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Listen to the Free Nature Sounds Online with These 5 Websites

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Researches show that listening to the sounds of nature helps to cope with nervousness and distracting. So in this post, we’re going to introduce several websites with beautiful pictures of nature and relaxing sounds that help you relax and let you listen to the free nature sounds online. Continue reading…

Normally, most people prefer listen to music when they’re sad, angry or uneasy. Different people like different types of music and singers; and everybody relaxes when they listen to their favorite music. Accordingly, researches showed that being in nature and listening to its sounds is useful and gives more significant effect than listening to music. In addition to reducing stress and anxiety, listening to the sounds of nature increases efficiency at work.

Now, if you want to get away from noises and busy modern life, we recommend you to visit the following websites. These websites provide the sounds of nature and white noise listening to which helps people relax.


1. CalmSound website

CalmSound Website

All humans like the sound of waves when they crash on the beach; or the sound of forest on a sunny day. If you can’t go to the beach or forest, you can listen to their sounds. And CalmSound website will help you with that. This website has six types of sounds of nature to offer as well as several videos, for example, Niagara waterfall. Of course, the sound of tourists who came to see the nature has been removed in these videos. Also, the CalmSound website provides you with natural sounds in MP3 format which you can download for free.

Click here to visit Calm Sound Website.


2. Nature Sounds Map website

Nature Sounds Map Website

There are many diverse natural attractions on planet Earth. Therefore, this vast planet is full of unique sounds of nature. If you want to virtually move to another place on Earth, Nature Sounds Map website will be a good solution.

You can listen to the sounds from different areas of Earth on this website. You just need to click on any part of the map, and then the sounds of that area will be played. Moreover, you can make a playlist of your favorite sounds and access it anytime.

Click here to visit Nature Sounds Map Website.


3. Google Chrome Noisli Extension

Noisli Extension

You’ve learned about websites where you can listen to the sounds of nature, however, these sounds are also accessible through an extension. Noisli is a Google Chrome extension that provides a collection of unique nature sounds. With this extension, you don’t even need to keep a browser bar open to play nature sounds. Noisli  also includes such features as combining sounds and playing them through extension bar. Also there is a Timer which lets you set playing time of your favorite sounds. If you don’t use Chrome browser, you just need to visit Noisli website which gives you access to different sounds of nature.

Get Noisli extension from here.

Click here to visit Noisli Website.


4. A Soft Murmor, website and Android app

A soft Murmur Website

A Soft Murmor website is very similar to Noisli, but it also helps you combine your favorite sounds online. This website provides more unique and beautiful sounds. Unlike Noisli, this website has an Android version which is one of the exclusive features of A Soft Murmor. But if you’re an Apple user, you can download and install Noizio app instead. This app is available for both iPhone and Mac.

Click here to visit A Soft Murmor website.

Get A Soft Murmor app here:

Download from Google play

App Store




5. Wikipedia!

Wikipedia Sounds of Nuture

This option is very different from the websites mentioned above; because every time an edit is done on Wikipedia, a sound of nature will play at! You can visit this website for listening to the sounds of nature. Probably, the idea of this website belongs to Wikipedia. It’s an open source project, and anyone from anywhere in the world can contribute. To start editing you just must create an account. Its simplicity and accessibility turns Wikipedia into a useful and complete source of information.

Click here to visit hatnote website.


  1. Yes I love trust Jehovah continue. I support brothers and sisters become good and I my life heart think

  2. I have 4 children, all boys under the age of 12 and there is nothing peaceful about my house.
    From the moment they get up to the time they go to bed there is a constant noise and it isn’t
    You have really helped me find a price of paradise within my own home listening to these beautiful nature sounds and I thank you for that.
    Now excuse me while I lock my bedroom door and turn the volume up as the waves hit the shore…ahhh peace….

  3. I love being out in nature and listening to many of the natural and soothing sounds that are out there. I had no idea that there are websites that let you listen to some of the very relaxing and soothing sounds that nature produces and that can certainly help me reduce anxiety and stree these days. Thank you so much for posting this! I will definitely check out those sites listed.

    1. Thank you too for your comment Brian and happy to see that you liked it ) Feel free to take a look at Application section where you can find interesting apps too )


  4. Listen to the sounds of nature can be quite soothing. I especially enjoyed the one of Niagara Falls. We live not that far away from Niagara Falls so when anyone visits a trip to the Falls is inevitable. It sounds so different in your audio and much more pleasing to the ear once you have all the background noise cut out.

    I was surprised in your collection that you do not have the sound of whales or did I miss that?

    Definitely bookmarking this page and coming back for more listening enjoyment.

    1. Glad to see that you liked it Maureen ) I’ve checked all their data bases but I guess there should be sound of whales too since they’re updating their data base on a regular basis.


  5. Thanks for introducing me to new ways of listening to nature and white noise. I do find these sounds very relaxing. They also help when I’m struggling with an episode of depression or anxiety.

    I love that I can search different parts of the world and listen to the sounds of nature there.

  6. Hello Ali,

    Very cool post about nature sounds. When I was a kid and even now, i absolutely adore nature. Such a spiritual experience. They say if you meditate in the nature you can really hear the nature sing.

    So being able to capture those same sounds from your app or from a website is absolutely fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing and I wish you the best of luck.


    1. Dear Nelson,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, listening to natural sounds is enjoyable and since modern life takes us far from it sometimes; that’s good if we’re be able listen to them from our room )


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