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Is Zeek Rewards Scam? – My Research Uncovers Truth!

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Thanks for spending your valuable time to read my deep review of Zeek Rewards. Researching about a company let you know how it works and if it’s something reliable or not and this is what I’ve done about Zeek Rewards to find answer of this important question: Is Zeek Rewards a scam or legit?

Sadly, it must be said that according to what I’ve found about Zeek Rewards, this company is going to shut down soon so be careful if you look at it as a long-term investment. In this review, you will find answer of some significant questions and after reading conclusion section, you will be able to make the best decision. So read this article till end if you want to find all the truth about Zeek Rewards.

Let’s start!


Product Name: Zeek Rewards

Official Website:

Owner: Paul Burks

Type: Get rewards to complete mini-tasks

Cost to Join: Free (But it’s not available anymore)

Recommended? Absolutely No

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10

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what is zeek rewards

What Exactly was Zeek Rewards?

Note: We should use past verb because it seems that Zeek Rewards is not working anymore.

Firstly let see what happened to Zeek Rewards and why it’s no longer available. Because of a federal judge this site has been shut down some while ago. Zeek Rewards provided earning online opportunity through an affiliate program which let you make money by purchasing unique securities or investments.

Unfortunately the same as other companies that had to stop working because of legal issues, some people lose money by investing on Zeek Rewards and they only know this when everything is done with a Ponzi Scheme program and they can’t do anything for getting their money back.

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You may think that you will never trust a website which works with a Ponzi Scheme model but it’s good to know that Zeek Rewards was among between top 100 popular websites all around the world just about 6 or 7 years ago but now…

Then according to what SEC announced in 2012, Zeek Rewards had to right to continue working as legal company. Building a marketing strategy based on Pyramid Scheme was something that destroyed their reputation fast and resulted shutdown!

If you think they were in court because of a couple of thousand dollars, you are wrong because according to official result, they’ve made +600 million dollars with this pyramid scheme.

When you monitor traffic of Zeek Rewards website during a period time of 5 years, you will see very clear that how their visitors decreased from hundreds of thousands to zero. Their traffic stats is still available through traffic monitor websites like Alexa.

how zeek rewards works

How Does Zeek Rewards Works?

Well it’s some hard to answer this question because even if some people could earn some cash through it, they may lose much more after their shutting down and since there is not an official and clear stats about this, we can’t say how many people made money and how many lose. The only thing we are sure about is that number or losers were much more than number of people who make some money.

At the beginning there were several options to make money through Zeek Rewards but after a while they’ve decided to focus on only one option which was encouraging people to invest in their company and after that as a member and investor you would make money from profits they make.

Did Anyone Made Money from Zeek Rewards Before Shutting Down?

Like other types of investments, if you bring more money to the company, you have more chance to receive more ROI (Return on Investment).

All profits was calculated as points in Zeek Rewards and the main goal was making more points which was equal to more profits. This organization used incentives methods like encouraging people join their affiliate program and invite others to join their program and take a piece of profit.

It looks some complicated so let me make it clear for you by giving an example:

Imagine you would invest $2000 in Zeek Rewards. After joining them and putting money over there, this money will be shown as 2000 points in your account. Now imagine they could make 1% profit today, they start to share this profit with all members who invest on their program so your points (investment) will be increased to 2010 which is equal to $2010 and it’ll continue everyday as long as there is a profit for them.

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zeek rewards pros and cons

What Was Positive & Negative Points of Zeek Rewards?

The Good

Do you think there is any pros for a company which was shut down because of legal issues? I don’t think so. Zeek Rewards had enough time to get trust of people and build credibility but result shows something else. They could not make a good relationship with their members and exactly form that time, they start to lose reputation and credit.

Zeek Rewards is known as a scam company now and it’s not strange. When you use an affiliate program for getting more people into your network without giving them anything in return, you can’t expect to start alive in this business for a long time.

The Bad

Well it’s easy to make a long list of their cons from unreal claims to legal issues and unsatisfied people who lose money. Sadly there are still many programs which use the same model as Zeek Rewards used and unlike Zeek Rewards, they’re still alive!

For example Empower Network is one of these untrusted Multi-Level Marketing companies which collect hard-earned money of people as investment then push them to promote company for earning some money. Using black strategies like this lets them have new victim every day.

Also you needed to work hard and put significant amount of time behind these programs to be able make some cash and your income comes directly from your new referrals. I don’t know about you but in my opinion, it’s a shame to make money by cheating people and even worse, encouraging them to cheat others to make money.

But do you know what is the worst part about platforms like Zeek Rewards? They’re not real and actually what they offer as a product does not exist in reality!

So you join a program and start promoting something fake. This is the main and basic definition for pyramid scheme and you can see how these companies take advantage of it.

Ok we’ve told everything is needed to be saild about this company and gladly there is not a scam program called Zeek Rewards anymore but you still need to be very careful and get rid of a scam never turn Internet into a 100% safe and lovely place for making money online!

As I’ve told you above, new scam programs are born every day and use the same method to steal money of people. Unfortunately this cycle never stop but you can stay safe by improving and updating your knowledge about this business.

Always keep in mind that spending some minutes or even a couple of hours for doing a quick research about a company or website that provides making money opportunity is much better than joining 100 websites that provide this opportunity even if joining all of them is free.

Also make sure from what website you are reading reviews because if you see someone call a program brilliant, there is chances that he/she is making money from promoting that program so you should not trust him. For example about this case (Zeek Rewards) there are still blogs and sites which shows great result that came through Zeek Rewards. They only show you about positive side of an opportunity and never tell you about the other side which contains negative points.

is zeek rewards a scam

Final Word – Is Zeek Rewards Scam?

Yes! Without doubt, Zeek Rewards is a scam and many people lose their hard-earned money over there. That’s why SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) decided to shut down this organization. In fact SEC does not monitor normal and small scam programs so when it entered into a case, we can consider it as a serious issue which was $600 million about Zeek Rewards.

And at the moment, Paul Burks and his group Rex Venture have to face with this court vote which does not seem to be solved easily.

It’s good to see that what happened to Zeek Rewards and we can be happy for people who won’t get scammed by this scam company in the future but sadly, Internet world never be empty of scam and scammers.

Persons who were participate in managing and run Zeek Rewards are running other pyramid scheme businesses these days. Unfortunately it’s not possible to find them and other scammers because they hide behind a fake identity and they never use real name. That’s exactly why we can’t get rid of untrusted, fake and scam programs completely.

Let me give you a tip here. If we take a look at background of Zeek Rewards we find some names like Paul Burks. I advise you to make a list of these names and check it every time you are interested to join a company. If you’ve found one of these names as owner/founder of that company, stay away from that program because you know what they’ve done before in Zeek Rewards. You even should not listen to their advises and products that is recommended by them.

It’s good to see that there are still reliable and trusted companies which help you build your own online business the right way and make full time income from your interests. Continue reading to find out more about my best recommended program for leaving your 9-5 job and becoming a very successful Internet entrepreneur.

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