wealthy affiliate review

How I Made +$10k With Wealthy Affiliate!

Hi there! I’m Ali. Here, I want to share my experience of using WA with you.

I’ve signed up at Wealthy Affiliate in 2021 for the first time (Rejoined 2023) and has been an active member ever since. The training and tools provided by WA has helped me to start and grow my own online business and make a full-time income from it. And now I’m willing to share my experience with all of you to help you make your own online business and be your own boss too!

Is wealthy affiliate a scam or legit? It’s a 100% legit platform to start making money online. Read on and you`ll see the detailed answer of the question as well as how much Wealthy Affiliate has to offer so you’ll understand why I’m so eager to recommend it as My #1 Recommendation to anyone who wants to build a successful online business.

Quick Summary of Wealthy Affiliate:

Name: Wealthy Affiliate University by Kyle & Carson

Price: Free to get started
(Click Here to Join for Free).

Best for: Literally Anyone! From beginners to advanced.

My Overall Rating: 9.5 out of 10
(The only program I’ve ever rated this high)

Wealthy Affiliate Review

So What Exactly Is Wealthy Affiliate?

For over a decade Wealthy Affiliate Program has been helping people to turn their hobby or passion into a successful online business.

They give high-standard online training and provide a platform where members can share their experience and support each other. To put it simply, if you have a hobby or passion or if you’re an expert in a field, but turning it into a full-time job frightens you, or you simply don`t know where to start, Wealthy Affiliate program will teach you how to create your own online business and start earning money from it consistently.

In other words, Wealthy Affiliate will help you:

  • Follow Your Passion
  • Reach Financial Freedom
  • Quit Your Job
  • Have Plenty of Time for Yourself & Your Family
  • And At the Same Time, Have a Stable Income

As I’ve said before, I have tried it myself and WA training proved itself as a guarantee for success. Although different people achieve different results but as soon as you take action, success is guaranteed, Believe Me!

My Top Reasons Why Wealthy Affiliate Is
My #1 Recommendation

Reason #1: It is Totally Free to get started. Don’t believe me?! See for yourself here! No credit card or personal information is needed to join.

Reason #2: 24/7 Amazing Online Support. WA`s support, including its creators who are making millions of dollars, is always there to help and to guide you. All questions are answered within minutes. There is even online chat providing support 24/7. Moreover, you can only turn to other members of WA community (like myself) to find guidance and help.

>> Join WA & Try Its Awesome Community Now! <<

Reason #3: The Internet is full of misleading advice on doing business online, and like in any business, it is so easy to make mistakes and put your effort into wrong direction. However, with the training and Amazing Support WA is providing, you will never feel lost on your way to success.

Reason #4. At Wealthy Affiliate you will learn how to do business online legally, without any scams, but just doing what you really love and care for.

Reason #5: My personal guarantee and experience. I’ve been using Wealthy Affiliate for years now and I owe my success in online affiliate marketing to WA. Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to find a trusted online program, and Wealthy Affiliate is one of them. You have my word.

Prior to finding them, I went through a very bad cycle of scams/failures online which lasted nearly 3 years. Today I do online marketing full time and earn money from home. I attribute the success to the training I got here. If I can do it, you can too. )

Is it possible to make real money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes! It’s totally possible & I’m making that!

  • I work as an affiliate marketer with different companies and it brings me full time income.
  • I’m making More Than $7k Monthly

Wealthy Affiliate is not the only thing that I promote. I also sell on other platforms like Jvzoo using methods that I’ve learned in WA.

Jvzoo Sales Prior to Affiliate Marketing

Oh! That was for today, I know someone would ask about Yesterday😎

Some little Commissions: Thanks to the commission Machine


And this is my WA income report till Feb 2024.

And income from another program.

And that’s not only me who is making money through Wealthy Affiliate;

(( People Making Their First Sales ))

** And People Who Making Thousands A Month **
Also Quitting Their 9-5 Jobs!

Believe it or not, this is what is happening in Wealthy Affiliate; it’s true and this is only a small fraction of people who got success within this Great Community.

I wanted to show you these pictures to point out that with an online business that you learn to create from WA, you will be able to create a truly stable income that will bring you a steady income.

 Want to Get the Same Result?

>> Join WA FREE Here & Make It Happens! <<

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Exactly Work?

WA does not teach you only one way to make money online. It contains many different methods and you’ll learn each one from 0 to 100.

Online Entrepreneur Certification is the best place you can start your journey if you have not made any or make a little money online before. You need NOTHING if you start from that section and all needed tools and information are provided for you to build an outstanding business.

You can choose the topics (products) you’re interested to build your business but if you still do not know what you exactly like, do not worry! There is a step by step guide which introduces you a Special Market (Affiliate Bootcamp) which has high potential of income.

Summary: to get started, you just need to click on “Training” then start with Online Entrepreneur Certification. All lessons are in details and your questions will be answered by experts immediately.

