is zwerl a scam

Is Zwerl a Scam or Wonderful Earning App?

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There is a high chance that you’ve heard about Zwerl in a forum or blog that was about making money and like many others, it left a big question in your mind: Is Zwerl a scam or not?

Zwerl claims you can make money from your knowledge and to do that you don’t need to be expert in a specific subject. The process is clear and straight forward; first of all, you choose subjects you’re interested in. (You can pick up topics in ANY subject, from sport to tech). Then after downloading and register Zwerl app, you will be able to start earning by answering questions which are related to chosen subjects.

You want to jump into it and start making money right now? Stop!

This was just a short introduction of Zwerl but it’s not ALL things you should know about this app. To know all positive and negative points as well as Untold Facts about this app, you should invest some time and read this detailed-review till end. And the end of review, you can make decision based on logic not emotions!

When you surf the web for making money opportunities, all options you see look attractive and claims of their owners get people’s attention but this is just skin of many platforms and the real is something different.

“Is Zwerl a Scam?” is a good but not the best question should be asked. There’re many programs out there which are totally legit but not valuable, so it’s better to know what is potential income you can make through Zwerl and more importantly, if it’s worth your valuable time or not. This is the question I’m going to answer in my review and I’m sure it’ll help you a lot to make the final decision properly.


Product Name: Zwerl

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Get Paid to Answer Questions

Cost to Join: Free (If you join as an expert)

Recommended? It’s not really worth your time

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is zwerl

What is  Zwerl All About?

It was not long time ago when we had to go to libraries or find persons who are experts in an area to find answer of our endless questions. But these days, with revolution of Internet and technology, you don’t need to go anywhere to do your research. You just need a laptop with an internet connection then you can sit on your comfortable couch and just Google the question to find tons of answers for that instantly.

But there are still people who like to know opinion of “experts” about a subject and apps like Zwerl made for this purpose. Zwerl is a community of experts in almost all subjects and it provides “expert-answers” to people. It does not matter what type of question you have, there is ALWAYS an answer for that in Zwerl.

Zwerl is a Q&A (Question & Answer) app but it’s not a leader in this area. Quora is definitely the most popular community Q&A website and before that, Yahoo Answers was leader in this field. So as you can see we can’t call Zwerl the first app which serve a Q&A community for its readers.

Zwerl is Best For…?

Of course anybody can take advantage of Zwerl but if you’re looking for an expert-answer for your questions, without doubt Zwerl is best for you. Do not forget if you are experienced in a specific topic and can provide detailed-expert answers for people’s questions about that topic, you can even make some money by sharing your knowledge in Zwerl.

There’s a monthly fee you should pay if you want to use Zwerl as a source to find answers. After paying subscription’s fee, you can post questions (about any topic) and they will be answered by experts. On the other hand, Zwerl does not charge you anything if you want to join it as an expert. You need to apply and complete sign-up’s process first then when you get qualified, your account will be activated and you can start earning by answering people’s questions. Your income comes from money that Zwerl receives from people as monthly fee.

As I’ve told you, there are almost “unlimited” numbers of topics you can choose from to answer questions. Topics included but not limited to: Tech, Health, Economics, Politics, Travel & Tourism, Romance, Wealth, Lifestyle, etc. Variety range of subjects is one of the main positive points of Zwerl and this definitely makes it a winner when it’s compared to other competitors.

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how zwerl works

How Zwerl Works Exactly?

Although there are tons of topics you can choose from but as it’s mentioned before, that’s not possible to register on Zwerl as an expert if you can’t prove your expertise in your selected categories. But how Zwerl chooses experts? It’s simple, by an assessment test.

Every single expert required to pass an assessment test when he/she complete sign-up’s process. This is not the only test they will be taken in Zwerl; Advanced is the minimum required English Level you must have to be able join this platform and Zwerl takes some English test as well to make sure your communication and writing skills is good enough to meet their criteria.

How You Can Make Money Through Zwerl?

Here we need some clarification. Zwerl clearly says “you can earn up to $10 per hour by answering questions” but this is just “potential income” and real income may be much less. To be honest, this is an advertisement’s trick to attract new clients, when companies claim you can make $10, $20, $30 or more hourly with their system. To find this trick, you just need pay attention to amount of time required to reach that income which has not been told anything about most of the times.

And this is not happen only about Zwerl and if you surf website of other programs, you’ll see similar claims on the home page.

I went through blogs of people who worked in Zwerl to see what is their opinion about this app and how much money they earned from it. Some people mentioned, they earned up to $15/h while others said they could not reach more than $6/h.

I also read some reviews from experts who are active in Zwerl for a long time and they mentioned it would be very hard to make even $6/h with this app because amount of questions people ask are less than amount of experts available out there, so after the first of second weeks of your work, your earning may decrease dramatically. Zwerl guarantees payment and I also have not seen any complaint about this issue.

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zwerl pros and cons

Zwerl – Pros & Cons

Possibility to make money through your knowledge is the biggest pros of Zwerl. But there are some cons you should know about before becoming a Zwerl’s member.

If you want to become an expert in Zwerl, that would be good to get yourself familiar with user’s activity time. This refers to specific time users are online and are willing to ask questions. It’s not the same for all categories so according to chosen subjects, you should be online on specific times to be able to answer more questions which can increase your potential earning.

All in all low potential income and limited time for answering question are two main negative points of Zwerl from my point of view. Zwerl app tried to make a community of experts in any topic but it looks that it does not provide high quality service for these experts. If they really want to have real experts in their community and make members happy with “Real” expert-answers, they should improve quality and solve their cons soon.

Anyway, if making money is not your goal for sharing your knowledge and making some (not much) cash from it makes you happy and also IF you have extensive experience in a specific category plus advanced level of English language, feel free to try your chance in this Q&A Platform.

is zwerl scam

Final Conclusion – Is Zwerl a Scam?

No it’s not scam! I’m surely saying that Zwerl is a legit app.

Anyway, I can’t say how much money exactly can be made through Zwerl because it varies depending on your skills and time you can spend on it. So the only way to find real potential income is testing it by yourself. Finally keep in mind that if you want to give Zwerl a try, you should lower your earning’s expectation as much as possible and don’t rely on what they say about potential income on their website.

It’s really possible to make money if you’re an expert and can answer many questions and you can be sure that you will get paid but I would not recommend it because negative points of this Q&A app is definitely more than its positive points. If they decide to improve their platform and give experts what they deserve, I may put it on my recommended list in the future but not now for sure.

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