is zcode system a scam

Is ZCode System a Scam or the Best Prediction Software?

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Gambling has different types like poker or lotteries and this program is about sports betting and it claims that with the methods, tips and tricks you learn inside the platform, your winning chance of bitting will be decreased by *10 times! Now ZCode System says that you can make a lot of money from their betting system but is ZCode System a scam? Let’s see!

Well I seriously doubt if this system is really a winning opportunity in betting world because it’s more like to be a community of people who like to bet on different sports, from Rugby to Basketball, Soccer, Football, Baseball, etc. and also a place for experts who share their experience in this industry, so as you can see, it’s not like a system or step by step guide to starting gambling.

But you may think how Zcode System works and what’s the benefit behind a community of betting experts. The Zcode system says that you can bet on sports events with confident with the help of sports geeks in the community. Actually these guys are analyzing different sports and share their predictions with the community but how these predictions are trustworthy and what happens if they don’t predict an event properly?

With the help of all facts that I’m going to uncover in my Zcode System review, you’ll have no more doubts about this program and will be able to make a decision which will not disappoint you at the end.

In the review, I’ll start with a summary of online gambling then will give you a background of Zcode system and explain how it works exactly. Finally, in the conclusion section, I’ll tell you what’s the right decision: should you join it or it’s better to close their page and forget about it completely.

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Product Name: Zcode system

Official Website:

Owner: Mr. Mike Zed

Type: Betting Tips & Online Gambling

Cost to Join: $7 for the first week then $198 for the following months

Recommended? No because of the high risk involved in the gambling world

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is zcode system

What Is the ZCode System Exactly?

You would be surprised if I tell you that ZCode System is up there for almost 20 years now. Yes, 1999 was the year it’s started working and during all these 20 years, it could become a well-known system in the gambling industry.

You don’t need to have any knowledge of gambling or online betting to join this platform and you’ll become a member of ZCode system as soon as you fill out the registration form. Video tutorials are the next thing you’ll see after joining this system.

By watching these tutorials, you’ll know what ZCode System is all about, what are the main features of this platform and how you can take advantage of these features and how prediction system of this program works and can benefit you.

Everything about betting and online gambling as well as paper trading and online betting are covered in the tutorials and it’s straightforward and does not let you confuse about the concepts.

How Much Does It Cost?

The same as other programs that I’ve reviewed recently like Income School, 10 Minute Millionaire or One Minute Free Traffic, there’s a cost involved in ZCode System too.

With a quick research, you’ll find that there’s an exclusive discount for the program which let you join the system with paying $7 (instead of $198) to use the system for 3 days. The package costs $198/m but with a discount that EZcode released recently, you can get it for $7 for 3 days and after the first 3 days, you’ll be charged $198 again, every month.

The 60-days money-guarantee provided by platform lets you make your purchase with more confident but make sure that you’ve read the refund policy completely before request money-back.

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how zcode system works

Here Is How ZCode System Works

After becoming a member of ZCode system platform, you can pick up one of the following options:

  • Using Automated Systems

As its name brings, you don’t need to bet manually when you choose this section. It provides all trends, data and alanysis you need to start betting.

In Automated System, you can choose different sections from season-wise to time-wise. By using the time-wise option, you can see how much profit you’ve made in a specific time slot; hourly, daily or weekly.

The profit you see here depends on the amount of cash you put in the system. For example $1000 or $1500 is the minimum amount you need if you think about making a serious profit.

There are A LOT automated systems in the ZCode platform (+170) and you’re free to choose any of them according to your needs and expectation. You’ll also see the profit as graph charts for required time-frame.

  • Get Tips from Expert

There’re experts inside the community who have made successful bets constantly and ZCode system lets you get betting tips from these experts and follow their path.

There’s also a rating system that helps you choose the best expert to follow according to his result. Excerpts who have more successful background ranks in top-ten and after them there are experts with lower profit ranked from 10 to 30.

Also there’s a feature called tipster and each day there’s a new tip about betting, odd/stakes you can benefit from.

And if you remember I called ZCode System a community rather than a program because every time you have a question, you can simply ask it in the community and you’ll get an answer shortly.

