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Is Zija International Scam? – I Don’t Trust It But…

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Hi and thanks for visiting my review article of Zija International. I’m going to give you some facts about this business opportunity which let you know the answer to this question: Is Zija International scam or it’s a unique chance to have financial freedom?

To be honest I was a little worry before writing this review because there are several fake reviews about Zija International that push you to sign up to this program and it was some hard to write something honest which is against these reviews but since my goal is making all my reviews as unbiased as possible I went through it.

I’m also happy to see that you decided to read this review between all other reviews out there because I talk only about the facts and I won’t hide anything about Zija International from you. The aim of Zija International is clear and straightforward: “make money online through a modern way”.

This is a good way to attract people to join a program or company because they know what people are looking for; making money online! But there’s a little problem with Multi-Level Marketing business; you can’t trust what they say 100% and almost all MLM companies have a similar claim which is not true most of the times.

Anyway let’s back to our topic, review of Zija International, and see how knowing all the truth about this company let you stay away from making an emotional decision and choose the right way for joining (or not joining) it.


Product Name: Zija International

Official Website:

Owner: Kenneth E. Brailsford

Type: MLM company in weight, energy and performance products as well as skin care

Cost to Join: $41 membership fee plus additional cost according to your chosen kit

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 10

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what is zija international

What is Zija International All About?

I’ve reviewed some similar companies like VoxxLife or YouGov but Zija has some main differences which does not let me put all of them in the same category.

Zija International is an MLM company managed by Kenneth E. Brailsford and provide an earning online opportunity for people who are interested in health, wellness and beauty products. It was 2005 when Kenneth has founded Zija International and they’re working in health niche for more than 10 years now.

It’s nice to see that Kenneth shared all information about Zija International publicly because it’s a powerful way of building a good relationship with customers and unlike fake or unreliable companies that don’t give you much information about their background, Zija tries to build a relationship from the first step.

Zija International is located in Utah of the United States and it’s got the first attention of people when it’s received several rewards for different purposes in the health and wellness market.

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how zija international works

What Type of Products Zija International Is Selling?

Before telling you about the type of products available in Zija International I want to talk about their quality first. I’ve checked several of their products to see what result people got after using them and I’ve found that there is a mix of opinions about it both negative and positive.

For example, BBB is a website that rates all online products and when I’ve checked Zija International’s products over there I’ve seen that some customers use products for more than 9 years and they’re totally satisfied with the result. They clearly said that using health products of Zija International was effective for them and they’re also happy with the cost they’ve paid for.

On the other hand, there were people who didn’t get any benefit from items of Zija International and even in some cases, it affected in their health negatively like a customer called Gina who bought and used one of the drinking items of Zija International.

As you can see I can’t mark products of this company completely positive or negative because everybody has his own experience with that, some people feel that they’ve got a kind of scam by them because they think didn’t get what they’ve paid for and some others are happy and recommend Zija International in any situations.

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zija international review

Facts Zija International Hides From You!

  • It’s Not Easy to Sell Products of Zija International

There are several kits you can choose from when it’s time to sell Zija International’s items.

For example one of the kits which will cost you $330 let you have access to the different range of products at around $50. You’ll probably get a lower price for the chosen item when you decide to promote and sell it.

Of course, you should add something to the original price ($55) as your profit so let’s assume you’ll set $65 to make $10 profit from selling a single item. Do you think people easily pay $65 for a health product? How you want to promote and make it outstanding in the eyes of buyers when there are much cheaper alternatives that give you a better result?

  • The Start-Up Cost Goes Up to $1000

There are several things which will increase your entire cost and you should think about this BEFORE joining them. The membership’s fee ($40) is not your only cost and packages of products (Kits) you should purchase to promote and sell them. The price for these kits starts from $190 and it goes up to $1300 so as you can see there’s a hidden cost of $200 to $1000 which you should consider.

By the way, keep in mind that the membership they offer is monthly so you’ll pay that $40 from your bank’s account every month.

  • Recruit More to Make More

When it comes to making money part, your income totally depends on recruiting new people to Zija and this is the most common way that MLM companies use to stay alive in the market. Of course, it’s possible to earn money through recruiting people and I’m sure there are members who do this very well before but when you know there are only a few people who like to spend that much money to buy products of Zija then you’ll understand clearly that a hard job of promotion and selling will be right in front of you!

is zija international a scam

Final Word – Is Zija International Scam?

With a positive look, we have enough reasons to call Zija International not a scam but a pyramid scheme company, however, this is my personal opinion about Zija and it does not mean that you should not notice to the opinion of other people who consider it as a crappy and scam program.

Anyway, both groups of people who either call it a pyramid scheme or who mark it as a scam have one thing in common: Zija International is not worth trying and you can’t rely on it. It’s not definitely a good opportunity to make some extra cash online.

Another problem with this company is that nobody knows how much money you can make through it because there’s not any income report or something like that which can show what’s real income potential behind it so if you’re a new distributor who wants to give it a shot, you should find a person who worked with Zija before and ask him personally about real earning potential it has.

I don’t understand why Zija priced its products too high because it effects in buying decision of customers negatively and people probably prefer to not buy anything from Zija when they see many similar products are available for fewer prices in other stores.

Here’s a fact that none of the pyramid scheme companies will tell you about: more than 95% of distributors who join this type of business WILL FAIL.

Conclusion – Should You Try Zija International or Not?

Let me make you sure that you won’t lose ANYTHING if you skip this business opportunity. This is what I really think about it after doing deep research and reading reviews: If you are an experienced Internet marketer who has worked and got success in pyramid scheme marketing model before, feel free to join Zija International; you’ll be able to make some money (not much) for sure but… if you’re new to this business and look at it as a simple buying/selling process, you’re completely wrong and there’s no money to be made from it for you.

The main negative point of Zija is that it uses door to door marketing technique to sell products. To be honest, if you were 10 years younger, you could take advantage of this marketing model and make money but for the new century, it’s too old!

You’ve probably seen all those stores and markets in your street which were offline till a couple of years ago but entered to the online world recently to get the benefit of a worldwide market with +3 billion potential customers so that’s strange to see why Zija International still insist on an out of date marketing technique.

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