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Microsoft Employee List – Memorable Photo of Microsoft Employees

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People are always interested to know more about employees of big companies and Microsoft employee list isn’t an exception. The iconic photo of Microsoft employees taken in 1978 is unforgettable, but the important question is what happened to them and what they’re doing now? You probably know Bill Gates and Paul Allen, but you may not remember others and are interested to know what their fate was.

  1. Bill Gates: Well, it’s very clear! He created the most valuable company out of nothing and became the richest man in the world.


  1. Andrea Lewis: She was the only Microsoft employee from Albuquerque. She was a technical writer of Microsoft and wrote manuals for Microsoft software. She leaved Microsoft in 1983 and became a journalist as well as a freelance writer and wrote science fiction stories. Now she’s the owner of Hugo House literary center in Seattle.


  1. Maria Wood: She was a book keeper in Microsoft and married one of men in the picture. Only after two years she left Microsoft and sued Microsoft for sexual discrimination. After that, she didn’t show up in media much, focused on raising her children and became a house wife.


  1. Paul Allen: He’s number two man after Bill Gates in Microsoft and one of Microsoft co-founders. He is the world’s fortieth richest men. He owns one of the biggest cruise ship companies in the world and invests millions of dollars in startups and sport.


  1. Bob O’Rear: One of the eleven faces in the picture is the oldest Microsoft employee. He was an employee of Nasa’s Control Room while landing on the moon. He was a mathematician and the head of the computing section in Microsoft and worked on DOS a lot to make it perfect. He left company in 1993 and became a cattle rancher in Texas. His estimated wealth is about 100 million dollars.


  1. Bob Greenberg: He played an important role in developing BASIC programming language. Bob left Microsoft in 1981 and joined family business in Coleco. He also worked on golf course software in 2008.


  1. Marc McDonald: Marc was the first employee that left Microsoft in 1984 because he didn’t want to work for a big company. Then he joined Asymetrix Company (which was founded by Paul Allen) and after that moved to a software company called “Design Intelligence” in Seattle. Microsoft bought Design Intelligence in 2010 and he became a Microsoft member again! He left Microsoft for the second time in 2011 and joined Thunder Software Company.

Marc McDonald

  1. Gordon Letwin: The oldest and most loyal employee of Microsoft was Gordon Letwin who stayed there until 1993. He was a programmer and he was a millionaire when left Microsoft. He’s a big farmer in Arizona now. Gordon founded and manages a charitable organization called Wilberforce.


  1. Steve Wood: He married Maria Wood and left Microsoft in 1980 to run business with Paul Allen. He’s an entrepreneur and its newest startup is Airnote which offers software consultancy.


  1. Bob Wallace: He was one of the first Microsoft’s members and died in 2002 from pneumonia. After leaving Microsoft, he researched on psychedelic drugs and founded Quicksoft Software Company.


  1. Jim Lane: He was a project manager and left Microsoft in 1985 to start his own software company. He had an important role in Microsoft’s alliance with Intel and monopolizing PC market for Microsoft.



Microsoft Employee List


Microsoft Employees


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Also, you can see complete list of current Microsoft employees here. Hope you enjoyed and feel free to share your comments below!

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  1. I used to work there. It was a tough job, but at the same time extremely rewarding. I always looked forward to going to work. They are competitive in pay, but outstanding in benefits, All those guys shown were amazing talents! Bill is one in a billion. There are some really smart people that work there for sure.

  2. Wow, check out that dated photo! It was very interesting to read about what current and former Microsoft employees are up to now. It’s unfortunate to hear Bob Wallace passing away in 2002.
    Just out of curiosity, what cruise line does Paul Allen own?
    Ever think about doing a similar article on the founders of Google? haha. 🙂

    1. Hi Chris and thanks for your comment. The name of cruise line of Paul Allen is Octopus (yacht) and it lunched in 2003.
      That’s a good idea about Google employees. I don’t promise but I’ll take a look around the web to see if I can find something similar 😉


  3. Thanks for sharing this, Ali.

    I’m not a tech guru, but I certainly did enjoy reading about former Microsoft employees. I loved how you put their former and newer photos side by side.

    I was amazed when I got to the bottom of the post to see the 1987 and 2008 photo. I don’t know how you were able to put all of these together, but it was certainly enjoyable to read.

    1. Hi Princila, you’re welcome ) I’m happy to see that you liked it. Actually I read it some while ago and just was looking for a time to share it with others )


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