is Weekly Money Call a scam

Is Weekly Money Call a Scam or Data Makes You Dollars?

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Thanks for visiting my website, to read my honest review of Weekly Money Call. In this review, I’m going to talk about the newest service of Money Map Press, called Weekly Money Call created by Tom Gentile. Here is one of the most common questions that I’ve seen about this program: Is Weekly Money Call a scam that you should stay away from it or this really make you money if you use it the right way?

Also, I’ll show you if this is a trustable program and if there’s any money that can be made from it. Also, I’ll explain how much you can make from Weekly Money Call and other similar programs and if it worth your time or not.

Finally, at the conclusion section, you’ll get familiar with My Best Recommended Platform which helps you to make a serious income online from your hobbies and interests.

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Product Name: Weekly Money Call

Official Website:

Owner: Tom Gentile

Type: A system to predict stocks in the market

Cost to Join: $4,995 (With discount, $1,995)

Recommended? 50%

Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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what is Weekly Money Call

What Is Weekly Money Call Exactly?

In short, it’s an investment investor that predicts stock’s market with crunches millions of data and provides a report of potential stocks that will jump in the near future. Subscribers will receive a weekly recommendation from Tom Gentile (founder of Money Map Press) and have the opportunity to trade on profitable stocks for a subscription fee of $1,995.

Tom monitors liquid stocks from the established and well-known companies in the market on a regular basis and makes a list of advice and recommendations for stocks that are expected to report high-profit growth in the coming months and send it as a weekly newsletter to subscribers.

To get the weekly report, you just need to have access to a device that is connected to the Internet. These reports come to your mailbox every Monday morning with the title of “Money Call” which has been chosen by Tom Gentile. There is a 2 or 3 times profit potential on investment money and it’s calculated every Friday.

What Is the Channel Collision Indicator?

This is an indicator called Channel Collision Indicator (CCI) created by Tom to improve the accuracy of his predictions and find the most profitable stocks. According to what’s written in the Weekly Money Call website, this indicator is the result of hard-working and thousands of dollars investment. It’s been tested in different markets and situations and a team of programmers developed it to make it quality and trustable.

As you can guess, the CCI can monitor different channels. Some of the channels monitored by this indicator are The Inertia (green) channel, The Launch (yellow) channel and the Gradient (red) channel.

CCI gathers data from all these channels to predict which stocks will grow and which ones will fall. The system filters unreliable stocks automatically and gives you advice only on powerful stocks based on a profitable pattern.

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What About the Tom Gentile Inner Circle?

According to what we see inside of Tom Gentile Inner Circle, we would say that MMO opportunities provided in this section are the result of in-deep research to be money-doubling opportunities, actually, they’ve been chosen to be the fastest growing and the most profitable ones in the market.

Some experts call Tom Gentile Inner Circle the best business pattern in the world and although I’m not 100% agree with them but to be honest, there are many positive considerable things about this program.

According to the last announcement, the newest trading options provided by Top focused on making a profit of +1,000% in less a month! That would be amazing if he could do that. The new method tried to get the help of the digital currency and focused on the cryptocurrencies to uncover lucrative trading patterns in this million-dollar market.

It’s in a beta phase now so we should wait and see if Tom can break his record by making 20,000% profit in the stock market in one year or not.

Who Is The Founder?

We have talked about the background and passion of Tom Gentile a lot; now it’s time to see who is this person and if he can help you with your money-making goal. As a career, we should call Tom a Pattern Trader because he has extensive experience in trading lucrative patterns.

People who subscribed to his weekly newsletter can benefit from the advice of a professional programmer who invested a significant amount of time and money to build and develop the most reliable rules-based trading strategies.

Although it was 1993 when Tom became well-known for creating Optionetics (an educational company that provided tips for stock market investing) but he has made his trading patterns as an investment career 7 years ago in 1986 which became the source of all his success in the future.

Before 2009, Tom only focused on his trading career but after that, he decided to share his knowledge with people who are interested in the stock market. From 2009, +100,000 traders enrolled in classes and online courses Tom Gentile to benefit from specific secrets he shares about low-risk profitable opportunities.

If you search “Tom Gentile” in Amazon, many books will come up which have been written by this experienced trader. The Volatility Course, The Index Course, and The Stock Market are only a few of many books written by this author.

Some of the well-known financial channels like Bloomberg, Reuters, Fox Business, etc. have been featured Tom Gentile several times in their programs and he still contributes with different stock magazines as a columnist.

