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Is You-Cubez a Scam? – Full Detailed Review!

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Are you interested to make cash by completing surveys online on a website called You-Cubez? It may be possible to make good money through taking online surveys but what about You-Cubez? How do you want to trust it? Is You-Cubez a scam or a legit paid survey website?

At every point in time that you get to browse the internet, probably for one online opportunity or the other, you must have come across several options.

One of such options is one that indicates that you should click on a website. Most people are interested in it for the mere reason that you can do this for some hours and probably a day.

While it is not what you may expect in the long run, such a platform is what we know as PTC. It simply means Paid-To-Click. Here, money is made by the generation of traffic from individuals who make use of such a program to earn cash at home.

Although such a program is actually legit, the issue lies in the amount been made. What each member earns from both clicking and visiting websites is quite low. As a result of this, it is mostly referred to as a scam.

Moreover, while the idea behind such an opportunity is actually good in all ramifications, it cannot be taken as a side job or a full-time generator of income.

However, we will be taking a close look at one of these PTC sites, which is known as You-Cubez.


Product Name: You-Cubez

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Completing surveys to earn cube funds

Cost to Join: $5/Month

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is You-Cubez

Intro – What Is You-Cubez All About?

First and foremost, it is imperative to note that in this You-Cubez review, You-Cubez is known as an advertising site that enables all of its members to advertise their links.

However, members are to do this by advertising these links in the form of nothing else but a cube. If you want to make money on this site, there are three ways available. They include:

  • Clicking on the cash cubes
  • Selling cubes, and;
  • Commissions got from referrals

Furthermore, You-Cubez is actually a mixture of both PTC and GPT, Get-Paid-To sites. This means that it enables its members to make money online through the completion of simple tasks.

Its company has made itself available for everyone across the whole world. With this, anyone and everyone can hold on to this opportunity. This company was founded and further rooted in the year 2007.

There are claims made by the company that very simple and even easy tasks can fetch users’ diverse rewards. Always have it in mind that You-Cubez is simply an advertising tool that publicizes its services and products.

By these services and products of other persons, revenue is being generated. You will be rewarded in the videos. Some of such tasks that you can do to gain rewards include:

  • Watching of videos
  • Receiving offers
  • Survey completion
  • Sending invites to friend
  • Watching of adverts

While you may be wondering what brought about the name You-Cubez, note that the word cubes perfectly describes the spaces used in advertising. Furthermore, members get to review their ads by buying them or viewing them.

According to this company, they have managed to bundle up more than three hundred thousand members successfully. Also, they have made up payments to actually approximate about twenty thousand of such payments.

What this means is that a person will get to accumulate rewards solely when they complete the task. Also, this task can be redeemed through PayPal or, it can be exchanged for cube funds.

About The Founder

The first thing to note is that You-Cubez is a PTC site that was established in the year 2007, January by TH Media. The company is based in the United Kingdom and serves two different clientele types.

These clientele types are the advertisers and those persons seriously interested in making cash via the web. With the aid of this platform, the advertisers can easily promote their services and products. Also, meeting prospective clients is possible.

Like we keep mentioning, the task is quite easy. All that is required is for you to click on a website and remain there for a specific duration of time.

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how does You-Cubez work

How Does You-Cubez Work?

You-Cubez is similar to websites like Real Money Streams, Max International or High Ticket Closer somehow. To know how it works, you will, first of all, have to browse through the site and sign in. This signing in is actually for sale. Bear in mind that it is very simple and fast. You will be asked to provide some details. They revolve around:

  • Full names
  • Email address
  • Country
  • Date of birth
  • Gender, and of course;
  • Username

Finally, you will be asked later to validate your mail. This is another easy task that can be carried out by clicking on the confirmation link sent to the mail you provided.

Note that, on your first login, you will meet up with the two types of membership being offered by this company. The first is the premium membership. It costs a total of 9.95 pounds.

As for the other one, it will cost a total of 14.95 pounds. Also, it is for a year, and you will be provided with both premium plus membership to the company.

You should be aware that every membership being offered by this company will be provided with diverse perks. These perks include:

  • Reduced minimum threshold limit
  • Bonuses, and;
  • Purchasing advertising at rates, etc.

Nevertheless, purchasing of such membership is recommended when you have the desire to participate actively. And, making use of the panel to place all of the ads.

In a bid to earn some cash, this You-Cubez review will enlighten you on the diverse tasks being offered to members. They include:

  • Ad viewing

In this section, you can gain 0005 euro to 0.01 pounds simply by visiting the sponsored sites (read more about sponsored post here) and watching adverts. It will be continuous for about sixty seconds.

The main catch here is that the ads can actually be viewed in weeks. Relying solely on your exact country, you will get to receive the ads. It signifies that you are actually eligible.

  • Adboard

Here, you will be provided with You-Cubez funds used in viewing ads. In this section, you will be capable of purchasing advertising space. However, it is quite tricky. This because you will, first of all, need to click on about thirty cubes.

Each of these cubes will give you about one euro cubes funds. These funds can further be utilized in purchasing AKA advertising. This is known as members’ cubes. When you get credited, bear in mind that you will need to view diverse sites in the cubes.

Moreover, bear in mind that such a section is vital when you are fully interested in the placement of ads. The major trick involved in acknowledging the cubes funds is in fetching then splitting the points.

  • Offer walls

Note that You-Cubez will be linking you up with about seven separate offer walls in which members are given diverse tasks, offers, surveys, etc. This is done in a bid to earn more of the cubes funds.

Meanwhile, some companies are in collaboration with You-Cubez. They include:

  • Adsend media
  • KiwiWall
  • SuperRewards
  • Peanut Labs
  • Offer Toro
  • Radium one
  • ly

In a bid to get paid, you will have to click on the option that has a third party. You will then select any of the offers being provided in that index. Note that, you must read up on all the instructions.

