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Is Your Freedom Mentor Scam? – Real Review Here!

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Is your freedom mentor scam or it can turn your dream of making $1000/day into reality?

In this latest review, we’ll be examining Your Freedom Mentor. Some readers have been asking me to make a review of Your Freedom Mentor. And this is what I’m going to do now. I’ve spent some time going through the website and what it’s about, and I’ll let you know all my findings in this review.


Product Name: Your Freedom Mentor

Official Website: and many others websites with different extension

Type: MLM

Cost to Join: Between $37 to $67

Recommended? No!

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10

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what is your freedom mentor

 Background – What is Your Freedom Mentor All About?

When you visit the website for Your Freedom Mentor, you are greeted with fraudulent claims on how much you are expected to earn from it. The site boldly claims that you can earn over $1000 a day. This is highly suspicious as any newbie can’t expect to realistically earn over $1000 a day from a system no matter how configured the system is.

The website then gives you a false closing date. The date of your first visit is the date that the website tells you that it is closing. Visit the website on another device on another day, and you will be given another fake closing date. Not so honest at all.

They will also tell you that there are only a few slots available. They tell you this to try to pressurize you to sign up ASAP. They want you to make a purchase decision on the spot. Websites that tell you this are almost always scams.

how your freedom mentor scam works

How Does Your Freedom Mentor Work?

All that I’ve written above are what you see when you initially join the website. I haven’t given you in-depth information on how Your Freedom Mentor works. I haven’t told you how they claim that you can make money from it. I’m going to tell you how it works in this section.

I went through various stages in Your Freedom Mentor, and I discovered that Your Freedom Mentor uses ClickBetter to process payments. Well, ClickBetter allows you to get refunds easily. But, a lot of scam programs use ClickBetter.

A lot of scam websites that I’ve reviewed use ClickBetter. These websites will give you a lot of fraudulent information on how you can make a lot of money without doing much. They promise you so much and, they tell you how things are so easy even for a newbie. But these are nothing more than falsehoods to get you to sign up for their scams. They want to get your hard-earned money without offering you much in return.

How it works

Signing up for Your Freedom Mentor is like signing up for a never-ending sales funnel. It will cost you a lot of money in the end. You could spend up to tens of thousands of dollars on the system.

Buying up into Your Freedom Mentor is the beginning of the scam. Then, you get plagued with several upsells and so-called high-ticket business opportunities. These high-ticket business opportunities cost a lot and will take away a lot of money from you.

pros and cons your freedom mentor scam

Pros & Cons – Is Your Freedom Mentor a Scam?

Well, the answer isn’t flat-out no. It is both Yes and No. They will tell you a lot of lies about the following:

  • How much the program costs
  • How much you can earn
  • How easy the program is
  • The number of available slots
  • The closing date
  • And other things

These lies and others are what makes Your Freedom Mentor a scam. But, you get a 60-day moneyback guarantee thanks to ClickBetter. You might not get a response if you contact Your Freedom Mentor themselves. But, ClickBetter will help you get your money back.

There is actually a business opportunity, but the business opportunity is not for everybody. It is not an outright scam like other websites that I have reviewed, but it is not for everybody.

When you join the program, you are assigned to a coach. The coach will walk you through 21 steps. The 21 steps aim to:

  • Persuading you to purchase one of the expensive upsells
  • Teaching you about the business and the business model

The coach will teach you about the business model, and you will be persuaded to buy the upsells during your coaching program. They will give you two reasons to buy the upsells which are:

  • You can RESELL the upsells
  • You get educated by the products

The products are legitimate products, but they are mostly digital training products. You can resell the products and earn a lot of commissions from selling them.

The business model is a legit one, but it is expensive. You must spend a lot of money before you can have a chance of earning from it. You also need to spend a lot of time promoting the products. The business model can fetch you some money, but it is not for everybody.

I have mixed feelings about the product. It is legit, and it has been around for over 5 years. But, it is very expensive, and it is not for everyone. It is also promoted by a lot of affiliate websites that promote other scams. Some of these affiliates are the ones that create websites like Your Freedom Mentor.

is your freedom mentor a scam

My Final Verdict – Is Your Freedom Mentor Scam?

I don’t recommend Your Freedom Mentor for several reasons. The website tells a lot of lies about how much you can make from it, how easy it will be and the number of slots that are available. There are actually no limited slots. It also lies about the closing date, and there is no closing date.

There are far better options for making money online than Your Freedom Mentor. You can check out other parts of this website for my favorite recommendations that can earn you a decent income online.

my recommendation

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