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Is Viral Pay a Scam? – Yes, And It Has a New Fake Skin Now!

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I give you $25 if give me 5 minutes of your time and sign up on a website? Sounds great right? Making $25 in just 5 minutes! Well, this is what Viral Pay wants you to believe that is possible but this is not all the truth about this program. But Is Viral Pay a scam really? Let’s find out!

Well, the truth is that although I’ve tried and reviews a lot of MMO platforms and even when I see 80% of them are scam but still, whenever I see a new one, I think that it may be that golden key which can make folks who like to have an online income but…

I think it was 4 or 5 years ago when I’ve seen this program but since nobody talked about it at that time, I didn’t take it seriously and didn’t pay much attention to it too but 6 days ago when I was checking my facebook page, an ad got my attention with its attractive sentence: “Turn your social network to real cash and a thriving online business!

I noticed that the name of the company is familiar to me; I looked it up and… Bang! I’ve found that it’s the company that I’ve seen years ago (Viral Pay) but just with a new name and skin! And it’s now called Viral Dollars.

I’m going to write a separate article for Viral Dollars review to help people don’t get scammed by this company but you just need to remember that the “Viral Pay” is “Viral Dollars” and nothing changed inside it except that the name!


Product Name: Viral Pay (Changed to Viral Dollars recently)

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Get paid to sign up in websites

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is viral pay


To find out how Viral Pay really works, I decided to open an account with them and see what they offer to people when they complete sign up process. After creating my account, I’ve received an email from Viral Pay which says there’s a potential of making +$2000 with their program and to reach that amount, I just need to invite 1000 persons to the program through my affiliate link.

But the interesting part starts here: the $2 bonus is what I get if someone just clicks on my click and if this leads to a new sign up for that person, I’ll earn an extra $10. That’s really amazing because, with a conversion rate of just %5, you easily can make up to $500 monthly with almost no work!

But where this money comes from and how Viral Pay can make profit and continue working if it pays that much for a single sign up?

Continue reading to get more familiar with dirty tricks sites like Viral Pay to encourage people join their program.

What Is Viral Pay All About?

Unfortunately, it’s not clear that how Viral Pay started working and what it really offers to people; all we know is that this program is going to show you a way to make money from social networks.

They say it does not matter how many followers you have or how many likes your posts get; to become a very successful influencer, you don’t need anything except than Viral Pay! $500 is the minimum amount you can make in this program and this is an addition to $25 sign up bonus that everybody can earn after joining Viral Pay.

Sounds like a brilliant way to start making money, right? I don’t want to disappoint you but none of the above dreams are going to happen to you. Yes, Viral Pay is going to use social networks but not for your benefits. They want to take advantage of the audience you have in the social networks and promote their products to your list.

Yes I know it looks some complicated but don’t worry. I’ll explain it in simple words in the next paragraphs.

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what is viral pay

How Viral Pay Works Exactly?

Joining Viral Pay is as easy as filling out an online registration form. If you’ve signed up on any other website, you’ve seen this type of forms which request some basic info like your name, address, email, etc. When you’ve completed it, $25 will be added to your Viral Pay account as sign up bonus and from there, you can start to earn money (as high as $2) by clicking on links.

I don’t know if Viral Pay is your first GtP (Get to Paid) experience or not but what you should know is that paying $2, $5 or $10 for a single click is what mostly offered by scam sites and it’s a sign of scam. None of the legit programs are willing to pay that much to members because if they do this, they can’t stay alive in the business even for one day!

The story does not finish here and it continues; for example, Viral Pay offers you a mini-job which you make a video and promote Viral Pay in that video then upload it to your YouTube channel and you’ll earn $50! As you can see it’s a dirty trick to collect positive reviews and if you search “Viral Pay review” in the youtube, I assure you that 90% of uploaded videos created through this way and they are not real!

The worst part starts when it’s time to withdraw your money. When you request your money, Viral Pay wants you to complete several other time-consuming tasks like referral 6 more people into the program or clicking on 15 more links but it’s better to don’t do any of those tasks because even if you complete all the requested tasks, you still don’t get paid!

Now let’s see what options Viral Pay gives you for making some extra money and if these options are really worth trying or it’s just waste your time. You’ve probably already known it but I recommend you to continue this article till the end because I introduce you The Best Alternative for Viral Pay.

Is There Any Way to Make Money with Viral Pay?

My experience in reviewing online programs like 22 Minutes to Profit, MyEcon or Jump Manual says that there’s always a way for making some cash from these programs.

Yes of couse and that’s why Viral Pay became famous for. Actually there is more than one way to start making money from this platform. For example, when you complete sign-up process, you’ll earn $25 and this continues as long as new members are joining this program.

Or when you share your affiliate links, can earn up to $5 if someone clicks on your link. Actually, this is the most common way for making money from this program and that’s why you have probably seen people are spamming referral links of this program here and there.

