is yougov surveys scam

Is YouGov Surveys Scam or a Unique Way to Earn Money?!

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I know how a paid survey website works because I’ve registered and worked with tons of them before. You always have the opportunity to make some extra cash through a new survey website but this extra amount of money never make you rich or poor. Here is the question: Is YouGov surveys a scam or it’s really something different from what you’ve seen before?

When I’ve joined YouGov with the aim of reviewing it, I knew many things about it already and I’ve seen a lot of ads on YouTube, Facebook and other social networks about it. That’s interesting to know that I thought it’s an MLM company before joining it and just after creating my account, I’ve found that it’s a survey platform.

I always read other reviews of the programs and websites that I want to review before writing my review article and this was what I’ve done about YouGov as well. The result was not satisfactory at all and YouGov has got one of the lowest ratings among all reviewed paid survey platforms.

YouGov pays members based on points so members who get more points earn more money and members who get fewer points earn less money. The minimum payout is not high but many members said that it takes a long time to reach required points for minimum payout which resulted in a negative review for YouGov.

Well, as a reviewer I have no choice except than register on YouGov to see what’s really included inside of it. I think it always pays to test a new paid survey platform especially if it does not require you to pay anything for signing up and creating an account. Anyway, to see what offers I’ve created my account with them and tried it for a while. Here are all the facts I’ve found about YouGov.


Product Name: YouGov

Official Website:

Owner: Nadhim Zahawi and Stephan Shakespeare

Type: Paid Survey Platform

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? Only If Making a Few Dollars Makes You Happy

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is yougov

What Is YouGov Exactly?

In simple words, it’s a paid survey website as well as a market research platform which pay members for completing surveys about different topics. This surveys come from companies that produce different products and want to improve their items through people’s opinion.

The surveys are included but not limited to IT, economics, banking, etc. Actually, all companies are welcomed to participate with YouGov and it provides surveys for all people. The information you enter in the website is safe and it won’t be shared anywhere else without your permission.

Cash is not the way YouGov uses to pay members instead it uses a point system to see how much should be paid to each member. Unfortunately, your points can’t turn into cash at the end and you only get gift-card from well-known brands like Amazon if you reach enough points. Recently YouGov decided to provide one more option for withdrawn money and it’s pre-paid visa card. With this option, if you reach a specific amount of points, you can receive a pre-paid visa card and use it everywhere so it works like a cash option.

This is a new way of paying members because most of the other paid survey sites are willing to pay members only by gift-cards. However, to know if this is what makes you happy, you should know how YouGov and other paid survey platforms work.

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how yougov works

How YouGov Works Exactly?

To understand how YouGov works and how you can get benefit from it, we need to know about the base of paid survey websites first. Before talking about the work’s process of paid survey websites, we need to know how they find their customers. There are many different marketing methods that paid survey platforms to take advantage of to find the right group of people. And after finding the targeted audience they start to promote and sell related products to them.

Now you can understand how it’s important to find the right group of people for your product and why product producers are willing to pay market research companies like YouGov to get people’s opinion. And in this process “You” play an important role as a person who is interested to take an online survey. You just need to share your opinion about the product or topic you’ve asked about and get paid for that. Looks like a great deal right? But wait… there are more important things you still need to know about.

Is It Possible to Make Money With YouGov?

Yes if it was not possible to earn online through YouGov, I never reviewed it! ) YouGov gives you two options for making money online.

  • Earn Through Taking Surveys

In this option, you just need to create a new account in YouGov and complete surveys that come into your mailbox and answer all questions asked in the surveys. For each survey you complete, you’ll get a specific amount of cash and rewards sometimes.

  • Earn Through Groups

It’s almost the same as taking surveys but you will get fewer surveys per year and of course, what you’ll earn for completing each task is normally more than what you get for taking surveys.

Complaints People Have With YouGov

I do not know if I should consider this as people’s complaints or a negative point for YouGov. Anyway, what I and many other people did not like about YouGov was that you never get enough surveys to complete.

The maximum amount of surveys you receive each week is something between 6 to 8 which is equal to 1/Day survey. This is not bad as long as we do not compare it with other survey websites but when it’s compared to similar survey platforms that send more than 20 surveys each week, we see that it’s not a big deal.

Leaders in this industry like Swagbucks gives users more than one way to earn cash and they normally send more than a couple of surveys per week; also even if you complete all given surveys you still can earn points through playing online games, watching YT videos, surfing different websites, etc. and this is what you CAN’T find in YouGov.

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yougov surveys pros and cons

YouGov – What I Liked & What I Didn’t Like

The Good,

  • Most of the times you receive at least 7,8 surveys each week.
  • The commission you get for new referral is the same and sometimes more than other websites
  • People from most parts of the world can join it and it’s not limited to only a few countries
  • Surveys do not send to your based on your location and unlike many other paid survey platforms, you can complete all surveys regardless of your demographic location.

The Bad,

  • Some surveys can be completed only by users of mobile devices and they are not available for desktop’s users
  • Generally what you get as a reward for taking a survey is lower than similar platforms
  • A significant amount of points is required to reach minimum payout which takes a long time

is yougov surveys a scam

Final Word – Is YouGov Surveys Scam?

Unlike programs like HTA (High Traffic Academy), YouGov does not teach you any specific skill. However, I personally believe that YouGov Surveys works but you should make sure that you’re the Right Person for this kind of business. You need to get enough points to reach its £50 payout and it’s not really easy since it requires hard work and takes a long time.

Of course, as I’ve told you this is my opinion and if you Google “YouGov Review” you will see that many people leave positive feedback for this company and they’ve got paid easily. If you see or read this type of review keep in mind that your demographic location is pretty important in receiving surveys and reaching its threshold so although it accepts members from many countries but the number of surveys you get changes if you are from UK or U.S or you are from a small country in north Asia.

Without a doubt, it’s possible to make some extra money with YouGov but if you think it can replace your full-time income, it’s sad to say that you’re totally wrong! I always say to beginners and newbies that when you’re working with low paying platforms like survey websites, you should not expect to make more than a few dollars with them.

Finally, it’s good to add YouGov into your legit survey sites list but does not focus on it too much because the real income potential behind it is really low. It’s a fact that none of the survey websites can make you rich but if you work with multi survey platforms at the same time, there’re chances to make some money from them.

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Hope this review article was useful for you and feel free to share your opinion and ask your questions about it in the comments below, I read all comments and reply to them personally.

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