is voxxlife a scam

Is VoxxLife a Scam or a New Life to Your Body?!

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There’s every possibility you’ve come across Voxxlife either from a friend, on social media pages, email listing or an ad and I’m certain you can’t wait to find out if it is legit or just another way human beings rob others in broad daylight. Well, it’s a wise thing you’re doing by gathering more information on Voxxlife before joining. Is VoxxLife a scam or not? This is the most important question I’m going to answer in the next couple of paragraphs.

While this review isn’t going to be a scheme to persuade you into joining Voxxlife against your instinct, it is neither going to be a strategy to turn you against the platform. All I’m going to put down here is an unbiased review of Voxxlife aimed solely at guiding you into the best decisions as regards the platform.


Product Name: VoxxLife

Official Website:

Owner: Jay Dhaliwal

Type: MLM in Socks Market

Cost to Join: $40 for Membership + From $200 to $600 for Kits

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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what is voxxlife

What is Voxxlife Exactly?

Founded in 2016 by Jay Dhaliwal, Voxxlife is a Multi-Level Marketing company that is committed to providing access to good health without drugs and therefore explores the potency of Neuro-Muscular Science and Neuro-Activation by harnessing advanced technology in the development of their line of Human Performance Technology (HTP) products.

Let me explain exactly what this is.

Suitable for people of all walks of life, Voxxlife’s HTP is a scientifically supported technology that alleviates pain and improves balance, strength, stability and stamina. It also improves reaction time and motion angle. With the aim of eliminating the health and economic consequences of the various drugs people consume for good health and optimal wellbeing, the company has two lines of products in the market – VoxxSol and VoxxStasis.

While VoxxSol is their HPT-enhanced shoe insoles which sells for about $50, VoxxStasis is their pair of HTP-enhanced socks selling for up to $45.

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how voxxlife works

How Does Voxxlife Work?

Being a networking company, Voxxlife requires that you purchase and represent their technology and lines of products on joining. So aside improving the state of your health with their line of products, Voxxlife has also provided the opportunity to improve your pockets too. They claim to have the best express selling and multi-level compensation scheme you can find.

On purchase of any of their plans, Voxxlife butters up your chances to make a few extra bucks by offering you an enticing retail commission, and when you recruit others to purchase and market their products, you also receive a commission. Here’s how it works.

On Voxxlife, there are 7 levels on which you can earn brokerage and premiums from about 8 lower levels. As a member, you get to receive up to 50% commission on every sale you make and when you recruit others, you also get to receive 20% of the sales they make as commission (this is your first level sales).

On getting to the stage of a Qualified Member, you begin to receive up to 2% of all the sales made by everyone enlisted by those you recruited (also known as your second level sale). As you go higher up on the rank, your commission on personal sales increases as well as the number of people you get to receive the commission from.

At the 5th level i.e. when you become a Managing Director, you begin to earn up to 2.5% of every sale of your downlines starting from your second level sellers and below. You also get to receive a Director Bonus of 10%. This bonus increases by 5% for each of the remaining levels.

Also, for every medical professional you recruit, you get to receive a commission of 15% from their sales. You can find the list of practitioners you can enlist on their web page.

You can join Voxxlife as an independent or discount member (skipping the details and heading straight for the bait!). On joining as an independent member, you get to pay a yearly fee of $40 to enable you to purchase their products at wholesale price with an enticing discount of more than 25%. You also get a replicate website from Voxxlife for free to foster your sales.

How Does Compensation Plan Work?

Voxxlife focused to promote its compensation plan as much as possible and try to show it as one of the best plans among MLM companies. At first glance, the compensation plan of Vooxlife is similar to other plans but when you take a closer look at it, you’ll notice some differences which Vooxlife used to attract distributors.

Your income and commission depending on what level you are in Vooxilfe and your level goes up or down depends on the amount of the referrals you get. One of the main issues you should keep in mind is that your income potential will be decreased when your level goes up, it means 20% is the maximum percentage you can earn when you are at 1 level and it’ll be only about 2% when you are in upper levels.

The same as other MLM’s compensation plans, if people who join the company through your referral link can make significant sales, you’ll make more money and if they are not active, your income will be much less than what you’ve expected.

So you can clearly see that how your downline plays an important role in your income potential and although there’s still chance to make some money by yourself through direct sales but you never can go upper than a specific amount of sales.

How You Can Make Money Through Vooxlife?

