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Is Zoombucks Legit or Another Scam? – Honest Review!

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Is Zoombucks a reliable paid survey site that you can make good money from? What about legitimacy, is Zoombucks a legit company really? If you are one of those persons who are seeking for a method or strategy to make a constant income, you have probably landed or are familiar with rewards sites.

One of the good things about reward platforms is that you don’t need to worry about its legitimacy because 90% of times, they are real and provide mini-tasks which let you make some extra dollars by completing them. So it’s a guaranteed way of earning online, however, only a few extra bucks could be made from this opportunity.

ZoomBucks has been launched officially a while ago and during a short period of time, it went viral. You are not the only person who is looking for info on this rewards platform and many people like you have the same question in mind. So I decided to review ZoomBucks by myself and share all my research and thoughts about this eye-catching platform with you.

Without a doubt, reading this article will benefit you and it helps you to know all the pros and cons of this website and make a logical decision.

So let’s dive into it without wasting the time!


Product Name: Zoombucks

Official Website:

Owner: Vikas Tailor

Type: Online rewards program

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? No

Short review:

ZoomBucks is not scam however the income potential behind it is very low. Are you willing to watch video ads, take surveys or play games on online sites to make a few extra dollars? It may be fine at the beginning but after a while, it will be bored definitely.

Anyway, if you are a fan of rewards platforms, ZoomBucks can be a good start point.

Overall Rating: 3.1 out of 10

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what is zoombucks

Intro – What Is  ZoomBucks Exactly?

It’s a confirmed and legit earning platform for people who are looking for a safe option to make a few extra dollars.

The first thing that should be said about ZoomBucks is that it’s not a method for getting rich or replacing with your current full-time job but if just a few $$ makes you happy, it’ll be worth trying then.

So it totally depends on your perspective of mone-making online world and although a few extra dollars always feel good for a lot of people but there are persons like me who are only looking for a way that can bring them financial freedom and real wealth so they prefer to continue searching rather than spending a lot of time behind low pay websites.

But let’s discover the real benefits of ZoomBucks and see how it works exactly.

Should You Try ZoomBucks or Not?

As I’ve told you above, the earning behind this reward website is not comparable with what you can earn as a full-time or even part-time income. If you are a stay-at-home mom, a college or university student or even a person with a 9-5 job, this reward website MAY work for you if you accept its very low earning potential and have no problem with that.

Set your expectations realistically first then jump into ZoomBucks. Working for hours or even days at ZoomBucks is equal to the price of buying a hamburger or a cafe and nothing more!

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how does zoombucks work

The Process – How Does ZoomBucks Work?

This platform provides more than one option to earn money and I’m going to go through the main ones here:

1- Get paid to watch online videos

ZoomBucks marked as a “get paid to” platform so seeing watching video options as one of the main ways to earn money is not strange at all. Actually, this is one of the common options provided by 80% of GPT websites and ZoomBucks is one of them too.

How much do you make by watching ads videos? It’s not much at all. Actually, only a few cents will be credited to your Zoom account for watching these videos.

It also depends on the length of the video, for example, for watching a 20min long ads video, you’ll only make around $0.01 so for watching a 60min video, you’ll earn just 3 cents! Yes, you don’t need to do anything (even pressing a button) but is it really worth to spend one hour of your valuable time to make only 3 cents? I don’t think so.

2- Completing online surveys

The most famous option of earning through GPT site is taking online surveys.

Survey Routers and ZoomBucks are two main sections of the website where you can find surveys to complete. The first section gives you surveys from other survey platforms and the second section includes surveys from ZoomBucks itself.

The pay rate is not much different in each section, anyway providing different sections for surveys feel members that there are “many” surveys available on the website.

Gathering surveys from other GPT platforms in one place let members have access to many surveys platform and this is good for new people to the money-making industry because it lets them have something to do to earn always.

3- Completing mirror/mini-tasks

This is the last option or earning inside Zoombucks and it includes ways like install and test new apps, cashback offers, visiting new websites, etc.

These are additional ways which can boost your earning potential; for example, by playing a game online or taking a paid offer you earn as much ad taking several surveys but these offers are not available always like what you see in survey section so you should check it out every now and then to see if there’s any new offer.

What you need to consider here is that reading conditions of each task is a must-do and without paying attention to details your time may be wasted.

However, the paid offer section of this platform is always worth checking because sometimes the pay rate of offers there is really good and you can find valuable opportunities over there.

ZoomBucks – The Payment Process

As soon as you reach 3000 points($3), you can withdraw it as cash in your account. Actually, the low-payout of ZoomBucks is one of the advantages of this platform compared to other similar websites. At the moment ZoomBucks does not pay you in cash instead, you can get paid by gift cards and fortunately, most of these gift cards are for well-known companies like Facebook or Google Play so there’s always something you can get from these sites.

