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Is Visalus a Scam or Pyramid Scheme? – My Review Shows The Truth!

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There are thousands of pyramid schemes all over the world with each pyramid scheme promising you vast sums of money if you participate in their program and recruit people. Visalus is an online platform in the health niche that promises you a lot of profit if you join them. Now this is the question: Is Visalus a Scam? Let’s find out!

A lot of people have been asking if Visalus is a pyramid scheme. They want to know if Visalus is legit or a scam. Well, we can’t just conclude about it immediately. I took my time and did a lot of research to bring you this review of Visalus.

This review will tell you all that you need to know about Visalus. If you are interested in joining Visalus, you are advised to read this review first before you make your decision to sign up. Of course, I understand that you want to make a lot of passive income as fast as possible. But this review won’t take your time. It’s best to spend a little bit of time reading this review so you can make a wise decision on joining them or not. You wouldn’t want to make a decision you will regret, will you?

I’ll introduce you to this platform and show you why it may not be what it claims to be.


Product Name: Visalus

Official Website:

Founder: Nick Sarnicola, Blair Mallen

Type:  MLM Business in Health and Wellness

Price:  $499 for the Executive Promotor + Up-sells

Best For:  Nobody!

Recommended:  No

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

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what is visalus

What Is Visalus Exactly?

Visalus operates in the saturated fitness and health niche. It sells products in this niche using MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) and promotional methods. They have a motto which tells you to challenge yourself and change your life and body using their products.

On the homepage is a large banner that tells you to join a 90-day challenge. The banner says that you’ll win prizes and cash for completing the 90-day challenge. There is a tab for viewing the prizes that can be worn. But when I clicked on it, I was shown an error message. Now, why would the prizes be hidden? This might be an honest error, but it doesn’t look too good.

There is another monthly promotion called Visalus Free Products. You are encouraged to participate in this and win free products. They offer you a 3 for free program that can win you a kit if you bring in three people. From this, you can see that a major aspect of Visalus is about recruiting people into the program. This is why many people think that they are a pyramid scheme.

The website looks excellent and professional with a good user interface and user experience. It looks legit and genuine. But you must realize that appearances do not tell the whole story. One needs to dig in to get the real details. I dug in deeper to see how Visalus works.

how visalus works

How Does Visalus Work?

The money you earn depends on your rank. There is a structure based on membership ranking. There is a ladder with 15 ranks to which each member belongs. You start from the bottom of the ladder.

So How Much Can I Earn with Visalus?

With Visalus, you can earn money depending on your ranking, your performance and how well you can recruit people. This is almost the same thing as what you have with pyramid schemes. Visalus is not a pyramid scheme, but their entire setup is suspiciously similar to that of a pyramid scheme.

The percentage of your reward also depends on your ranking. Your ranking will determine how much you can make with Visalus. You won’t be given specific figures at the beginning which is a bit suspicious.

Climbing Up The Rankings…

To climb up the rankings, you need to recruit and bring in more people. The more people you recruit, the higher your ranking. Also, the sales of those you bring in also affect your ranking. So, the more products they sell, the higher your ranking. Products aren’t easy to sell, so a lot of people have to focus on recruiting others.

Multi Level Marketing Pyramid Scheme

Visalus offers various compensation plans. Some of these plans will be explained further below.

  • Leadership Depth Bonus

Not everyone is eligible for the Leadership Depth Bonus. You must first reach the Ambassador Level before you can become eligible for the bonus. This bonus gets you a 4% team commission.

  • Fast Start Bonus

The fast start bonus becomes available once you recruit a new member. But this bonus depends on what the new member purchases. There are several business packages. You can earn about $185 if the new member buys a top-rated package. But this rarely happens unless you are very good at selling.

  • Personal Customer Commission

Visalus products can also be sold to earn a commission. But there is no specified percentage. The commission percentage that you can earn depends on how much worth of products that you sell. So, you can earn 10% or 30% depending on how much you sell.

There are also other commissions that are similar to what pyramid schemes offer. Team compensation is included among these commissions. But it isn’t easy to determine the max value of these commissions as you have to reach the top to find out more.

pros and cons visalus

Pros & Cons – Is Visalus a Pyramid Scheme?

Well, the structure that Visalus operates is similar to a pyramid scheme. From the outside, a lot of people will call it a pyramid scheme. But when you dig in deeper, you’ll see more. There are actual products involved in Visalus, and they are concerned about selling these products. No one is forced to become a promoter of the scheme. And visitors are not restricted from buying the products even if they are not registered as a promoter. The products are completely legit one so in all honesty, Visalus is not a pyramid scheme.   

The fact that the company operates a recruitment/referral program does not make it a pyramid scheme. Once, it has legit products and it places more emphasis on selling the products that recruiting people, it is likely not a pyramid scheme. Visalus provides the correct balance of things. But, some of their recruiters might make it seem like a fast way to make money and give others the notion that it is a pyramid scheme.

is visalus scam

My Final Verdict – Is Visalus a Scam?

Although answer of this question can’t be one word but if a direct Yes or No answer is what you are looking for then I should tell you that I confirm the legitimacy of Visalus so it’s not a scam at all from my point of view BUT… do you have really all needed tools and required skills to get success with Visalus?

Do not you have any previous internet marketing experience? Then you should think twice before joining Visalus. If you see some members get great success with this program, it does not mean that it’ll happen for you too right after joining Visalus. They’ve worked hard to get that eye-catching result, they know how to promote a product, how to review a product, how to talk with people and the most important, How to Sell a Product. Do you have all these skills already?

You know well that many people are looking for products related to weight-loss or fitness these days and this gives you a great opportunity since Visalus sells this kind of products. Although this opportunity can be your winning ticket but if you don’t spend enough time behind it, you’ll lose the game! Not only Visalus but any other making money programs won’t give you a single cent if you aren’t profitable for them.

To be honest, personally I don’t like programs with high rate in failure like NatureSunshine or Life Mastery and unfortunately, Visalus is one of them. If I can accept a lot of time and effort that I should put behind it to make it works, I can’t accept the result which shows that I won’t get success for 80%!

Maybe if it was 10 years ago, we hadn’t any other options except that programs like Visalus for making money online but since it’s 21st century now, there are much better ways to build your own business online and ways like affiliate marketing with reliable programs like wealthy affiliate can totally exceed your expectations in this field.

One of the biggest differences between affiliate marketing and MLM is that you’ll promote products you are interested in affiliate marketing but in MLM you have to sell products that companies tell you and unlike MLM which is based on recruiting people, affiliate marketing connects you to people (potential customers) that have same interest as yours.

Finally, you may think that there is nothing to lose if you give Visalus or another MLM company a try but I tell you that there are many things to lose! The first and most important thing is your valuable time which will be wasted if you fail and second is your money because some MLM companies let you promote their products only when you purchase some of them or a plan in advance and if you can’t sell them, guess what… you will simply lose money.

I tried to give everything you need to know about Visalus by writing this review and I hope it answered all your questions well. Anyway, if there are any other things about Visalus, MLM companies or making money online, feel free to ask me by leaving it as a comment below and I would be more than happy to back to you soon! )

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