  • As a Retailer

Your profile will be something around 25% when you start selling products of Vooxlife but you won’t receive this 25% as direct commission instead it’ll be calculated as a discount every time you purchase a product. This means you only pay about $57 for a product that priced $75 so if you sell it again at a normal price, you will make $18 profit which is not bad at all.

However, if you decide to work with Vooxlife directly, you will receive a fixed commission which is 25% so it’s not different from the case we’ve seen above. Just do not forget that the compensation plan is only available for members who purchase Vooxlife’s products on a regular basis (monthly) and the total price of products they purchase should reach $100. All this means you always have to purchase items of Vooxlife first to have a chance for promoting and selling them.

  • Residual Income

Get more referrals and make more money. This is an unwritten rule for almost all MLM companies and they put this rule on their compensation plan somehow always. The rule is simple, if you can recruit more people into Vooxlife, you can generate more money.

Recruiting is the main way for generating income in MLM companies and to be honest during the years that I’m reviewing MLM companies, I’ve not seen any MLM company that didn’t take advantage of it.

All your commission you will receive through recruiting people called recruitment commission which will be paid to you through Vooxlife.

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voxxlife pros and cons

VoxxLife – Pros and Cons

This review cannot be complete if I don’t tell you what you’ve been waiting to read. So here are the pros and cons of Voxxlife:

  • Pros
  1. Attractive Compensation: You simply can’t resist the enticing discounts, commissions and bonuses you can receive on Voxxlife. I’m sure they are attractive enough to make you forget you ever had to pay for membership.
  2. Sizeable Market: At first you might want to draw back considering that their products are quite on the high side of cost, but then you’d realize you can actually sell them pretty quick. This is because contrary to expectations, people seem to like and patronize their products a lot.
  • Cons
  1. Costly Maintenance: Pretty much like a host of other MLM, Voxxlife requires an upfront membership fee and a purchase of not less than $200 monthly which can amount to an annual commitment of almost $1,400. While not trying to discourage you, this seems kind of outrageous – unless you have such money to throw around.
  2. Marketing: If you’re not good at marketing – especially for a pair of $40 socks and insoles, you might as well just forget about Voxxlife because you’ll need strategic marketing if you are going to sell off the $200 – $600 worth of Voxxlife product that has to be in your custody every month.
  3. Recruiting: While the commission you get to receive from your personal sales may seem attractive, I doubt you can make it big on Voxxlife if you don’t recruit members. This should lead us to the question of how well you are able to represent Voxxlife to persuade people to join. For the record, most MLM members only end up recruiting members of their family, and I must tell you, family members are the last people you’d want to make money from.

What I Didn’t Like About Vooxlife

  • Prepare Yourself to Pay A Lot!

Yes, the truth is that Vooxlife’s products are expensive and if you want to get benefits from all the features of its compensation plan, it’ll cost you more than $1000. Even if you do not want to become an official member with them who pay $1340 yearly ($100 monthly), all products you want to promote as an affiliate should be purchased by you. This’ll bring you an additional cost and if your marketing plan fails, you’ll lose money for sure.

Is it Possible to Make Money on Voxxlife?

Very much, yeah! All the commission figures I mentioned earlier are not for nothing. There are three ways you can make some extra cash on Voxxlife:

  • Commission from personal sales,
  • Commissions from your recruit i.e. from the sales of those directly under you.
  • Residual Commission i.e. from the income generated by your recruits.
  • Leader bonuses

However, you need to make a monthly purchase of not less than $100 worth of their products before you can enjoy these commissions.

On joining Voxxlife as an independent member, you get to choose to purchase either $200 (the Bronze Launch Kit), $400 (the Silver Launch Kit) or $600 (the Gold Launch Kit) worth of Launch Kits having $400, $900 and $1,400 retail values respectively. For the Bronze Launch Kit, you can earn up to $50 from selling a product of your choice you receive for free. For the Silver and Gold Launch Kits, you can earn up to $200 and $450 from selling 4 and 9 free products respectively.

is voxxlife scam

Final Word – Is Voxxlife a Scam?

While you might start getting discouraged by the cons of this platform, I’ll like to tell you that Voxxlife is not a scam. It is a genuine MLM company that offers users and members an opportunity to make extra income.


Although I wouldn’t advise that an MLM business is used as a main source of income if you’re okay with the features of this platform and you’re sure you can access a sizeable market for Voxxlife products, go on and visit their website and sign up to become a member.

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