My research shows that there is not any complaint about getting paid by ZoomBucks which is a great positive point for this company because I’ve seen many GPT sites that didn’t pay members after they reached the minimum payout, however, ZoomBucks makes you sure that after submitting withdraw request, you’ll receive money or gift card in a few business days.

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zoombucks pros and cons

ZoomBucks – Strengths & Weaknesses


  1. The minimum payout is very low. I’ve reviewed many GPT and Paid Survey platforms (both new and old ones) and I admit that ZoomBucks got my attention by its very low minimum payout; it should be said that among all GPT sites that I personally know, ZoomBucks has the lowest (or one of the lowest) minimum payout which makes reaching it in a short time possible for everyone (even new members).
  2. There’s not any cheating or scammy thing when it’s time to get paid. ZoomBucks is a legitimate opportunity and reviews of previous members confirmed that everybody gets paid in this platform.
  3. You have several options to receive your money. The gift cards are available for those who like to get something from well-known brands (like eBay or Xbox Live) instead of cash. But still, I think the simplest option is PayPal which lets you receive earning in your PayPal account almost in a short time.
  4. ZoomBucks does not have a list of restricted or prohibited countries. This means it does not matter where you are from or live, the platform is available worldwide and people from all countries (both developed and least developed countries) can join and start earning on it.


There are always a weakness in programs that I’ve reviewed like Digit app, Conversion Pros or TigerFish and ZoomBucks has its own cons as well.

  1. It’s not an option to make full-time or any serious money. Actually, this is a common problem (weakness) between all GPT sites and ZoomBucks is not an exception too. It’s hard (if don’t say impossible) to make more than $2 for 90 minutes of work in GPT sites so with a calculation, we discover that only a few extra bucks per month can be our maximum expectation for working on GPT platforms or completing online surveys.

Another disadvantage of ZoomBucks is that the surveys are limited and you may have access to 100 surveys today but 0 tomorrow!

  1. Disappointing Support. I’ve tried to contact support several times to check and evaluate their response time but I didn’t get any response! Well, the promising thing is that ZoomBucks benefits from an adaptable and userfriendly interface so there’s a high chance that you never need contact support when you are using the platform but if for any reason, you need a hand one day, you should wait more than a couple of days to get a help or you can simply check out the FAQ section and hope to find your answer there.

What kind of rewards you can get in ZoomBucks?

Most of the rewards on this platform are related to game niche and market like Stream, PS, Xbox, etc. and this shows that members of ZoomBucks are a fan of the gaming market.

But this is not all you get as reward on this website and you understand this when you check out shopping category labeled in the rewards section.

As the name of category shows, there are electronic coupons for well-known shops like Staples or Gap also other online stores or companies like PayPal, eBay, Amazon or Walmart provide gift cards for their sites on ZoomBucks.

When a website provides a wide range of rewards like different types of coupons, it encourage more people to register on it and try provided service.

Do people like ZoomBucks?

There is both positive and negative feedback on ZoomBucks and it’s interesting to know that this platform was diactivated in the past but after a while, the owners decided to relaunch it and it’s available now again.

There are many sites similar to ZoomBucks and GrabPoints is one of them. When we compared these two sites, GrabPoints has more features than ZoomBucks however because of several payment options, many people prefer to give ZoomBucks a shot first then if it does not exceed their expectations, they’ll go for GrabPoints.

All in all, it seems that ZoomBucks could get satisfaction of a large number of its members.

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is zoombucks a legit company

Final Word – Is ZoomBucks Legit Finally? 

Yes, everything we see in this platform from a wide range of rewards to fast payment turned ZoomBucks into a suitable choice for those who are looking for a legit website to make a few extra dollars online. The trump card of ZoomBucks is its fast-payout system which let you earn your money as soon as you reach $3 in a just 2 business days and when it’s compared to other GPT sites (which normally takes between 14 to 20 business days to pay members) ZoomBucks really stands out.

There’s not anything to worry about ZoomBucks and the legitimacy of this company has been confirmed by experts, members and experienced people in MMO industry several times.

But wait! Do you want to become rich with working at ZoomBucks? Then your perspective of making money online should be changed because GPT or Paid Survey platforms are not supposed to be your personal ATM. So please don’t fire your day-job boss as long as you want to rely on GPT platforms.

There’re better ways to achieve financial free rather than quit your current job.

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Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read this review of Zoombucks. I hope you’ve found the information that you were looking for about it in this article.

I always would be more than happy to see your thoughts so feel free to share it about this website and other online money making ways in the comments below. I read all the comments and reply to them personally.

See you soon in the next review! )

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