Is Your New at Home Career a Scam? – Yes, Without a Doubt!

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“Is Your New At Home Career a scam or not?”. This is the first question that probably jumps to your mind after landing to the official website of Your New At Home Career. All of us here are looking for quick ways to make enough money to quit our jobs and receive enough money by working from home. However, very few of us are patient enough to do a little bit of research before rushing into this or that scheme. That is why so many of us get stuck in scams and lose money instead of earning them.

Thankfully, you are reading this Your New At Home Career review which means you care about money and time you are going to invest and want to lower your risks by doing some research before joining the program.

In this review you are going to find out about all pros and cons of Your New Home Career website and most importantly, see if it is really going to work for you or it`s just another scam.


Product Name: Your New At Home Career

Official Website:

Owner: Greg Thomas (Not real name)

Type: Home-Based Jobs

Cost to Join: $47 + many upsells up to $400


Your New At Home Career presents itself as a professional training aiming to help people build their online business. However, while taking this training you will notice that slowly but steadily they are pulling more and more money from you, because as they say, you won`t succeed if  you don`t purchase this or that service.

The training was launched by Greg Thomas, however, there are serious doubts about whether or not a person with this name actually exists. Some people think it`s just a nickname a group of people is using to cover their scam.

Anyway, the website claims the training will teach you how to earn thousands of dollars per day without the need to work hard and spend hours on it. But instead, you will get a bunch of hardly organized videos which don`t follow any specific technique and will confuse you rather than open up a way to a stable income.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10

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what is your new at home career

What Is Your New At Home Career Exactly?

In online business sometimes it`s vital to do the research before you buy an online course. You will receive an online training for your money and there is no other way to find out its quality rather than read other people`s reviews or read the detailed description on the training`s website.

However, these things can be easily falsified – websites write their own testimonials for their products and highly exaggerate the value of their courses because, to tell you the truth, no one can check them.

The awful part is that nowadays many companies offering online courses take advantage of it and lure more and more people into their program which is in fact of very low quality and doesn`t worth the money people have to pay to join.

That is why you should really dig into the website offering the course, read as many reviews (like this one) online as possible to lower the risk of spending your hard-earned money on low-quality training.

When you go to the main page of Your New At Home Career website, you will see that it claims that with the help of this program, you will be able to earn a lot of money in no time. Testimonials are pitch perfect and the promo video makes it look like a dream. But that`s where you need to get alarmed.

If you take a look at the terms and conditions also stated on the website, you`ll realize that the company actually doesn`t guarantee that the information presented on the website is accurate. It means that if you fail with the program, you have no right to complain, because you were warned about it.

The only advice I can give you here is no matter whether you are considering joining this or some other program, don`t lose your common sense and try to evaluate how close to reality all these promises can be.

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how your new at home career works

How Does Your New At Home Career Work?

Programs that I’ve tested before like Elite Marketing Pro, 30 Day Success Formula or Wealthfront were some similar to this program.

Basically, Your New At Home Career training explains how to open up an online shop using drop shipping strategy. The training will help you choose the type of products which have better potential, create your online shop with the help of Shopify and explain how dropshipping works.

However, these things are far from enough to succeed in this area. I would say the most important part in this business is not managing your online shop, but rather finding your target audience and driving traffic to your website. You can`t sell a single product if people don`t see your website. The more people visit your store, the higher is the chance someone buys your products. But be prepared to spend a lot of time and effort on it.

And this is not the only thing the training doesn`t teach you, there are much more pitfalls in this program. But first, let me explain how actually dropshipping works and why it shouldn`t be mistaken with affiliate marketing.

Is Drop shopping Better Than Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is based on the idea of promoting a certain product, but not actually selling it. It means that affiliate marketers need to create a website with content which can attract target audience and promote the product.

However, the actual purchase takes place on the affiliate link, and the marketer receives a commission for that sale without determining the price of the product.

Dropshipping partially resembles affiliate marketing. You also need to create a website and drive traffic to your website. However, the difference is that the website is an online store and you don`t need to create any content.

On the other hand, dropshipping is different from an ordinary online store too. You don`t actually have to purchase and keep the products yourself. Neither should you post the purchased items. All of these are done by the company you are buying items from. It can be a manufacturer or wholesale shop.

Moreover, you don`t have to invest money in your shop by buying a big amount of items. You pay the supplier only when the purchase is made.

How Much You Will Pay at the end?

The website claims that the only investment you need to make is the cost of the training course. The actual cost of the Your New At Home Career course is $47, but like in many similar online programs, the payments don`t stop on that.

The training will teach you that you need a website to sell products, but it won`t tell you that you will have to pay for your website`s name, hosting, ads and many other things. And unfortunately, people realize it only in the middle of the training when they have already paid the training fee and have already started their online store. The payments will just be adding up, and the training doesn`t prepare you for that.

What they are preparing you for is making hundreds of dollar every day, but that is probably the only thing you shouldn`t expect.

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your new at home career pros and cons

Your New At Home Career – The Good, The Bad

I have not seend any benefit inside this program so I’ve just listed the negative points of Your New At Home Career here;

  • Not real Income Claims

If you watch a promo video of Your New At Home Career, you won`t hesitate a second to join in! Who wouldn`t if they are promised an income of hundreds of dollars right away?! However, it looks too good to be true. What they missed in there promo video is that this training will not give you a step-by-step guide to achieving this income and of course, that you will have to give it a lot of time and hard work.

  • Testimonials Created by Actors

You can`t imagine an online business without any references or testimonials. In the promo video they interview several people who have used Your New At Home Career and guess what! All of them loved this training and claim that it helped them build a successful online business. Is it really so perfect? Well, no. Because everyone in the video was paid to say it. If you don`t already know, there is a popular website Fiverr where even you can hire an actor to praise your business for a certain amount of money.

  • Risk on Your Privacy Policy

Like I said before, before joining any program, pay attention to details and carefully read all the information available on their website, especially their Policy and Conditions. For example, Your New At Home Career notices that they are going to share your private information with their partners which means that there is a high possibility that you will be contacted by companies you have never heard of and offered to use their service. And Your New At Home Career will get money for that.

is your new at home career scam

Final Word – Is Your New at Home Career a Scam?

Nowadays many people have realized how easy it can be to make money online – just put up a bunch of videos together, call it a training course, create a promo video with actors who praise your program and that`s it! There are definitely a lot of people who will join your program as soon as they see how much money you promise they will be able to make. The Internet is packed with programs like this, programs which actually don`t guarantee anything and take advantage of their customers.

But if you really want to achieve something, then you should choose a training not by the promises it makes, but by the level of its credibility. Make sure that the program is aimed at teaching you useful stuff, not dragging money from you. Make sure that other people have tried it and found it useful (beware of fake testimonials).

And finally, don`t expect too much from any course. After all, no matter what kind of online business you are considering, there is no way you get great results right away. Any business needs time and a lot of hard work.

And I`m sure that by no means can Your New At Home Career be called a credible, legit program. That is why I would never recommend it to anyone.

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