Referring a friend (affiliate program)is the last way for having a side-income with Viral Pay. It’s very similar to above option but it has higher potential earning and you are able to earn up to $15 by referring another person (a friend, a family member or a person that you never know) to the platform.

To do that, you need to get your affiliate link in the dashboard section of the program first then share it with persons who are interested in this kind of money-making ways.

You Should Stay Away From Viral Pay Because:

All the positive things I’ve told you above about Viral Pay are just a beautiful skin for this crappy program. By reading below facts you’ll make sure that this website using black hat methods for encouraging and getting new members.

  • Not Real Testimonials (Created by fake persons)

Listening to people who have experience in working with Viral Pay is a good way to know the truth about this program and when you visit testimonial page, you see that 100% of people who have tested Viral Pay are totally happy with their experience.

Well it was good if these testimonials and feedback were real but unfortunately all of them are fake and by paying attention to some tips, you can easily find out why testimonials of Viral Pay are not real.

For example a person who is called “James” says that he’s amazed by using Viral Pay and the result he got during the last 24 months is unbliviable. He continues by showing some income proof and says that Viral Pay made him around $200 to $500 weekly through social media.

Here’s the pic of the guy, I’m talking about:

fake testimonial

The guy who claims that he’s making $200 to $500 every week with Viral Pay.

I’ve done a google image search and I ended up with a Fiverr page of this guy which offered a testimonial for $5! This means, he didn’t work with Viral Pay and probably don’t know anything about it but scammers behind this program hired him for making a fake testimonial for their platform.

You can do the same for almost all other testimonials you see in the website of Viral Pay and I’m sure that you won’t like what you find out at the end.

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  • It’s Too Good to Be True

If you are smart, this question jumps into your mind immediately after joining the platform:

Viral Pay is a free website and this means you don’t have to pay anything to join it so how they make a profit and how they can pay their members?

“Viral Pay answers to the above question: you send traffic to our website by promoting it which let us have new customers and we make a profit from the ads we display in our website then we share a part of our revenue with you.”

I’m experienced in working as an advertiser and I’ve worked with many different companies from the godfather (Google ads) to less-known ones like 7Search and I’m 100% sure that none of the advertiser like to invest money on this type of advertising. (when a company pay members for clicking on links and ads).

The truth is that the first part of their answer is true. They are making money from their members but they’re not going to share their revenue. It’s not hard to find out that withdrawing your money from Viral Pay is impossible. You just need to reach their minimum payout amount then when you request withdraw they’re telling you something about technical issues, etc and… they never pay you!

  • A Lot of Complaints from The Current Members

Just google “Viral Pay Complaints” and you’ll be surprised by seeing how many complaints this program got in a short amount of time.

90% of people who had complaints with this website could not withdraw their money and Viral Pay banned their account without any warning. They also mentioned that they didn’t do anything wrong and this just happened exactly in the withdraw’s time.

  • Tell Me Who Is Behind The Viral Pay Please!

Keep my advice in your mind: None of the legit and reliable online services are going to hide their identity from you. If you see a website/product (like Viral Pay) that hide this basic information, there’s a high chance that it’s a scam!

Knowing the owner of a product or program is the key to trust that program so how you want to spend your valuable time on something that you don’t know who is created it! Reliable sites give you ALL the information you want to know about the owner and you also have many options for contacting with their support, from phone numbers to email address.

But scam sites don’t give you this information or give you fake info to get your trust so make sure you know everything about the owner before giving a new making money program a shot.

what is viral pay

Viral Pay – Positive & Negative

What I Liked,

  • It offers an incentive affiliate program which makes it easy to encourage other people to join it.
  • There’s a bonus of $25 which will be credited to your account as soon as you create and activate your account
  • It has a user-friendly interface so you don’t have any issue for finding and exploring different sections of the website

What I Didn’t Like

  • The most disappointing thing about Viral Pay is that you never get paid! So why you should work in a program if you know that they won’t get paid you in the end?
  • There are complains from members who say that their account has been banned for no reason. Even when they followed all Viral Pay policies.

is viral pay scam

Final Word – Is Viral Pay a Scam?

Yes! All information I’ve found about this program confirms that Viral Pay is absolutely a scam product. Even if with leniency we consider it a semi-legit website, there’s no doubt that you never get paid and all your effort and time you’ve put behind it will be wasted.

We still don’t know their true identity but what we are sure about is that Viral Pay (aka Viral Dollars) is nothing more than a crappy program which changed its name to be able to continue scam more and more people and every single new member that joins it means, they’re making more profit.

Thank you very much for reading my Viral Pay review. I hope you have found what you were looking for in this article and feel free to leave your opinion about this article and other programs that I’ve reviewed in the comments below.

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