Also, most of the offers made available ate actually free completely. They include:

  • Installation of apps
  • Prize withdrawal
  • Free signing
  • Free trials, etc.

Also, there are some which will demand that the members make deposits first of all before they begin. Like we mentioned earlier, based on your country, you can earn about 0.02 pounds to two pounds. This is equal to twenty to two thousand cubes funds.

Note that some of these offer walls can provide you with the chance to answer some surveys which aid in taking off distress.

Inviting friends

Note that, there are referral programs provided by the company, strictly for members to earn more. So, for every one of your friends that logs in with your referral link, you get to be credited with ten euro cubes funds.

Therefore, all of these cubes funds cannot be exchanged for real-time cash. They will be beneficial to those interested in publicizing all of their websites on such a panel.

Who Can Benefit From It

Without further ado, it is the members of the group that can benefit from such sites. After you are done with your cube, you will need actually to increase all of its value.

In a bid to do this, you will need to:

  • Play games. Bear in mind that, every forty plays is equivalent to one euro cubes funds
  • Get visitors to your personal referral link. And, every fifty visitors is equal to one euro cubes funds
  • Log in to your account. Hence, every thirty logins are equal to one euro cubes funds
  • Invite some friends to join the site. For every fifteen invites, it is equal to one euro cubes funds
  • Click on cubes. Every one hundred cubes are equivalent to one euro cubes funds
  • Referring to members and finishing up offers. For one referred member, it is equal to one euro cubes funds. While, for the completed offers, the members that are upgraded have more offers.

Note that there are about three different types of earnings. They include:

  • Cube Funds

The cube funds may be added to cubes alone that you either own or buy shortly. This is done to increase the value of the cube. These cube funds cannot be added to your account balance or even cashed out in the long run.

  • Account Funds

These funds are used solely for buying items like membership upgrades, cubes, etc. Like the cube funds, they cannot be cashed out or even added to the cubes as well. Note that, with account funds, the value of the cube cannot be increased.

They are strictly for the sole aim of buying items.

  • Earnings

These ones can be cashed out, or you can transfer your earnings to your personal account balance.

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You-Cubez pros and cons

Pros & Cons of You-Cubez

Some of the advantages of You-Cubez include:

  • Payments

Proof of payments can actually be found all over the internet. So many people have claimed that they were paid.

  • It has live support

Whenever you have any issue, you can easily contact them through the live support they offer.

  • The site is innovative

They provide users with a better alternative to view ads. It is not your usual boring PTC website.

  • It accepts all countries

So far, You-Cubez accepts members from every country. Even when you go through its terms, there is no mention of blocking any other country.

  • Advertising spots are earned

You are capable of purchasing a cube for as small as one pound. Or, you can get to earn it. When you click on the standard cubes, about one hundred standard cubes clicks is equivalent to one euro.

Furthermore, you can actually earn about twenty standard cube clicks within twenty-four hours maximum. Within five days, you should be earning your own cube as well.

Moreover, as for its disadvantages, they include:

  • There is no forum available

People regard forums as ideal tools for all PTC or GPT sites to have. With forums, members are capable of posting proofs, and there will be an open line of interaction. This interaction will be between staff and all other members.

Nonetheless, You-Cubez does not have any.

  • Its currency is in pounds

Because the site was established in England, you will be paid in the British currency. This means that you will have to convert the currency further when dealing with PayPal.

  • It is time-consuming

The prices of clicking on all these cubes may take longer than the usual PTC. This is because there are specific tasks that you will need to complete in a bid to fulfill your everyday requirements.

Can You Make Money With That?

While most people are interested in knowing if there is any You-Cubez scam, we can let you know that money can be made from You-Cubez. In a bid to earn money, you can:

  • Click on cash cubes daily as there are a few cash cubes available. Earnings here vary from 0.005 pounds to 0.015 pounds.
  • You can sell your cube. After increasing the value of your cube, you can sell it to any member at a lesser price than its original value. However, the price will be good for you
  • Refer to some other members and gain commission after they make their purchases. Twenty percent can be made off of what they get to spend.

So many people may be wondering how You-Cubez gets to pay. Bear in mind that the lowest cash-out amount with an account that is free is eight pounds. However, this can be lowered by paying for the premium membership.

Immediately you get to the cash out amount and demand for payment; it takes about fourteen days before payment gets approved. Within the same fourteen days, it gets to your account.

Have it in mind that, five percent processing fee is taken out of the payment whenever you cash out. This cannot be said to be a part of a You-Cubez scam, as well.

is You-Cubez scam

Final Word – Is You-Cubez a Scam? 

As it stands, we cannot categorically state if You-Cubez is a total scam. This is because, once you successfully get to the cash-out amount, you will eventually get paid. However, it is advisable not to pay for any membership.

This is a result of the fact that your earnings will be less than pennies for each task. Though it is not a scam, you may as well be wasting time clicking on ads just to earn less than .01 dollars

If you want to make much more than pennies, you will need to refer friends and get them to earn for you. However, you will need one thousand active referrals to earn an income that is okay finally. This is clearly not achievable.

In Conclusion

You-Cubez can be said to be a legal PTC website. However, it is not so much of an opportunity that you should consider. Its tasks are very easy. They consist of watching videos, answering surveys, and referring friends.

Nevertheless, though there is no required experience, it will not aid you in achieving your monetary goals. We can only recommend this website for people who want to publicize all of their affiliate links and sites.

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Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read this review of You-Cubez. I hope you’ve found the information you were looking in this article.

I always would be more than happy to see your thoughts and opinions so feel free to share what you think about this website and other online money-making programs in the comments below. I read all the comments and reply to them personally.

See you soon in the next review! )

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