’s easy to see that they are probably not real. Which is as we mentioned earlier yet another red flag that you really have to think about.

When all these things add up and not a lot of it seems real or legit, there is a reason to be concerned. You need to actually pay a lot of attention to the system itself and how it really works. Because the more you know about it, the easier it will be to bring in more attention and support for the entire experience.

Also, people are not getting paid all over the internet. They say they are paying you fast, but based on the Viral Dollars review process we also had a hard time getting paid. It’s something that actually a lot of people are dealing with and it does end up being a problem. Which is why it makes a lot of sense to understand the process and commit to making it even a little bit better.

The clear idea is to focus on growth with a system like this and to push the boundaries as much as you can. It’s worth it as long as you really focus on it and push things to the next level. You do need to give it a shot and in the end that can be a problem.


It seems encouraging that you can earn money on the side just by sharing links and doing tasks on social media. But when there are so many signs that this opportunity is fake, you have to start believing in them. And that’s what really pushes the boundaries and makes this work, a system that’s designed to be helpful, reliable and also committed to quality and value all the time.

It’s a great idea to push the boundaries when you want to make money, but based on our Viral Dollars review experience, this is not the best way to do it!

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