Is Youngevity a Scam

Is Youngevity a Scam? – Does it Really Work?

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Is Youngevity a scam or it’s another worthless pyramid scheme? Youngevity is a business opportunity for people who are looking for a way to earning online. Although it sells different types of products related to health like vitamin capsules or creams for your skin but what made it famous among people is its business opportunity.

People can join Youngevity and become a member of their partnership program and start make some cash by promoting products made by this company.

Since Youngevity is a MLM company, its compensation plan is also similar to others companies that work based on multi-level marketing business. It focused on health market and give opportunity to people to make money by promoting health products but the question is that: Is Youngevity really worth to try or it’s just another pyramid scheme?

I’m going to answer above questions as well as give you verdict about Youngevity in my honest review here to help you find all needed info about this company so stay with me!


Product Name: Youngevity Inc,

Type: MLM in the Health & Wellness Niche

Cost: $115 at the beginning

Summary: in short, Youngevity is not more than a simple MLM company which sells products in health niche. Most products of Youngevity is expensive compared to other similar available products in the market and they are not as good as quality products. Finally I do not recommend using products of Youngevity as well as their partnership program because of several reasons that I’ll mention to below.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is Youngevity

What is Youngevity Exactly?

As its name brings, it’s a company focused on producing energy products which give you more energy for doing your tasks. It’s interesting to know who is behind Youngevity. Well, Wallach is the person who runs this company and contrary to what you think, he’s not a doctor either an expert in niche field; he’s just a veterinarian who became interested in niche industry and decided to make and sale his own health products.

Wallach believes that your body can stay active and fresh for long years if it gets healthy minerals. According to research, human’s body needs at least 90 minerals for having the best performance and if you do not get one of these materials, it may make various ailments for your health. Finally Wallach says that to let your body have a perfect performance, you can use products of Youngevity on a regular basis.

Well, do not ask me if I trust what he claims or not because my answer is negative. I don’t believe anything easily if there is not a good scientific reason behind it, especially when we talk about a serious issue like health industry.

how Youngevity works

How Does It Work? Can You Make Money From Youngevity?

Now after telling you some about background of Youngevity and its owner, let’s back to our main topic. Making money with Youngevity… this is maybe the main question you’re looking for answer. The first step is joining partnership program of Youngevity which let you have access to all lessons and training as well as see their compensation plan.

There are only two ways to join Youngevity program and both costs you money. You can enroll to their course by paying fee or you can buy one of their products listed in starter packs. There are many different types of packs you can choose and each pack includes many products which you can promote and sell them to others or use it for yourself.

Packs are in different range of prices and according to type and what included in the pack, it can be $200, $300 or more.

What’s inside of Each Pack?

The short answer is coffee. This is the main material which almost is included in 80% of packs but it’s not the only thing you can find there. They have also other types of products like cream for different types of skin, energy and other types of drinks or vitamin tablets.

Now let’s see how some people use Youngevity for making money purposes.

First of all you should know that your earning is based on commissions you make, it means if you make more sales, you make more commission which will result more money into your pocket. Youngevity partnership program uses point model to rank their partners, it means you’ll get points for every single sale you make and more points brings you better rank which result better commission for your next sales.

Although you see 30% as commission on their website but this is not the real commission you’ll get from the start point. Yes maybe in some level you may be able to get 30% commission for each sale but to reach that level you need to make a lot of sales and earn significant amount of points which requires a lot of time and effort.

One of the most ridiculous things I’ve noticed is that your account can be deactivated if you do not make specific amount of sales per month and do you know what they recommend to keep your account active? Buy products yourself!

Also recruiting is the only way you have to attract new people and invite them to the game which means if you can’t recruit new people (which mostly start with people who you know well like your family or friends) there won’t be any money.

There is also a level system which has 9 different levels and you’ll start from level one; as long as you recruit new people you have this chance you increase your level and add new members under your level. This lets you make commission from their sales as well. Products of beginning level does note bring you more than 5% commission but it can be increase if you reach upper levels.

Youngevity review

Positive & Negative Sides of Youngevity


  • Unfortunately there are not much positive points about Youngevity but giving you opportunity to promote different range of products can be one of few positive points it has. So it’s better to know more about cons rather than pros.


  • You will have to pay big amount of money as well as time to be able earn any serious money from Youngevity.
  • Since your earning comes from recurring new people, you’ll have to start with your family and friends which can hurt your relationship with them.
  • Your referrals should stay active and make sales (this is what you have to monitor regularly) otherwise you won’t make any profit.
  • It’s not easy to understand what compensation plan is all about and how it works.
  • It would be hard to promote products because most of them are high priced and there are not many people who are willing to spend that much money for that.
  • It’s hard to make a steady income with Youngevity because you need to get new referrals constantly and keep them active.
  • And last but not least, at least 1 sale per month is something you should make to be able continue working and keep your account active.

Is Youngevity another pyramid scheme?

Although its marketing plan looks similar to a pyramid scheme but the fact is that it’s not pyramid scheme. By looking at compensation plan you may think that people who are in top makes more than people who just join program and stay in bottom line and this is what happens in pyramid scheme but there is a difference.

Companies that work based on pyramid scheme model promote products of companies but Youngevity has its own product and it’s not illegal if a company decide sell its own product by using this kind of marketing strategy.

But I’m still against the way you have to go to make some serious money. Working hours and hours to recruit new people and keep them active by placing them below yourself and wait to see when they make sales to make some profit from their sale is not something that I can be happy with.

Also I do not think there are many people who accept your invitation for joining company for $499.99 because it’s not a small amount of money and not everyone can pay it easily.

is Youngevity scam

Finally…Is Youngevity a Scam or Not?

With all those negative points that I’ve mentioned to, from point of law, we can’t call Youngevity a scam or an illegal company because it’s a registered brand and if you could reach that level to make money with them, they’ll pay you.

But I still do not recommend it because of all reasons and cons that I’ve told you about. Spending at least $500 to join a program then put time and effort to get new referral is not my recommendation, especially when there are much better ways to make your own line business and start making full time income.

my recommendation

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