Screenshot of Training Section:

The process of making money explained in training in 4 simple steps:

There are 4 sub-categories in training and each categories has its own A to Z lessons. Building a profitable niche website based on your interest and turn it into your favorite full time job is the thing that all training focused on.

4 Steps of Training

1- Pick up a Niche Based on Your Interest

You online business starts right from this point. You can choose from ANY topic you like but WA recommends you to choose a niche that you really like. I remember when I’ve just stated to learn affiliate marketing in WA, I picked up Tech topic because it was something that I’m passionate about.

2- Build Your Thriving Website

One of the positive points that I really like about WA is its creating website platform. Actually you even do not need a little information about building a website. You’ll be given two websites completely for free which are best to start your business with.

No coding, no design and no anything else, everything is pre-built for you and you just need to run it. From a variety range of websites with different skins, you just pick up your favorite one then WA takes the rest and will setup it for you in less 60 seconds!

My suggestion: To get success, you do not need websites with high quality design; you just need to take action and apply what you learn in WA into your websites.

3- Get traffic & Create an Audience for Yourself

Traffic and visitors are like meat for your website and without it you won’t be able to get any success. With a detailed and step by step training, WA teaches you how to gain real visitors for your website and turn them into potential buyers. Also it’ll show you methods you can use to increase number of visitors for your website and you know better than me that more visitors means more money!

4- Start Making Profit & Money!

The process of making money in WA’s method is simple and straightforward. After making your website (which will be done almost completely automatically by WA) you’ll start to promote unlimited different types of products related to your niche (interest) then when someone comes to your website and purchase one of those products, you’ll make commission! Just imagine you can get a small amount of those unlimited numbers of potential buyers that purchase products online every day, it’ll be significant amount of potential profit for sure.

Take a look at summary of process below to understand better:

First: Let’s say you’re interested in health and weight lose topic. You choose this as your niche.

Second: You choose a beautiful theme (from quality premade templates) for your website

Third: You use WA’s method and drive traffic and visitors into your website

Forth (The happy part!): You can promote unlimited numbers of products related to health and weight-lose (from physical products like diet pills to digital products like online courses or eBooks for wright-lose) then visitors start buying those products to solve their issue and you simply make money by helping others!

Let me tell you something here. There are millions of topics you can choose and I assure you that if there is a topic you’re interested in, there are thousands of people like you who are interested in that topic as well so the secret is that ANY topic is profitable and you just need to run it on a website properly.

Now what happens if you make a website around that topic? Yes, you put something valuable in front of a large numbers of potential buyers and when there is buyer, there’s money for sure too.

The fact is that there is an unlimited potential income on this business and with all tools and training you have access to through Wealthy Affiliate it does not require any knowledge or experience in advance which means you can start as a beginner from zero and make 6, 7 or more figures after a while.

My personal results applying the 4 steps on my website:

I met my target – 500 visitors per day. I make money on a daily basis from my website, and my profits keeps increasing with time. You should expect nothing less than this when you apply what you learn from the training to your online business. Have at the back of your mind that the traffic you generate for your site will influence the money you make; more visitors means more money.

Brief update, in 2022…

I still use the same site till date, growing my business as well as its customers. Another thing you should know is that I have created other websites using the same method, and I get lots of traffic as well as sales on a daily basis. This formula can be replicated, that’s why I love it. You can apply this formula in any niche you desire.

Note: This training will not make you wealthy overnight, it is a process and the instructions are not difficult. There is a to-do list attached to every lesson, the lessons are either in a text format or video format.

You will have access to the first ten lessons in this training as a starter member (free of charge). When you finish the training, you will have:

  • Selected your topic
  • Designed a professional website
  • Established the basics that can help drive traffic to your website and make money.

You will learn everything you need to know about online marketing from the training. You will be an advanced internet marketer once you are done with the training, and in most scenarios, you are already making money from a sustainable online business. You can decide to make this your primary source of income, just as I did, or it can be supplementary.

Niche topics I made money from:

  • Weight loss
  • Dieting
  • Making money online
  • Selling fitness DVDs for women
  • Selling fitness equipment

Take Action Right Now! No Cost & Experience Necessary to Start!

>> Click Here to Start Building Your Own Thriving Online Business! <<

How long does it take to see results?

how long 2

You will see positive results within a few weeks if you practice what was taught in the training. I have applied the methods in WA to online business on different websites. I usually noticed results within a few weeks in websites with little competition; the results are not big at first, but it is a good start point that will grow with time. Observing results in niches with more competition usually take three to six months.

Can You Get Result in a Shorter Time? Yes, there are faster, non-legit ways to see results. Most of the programs that promises quick results apply shady marketing tricks that will only last for a short period, and then Google and other search engines will penalize your website.

Ensure you apply the methods taught in the training every day. This promises positive results the fastest way possible. However, direct your focus more on building a business than making profits. There is a huge difference.

I don’t want to disappoint you, but if you are hoping this training will make you rich overnight, you will only be wasting your time.