What Is the VIP Picks Area

Here’s the place where all experts of US sports share their extensive experience in betting. Members of the community can comment on tips shared by experts so you can easily see which ones of experts had better and more correct prediction in the past.

Most of the times, they recommend you to bet on more than one event at a time because this lets you have a higher chance of winning. They also advise you to get the help of provided tools by ZCode System to see all the trends of the day before betting which makes your prediction more trust and stay away from emotions.

There’s a Huge Risk Involved

The problem with sports betting prediction platforms is that nobody can guarantee that there’s a 100% chance of winning if you rely on experts predictions. And don’t forget that after the first 3 days, you’ll start to pay $198 every month and this amount of money is not small especially if you are not sure about your chosen team.

The point is that you don’t need to pay $198 every month to enter into online gambling and betting. With an Internet connection and some basic of betting websites, you can start your journey in this field and save that $198 easily.

Whether you pay that $198 or not, keep in mind that there’s always a risk of losing money in online gambling and you just increase your losing amount if you use a system that requires you pay a monthly fee to access it.

So think twice before giving it a shot!

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zcode system pros and cons

All You Should Know About Online Gambling

If you’ve done gambling even only one time in your entire life, you probably heard this famous sentence “The house always wins!”.

This has a simple meaning; no matter how you are lucky and how much you can make when you enter to gambling world, there’s an unwritten rule which says, the casino will always win.

This simple rule stops me to enter into any gambling business and there’s chance that you can make $30, $70 or $100 but most people forget that they’ve paid more than the earned-amount and that’s why they’ve always get less than what they’ve paid. Yes, this applies to any gambling machine and website and ZCode is not an exception too.

To be honest, I don’t think it worths to spend $198 (ZCode fee) every month to get betting suggestions from persons who you don’t know because all they’ll tell you is that a specific sport even MAY has a winning potential and this is what you can find out easily with a little research and monitoring events.

Another con about ZCode System and gambling is that you’ve the money-back option in some cases but keep in mind that even if everything works well, you can just get the money you’ve put into that gambling site.

This means, if you put $100 as deposit and bet $50 and lose it, you’ve already lose $50 and if you’re lucky enough, you’ve only chance to get the deposit amount.

So if you sum all this, you probably prefer to try a low-riskier opportunity for making money online because nobody wants to risk all the hard-earned money in the blink of an eye in gambling games.

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is zcode system scam

Final Word – Is ZCode System a Scam

Although I’ve listed some negative points of ZCode System above but they are not only cons of ZCode System and it applies to all other gambling (online/offline) opportunities. And about the legitimacy of ZCode System, I can say that I don’t see any problem with that and I make you sure that a gambling website that is up there for +20 years CAN’T be a scam.

I’ve also checked the background of some of the experts inside the community and confirm that they’re real people with long experience in the gambling world.

But when it comes to giving advises, I can’t recommend ZCode System. Actually, it totally depends on you if you’ve had experience in online gambling or it’s the first time you want to give it a shot, however, it’s better to don’t bet until you get 100% familiar with the analysis, graph charts and predictions this community provides.

What I personally believe is that the entire life is completely unpredictable and this applies to all things that happen (visible or invisible) in this world and sports events are not an exception. Although there are people with long experience in prediction which called “gurus” but none of them are able to predict an even 100% correct.

There are several skills and abilities you should have to become a guru in the betting world. For example, without being patient to thinking logically, you can’t become successful in this field. You need to be able to think smart and calculate numbers and statistics fast because time is matters in gambling and making a bet with delay can result in big losing!

Beside all these abilities, having access to a team of betting experts can increase your chance of winning and that’s the time when platforms like ZCode system comes to the play. So if you’re one of those persons who enjoy betting and if you can accept the high risk involved behind the gambling then ZCode System can be something you can think about.

However, I think that online gambling and using services like ZCode isn’t the best option for making money and if you try other online opportunities like affiliate marketing (this is my favorite way for making money too) you can make much more in a safer way.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that it does not require you to have any technical knowledge in advance to start your business and you can start from zero, build your own affiliate website and turn it into a sustainable online income.

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The platform I recommend you is called “Wealthy Affiliate” which is a trustworthy community of both experts and new affiliate marketers which helps you to start your own affiliate marketing business and scale it up with the help of an honest community, not a machine or system.

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my recommendation

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