Weekly Money Call is the last product of Tom that has been released in 2016 and I don’t think it would be exaggerating to say that Weekly Money Call is a result of all experience Tom gained in the stock market investment during the last years and he tried to make this complex market as easy and understanding as possible in this newsletter.

What’s Included in the Newsletter?

The programs and products that I’ve reviewed recently like 4Life, GoodLife USA or Fast Fortune Club were making money opportunities but none of them was a newsletter like Weekly Money Call.

There’s not any special tool in Weekly Money Call except a weekly report. It seems that Tom focused on providing low-risk high-profit opportunities that will bring the result in a maximum one week. It’s said that the recommended opportunities in the newsletter have a minimum profit potential of 100% which means your money will be doubled in a couple of hours! If it really happens, we should call Weekly Money Call a Brilliant investment opportunity!

The best definition of Weekly Money Call is that it’s a newsletter that comes to your mailbox every Monday with a specific strategy to make a profit and give you a report and summary of your work on Friday.

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All analysis is based on a weekly basis so it focused on only short-term periods; different market channels are analyzed by the system and millions of data will be extracted from it then this data has been used to find and list stocks price that will jump in the coming week and offer them to subscribers as unique earning potentials.

According to what I’ve read in the official website of Weekly Money Call, the minimum expectation of profit would be somewhere between 100% to 500% for a week and Tom Gentile said that he personally reached that amount of profit in the test phase of the system.

Some of the top investment advisors considered Weekly Money Call as a low-risk but high earning potential tool for new investors. Making 100% or even 50% profit from the stock market was not possible for ordinary people and new investors and only big companies and experts could reach that but now with the help of tools like Weekly Money Call, it’s not impossible to experience even a 500% profit in one week.

Some of the remarkable markets that were profitable with Tom’s Weekly Money Call are Seagate (STX), Netflix (NFLX), Allergan (AGN) and Pandora Media (P).

In addition to a profitable strategy, you’ll learn some tips which let you make successful trades in the stock market. Actually, Tom is going to share some secrets and methods that he personally used to make a profit in this market which can double or even triple your initial investment in a few days. All this info and reports come from his own research and Tom personally analysis the market and high growth stocks before giving it to investors.

You don’t need to be an experienced investor to benefit from Tom’s advice because video training and a step by step guide are available for all young investors and new subscribers that let them start trading during the week.

All trades start at the beginning of the week (Monday) and they will end before the end of the week (Friday) so none of your position will remain open for more than 7 days. Some professional traders make much more than a living from stock trading, they think like a serious banker and never look back when they experience losing trades. Now Weekly Money Call opens the door of stock trading to you and it’s you who decides if this business opportunity should be taken seriously or not.

Weekly Money Call pros and cons

Weekly Money Call – Likes & Dislikes

What I Liked in Weekly Money Call

  • You don’t need big money to start investing. As low as $500 is enough to become a stock investor with WMC.
  • All positions are short-time. This means, your trades will be closed within 5 business days.
  • All open positions can be closed manually in a few minutes so if something wrong happens, you can close the open positions quickly.
  • Weekly Money Call is an established company that works in the stock business for a long time. This shows that they could get the satisfaction of at least a part of the customers.

What I Didn’t Like in Weekly Money Call

  • Only a limited number of members are accepted by Tom Gentile because he personally provides these trading opportunities and can’t manage to control the activity of a big amount of followers.
  • Only people who registered on the program in the required time can benefit from the provided discount, bonuses and money-back guarantee.

is Weekly Money Call scam

Final Word – Is Weekly Money Call a Scam

No, this system is legit and it collects information from millions of data to reduce the potential risk as low as possible. Tom Gentile worked on this system for a long time and monitored hundreds of stocks to make it as accurate as possible and turn it into a Reliable stock movement predictor software.

Keep in mind that this does not mean that there’s not a guarantee of getting success with this program and you should have a money management plan to increase your success rate.


I mark Weekly Money Call as a Worth-Trying program that lets you double or triples your initial investment. This software takes advantage of large-cap stocks to open/close profitable trades; the information and guides are easy understanding and you’ll receive trade alerts straight to your inbox generally a couple of hours before the market opens.

A detailed step by step instruction comes with each trade alert to show you how to enter the market and place your orders, so everybody with any level of trading knowledge can become a stock trader by subscribing to this financial newsletter.

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Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read my Weekly Money Call review, hope you liked it. What you do think about stock market? Is it a profitable opportunity for people to make some extra cash or it’s better to try safer options?

Share your thoughts in the comments below and I would be more than happy to read and reply to them.

See you in the next review!

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