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If like many other people “is work at home special report scam” is your question these days, here’s the best answer for you. Well it’s not easy for me to call a program scam because I know that every time I’m doing this, the owner (read it scammer) of that site/program contact me fast and I have to read an angry email with a couple of bad words but when I decided to review online services and making money programs, I decided to be honest always with my readers and I’ll be honest in the future too.

During the past years that I’m reviewing new services I’ve seen tons of “special report” sites which come to your screen from different ways such as search engine result or popups ads and I assure you that 90% of them are scam. I try hard to monitor, find and list these scam sites in my site as much as possible but it’s not possible to scan all new sites, especially when you are alone.

Fortunately I’ve recently seen a YT video from a guy who reviewed “work at home special report” and gave this warning to people but the fact is that much more articles and YT needs to be released about scam to stop people from joining them, that’s why I’ve wrote this review as well to help people find all the truth about this program.

I’m totally agree with writing more and more articles and creating more videos about scam because this is the only way we can warm people and help them not get caught and lose money by these scammers and as an Internet Entrepreneur after finding out that “work at home special report” is not anything more than a new scam site, I decided to do my best to stop people get scammed by it.

Since my site is only about reviewing new services and online making money programs, hopefully this article is read by people and I would be happy if I can help only 10 people to not lose their hard earned money on this site.

So let’s start and see what’s inside the Work at Home Special Report…


Product Name: Work at Home Special Report

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Link Posting Scam

Cost: Depends on ads from $5 to $1000

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

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what is work at home special report scam

What is Work at Home Special Report All About?

I remember that I’ve seen work at home sites a couple of years ago for the first time. At that time, they’ve worked as “News” sites and introducing themselves as a new making money opportunity which let everyone make good money online from a home-stay mom to a professional freelancer.

Well I knew how scam and scammers work so I did not believe none of their attractive promotions but I noticed that after a short time they are going to be more and more every day and I even received email from one of my close friends who invited me to join one of these sites. I was wondering how and why they are growing pretty fast…

It was some strange for me because there are many common things between these sites and 90% of them were very similar together, also they’ve used the same promotional method to attract new people to join their site. Well if you are not familiar with this kind of scam, I need to explain it some here.

As I’ve mentioned these work at home sites work like news sites. Many scammers make these websites and hire affiliates to invite people join these News sites. To be honest, they’ve done a good job in creating fake News site because all these News sites (read scams) look like totally legit and very similar to real News sites, that’s why many people can’t recognize if they’re really a fake News site or real.

The next phase starts when affiliates of these fake sites start promoting these scam sites all around the web, from search engines to email newsletters.

And you know probably what happens next, you go to one of these News site to read a post then see an attractive ad which says “This Stay-at-Home Mom Can Make $5000 Monthly, Find How Here!”. That’s it! As soon as you click on the ad, you’ll be redirected to a scam (or very low quality) program which request you to pay a small fee (between $40 to $200) to start making thousands of dollars instantly and … yes you’ll get scammed as simple as that.

how work at home special report works

How a Fake News Site Works?

Well they’re fake so they’re not limited in advertising and they use this technique to make money, that’s why you find ANYTHING on these site which are not trustworthy at all.

Yes, it was happen to me a few times many years ago when I joined one of the programs that has been promoted on these sites and there were legit. Please attention that I’ve used “legit” and this does not mean that they were valuable. Anyway, still 90% of programs and opportunities promoted on these fake News sites are totally scam and you should stay from it.

You may ask why owners of these fake News sites are promoting scam instead of legit programs. Good question and the answer is very simple: Because it’s easy to make money by selling scam programs and because they have attractive claims like “Make $5000 Till End of The Next Week” or something like that so as long as these people (who are behind fake News sites) can make money from advertising scams, they’ll continue it and in fact it does not matter for them at all if it’s a legit program or not.

Also, please do not believe comments from Williams, Johnson, Smith etc. in the bottom of News pages because they’re fake as well! They are making these comments to give themselves legitimacy. Let me show you a tip which you can use to find these fake comments.

There are two ways you can use, the first one is copy/pasting comment on Google and you’ll see many other people (with fake names) commented on other News sites with the exact sentences and the second way is trying to leave your own comment. When you want to leave your comment, you’ll find out that it’s not possible! Because you may say something bad about their fake site, lol!!

pros and cons

Pros & Cons – Can You Trust Work at Home Special Report?

Regardless to a few successful experience I’ve had with trying recommended programs on these fake sites other times I only had bad experiences and had to request refund soon after joining and unfortunately I could not even get my money back in some cases. Yes, it may happen to you as well if you want to become an online reviewer like me! ; )

My bad experiences with fake news sites as well as reading negative reviews of people who tested these sites during the past years let me put it on my scam list and always recommend my readers to start away from it.

Again keep in mind that they promote any programs without noticing to its quality and the most important thing for them is making profit and get attention of more and more people so you should not believe ads you see on these sites because not only ads but comments, testimonials and claims are all fake.

At the beginning, I decided to report these scam sites but I’ve found out that it’s not possible because they spring up like mushrooms and they always come with new fake name, so I thought instead of reporting them one by one, it would be better to write a complete article and warn others about it.

And that’s why I tried to explain what is a work at home special report site, how it works and why you should not trust it in details here.

is work at home special report a scam


Hopefully you are one of those lucky person who read this article before joining them and please share it with others to help them not get scammed by these fake sites.

It’s good to know that they always come up with new names; for example “Amazon Cash Websites” is another scam which has been released recently (probably by the same persons who are behind those fake news sites). It uses the same method but has a new skin so be careful to not get scammed.

I spent hours as well as money to have this experience and find out the truth and I’m just sharing it with others to help them not lose their hard earned money anymore. As I’ve mentioned, it’s not possible to make a list of these fake sites because they are changing their names as well as their domains on a regular basis and they come up with a new style every time so it’s better to know how they work rather than what they are.

Finally I hope this article helps you and others to not scammed and lost your valuable money anymore. To find my recommended program which teaches you how to start making money the right way, you can take a look at recommendation section below.

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