WA is not a get rich quick scheme, the same applies to any legit training in the market. From my experience over the years, any place that promises you quick money overnight is a big scam, stay away from them. They are many online marketers making 4, 5, 6, and also 7 figures; this did not happen instantly, but over time by applying what was taught in the training.

Also, WA offers Premium Membership, it costs only $49 per month. You have access to all the features and benefits of the program if you purchase the premium membership.

Comparison: Starter Membership vs Premium 

Free membership: Starters get communication access with the community, including Carson and Kyle (both for seven days). There also get two free websites and can access the Get Started Here training.

Premium membership: I receive lots of questions from people about the premium package, and I want to address it here. Premium membership is not compulsory; it costs only $49 per month. However, you have access to all the features WA has to offer, such as:

  • Complete and unrestricted access to support (24/7, 365). You can communicate with me, the founders, and any member. Starters only have communication access during the first seven days.
  • You can create up to 25 websites for free.
  • Free web hosting for up to 25 of your websites.
  • Access to over 300 weekly webinars that addresses every aspects of generating income online.
  • Unlimited access to training tutorials
  • One on one coaching and support from the developers of WA, Kyle and Carson.

You will benefit a lot from the premium package, but I will advise you Try the Free Starter Membership to know the program is right for you. If you enjoy it and want to proceed, then you can purchase the Premium membership.

The premium package is absolutely optional. You only subscribe for the premium package if you are comfortable and happy with it. You can decide to be a free member as long as you want, no one is forcing you to purchase the premium package.

Positive & Negative Sides of Wealthy Affiliate

I prefer starting with the benefits of this training since it has much to offer.


  • Easy to learn training with tutorials in text or video formats.
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Access to all forms and levels of training on internet marketing
  • Excellent support system
  • Constant online chat for queries
  • Access to professional internet marketers and support
  • You get two free websites
  • Becoming a member is totally free
  • A legit place to learn how to make money online
  • WA is the most ethical program I have seen so far


The only problem with this training is access to too much information at the beginning which is both good and bad; this may be confusing for first timers, but you will get used to it soon.

wealthy affiliate rating

My Overall Rating: 9.5 out of 10

I give WA 9.5 stars out of 10. WA is the highest rated program I have used and generated real cash from. The support is top notch, beginners can learn easily from this program, and the training is genuine. You will make money from your online business if you use this program for sure.

Here is my best advice if you want to be successful online

Give the starter membership a shot and follow the training. The training is risk free; you don’t have to pay a dime. You can leave anytime you want if you are not satisfied. Even at that, you still have access to two websites.

Conclusion – Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Without any doubts, I recommend WA for anyone who wants to make money online. This is the best legit place that I have come across which will teach you exactly what you need to know to make money online. So if you are looking for a reliable source of income, Become a WA Member Now!

The secret to success is making use of proper guidance and taking action. WA provides all the guidance and coaching you need; thus, positive results is guaranteed.

If you have any questions about this training or you want to say something about it if you have used the program, please let us know about it in the comment section below.


  1. Good on you for not being sellouts like the rest of the wealthy affiliate reviews. Hopefully everyone understands now that you can’t get rich by just paying $30 per month. Anyway, I believe that Wealthy Affiliate is a really worth-trying platform and if you’ve just started your journey in affiliate marketing, it’s definitely your best bet!
    Thank you for your review Ali.

  2. I had a feeling wealthy affiliate was too good to be true…I just saw too many positive reviews everywhere from bias sources but I’ve found that it’s real and I’m happy to see that you’ve shared this unbiased review with others.

  3. Wow this is the first wealthy affiliate review I’ve seen that hasn’t just blasted a wealthy affiliate affiliate link everywhere. Finally someone that just tells it how it is. And I also like the fact that you pointed the pros and cons and it wasn’t just a wealthy affiliate negative review.

  4. Hey there Ali,
    Thank you for this in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate. I can just agree with you on so many points. about the present online world. There are so much misleading information and related programs. So-called get-rich schemes and SCAMS. I think that Wealthy Affiliate is quite opposite to it. You will be taught the long-term ”white hat” tactics to experience the desired success. It is built for those who are really committed to their success and no to shiny object hunters. It is awesome that you can reach out even the CEOs of the company, that is pretty unique and just describes how the community is valuable for the creators. I am personally also impressed by your results so far. Great done. If someone is going to join the WA through your link are you going to guide them?

  5. This is a great review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I really like the personal perspective as I can totally relate to that.
    As a fellow member of the Wealthy Affiliate family, I completely agree with your assessment of the program. The training that is offered is probably one of the best I ever had. The design is brilliant. As you are completing each lesson and finishing the tasks assigned, you are actually building your amazing website. Wealthy Affiliate training teaches you the most important aspects of being a successful blogger/affiliate marketer.
    I had absolutely no experience when I first started and by following the training, I felt like I became an expert within few months.

    Not to mention the amazing Wealthy Affiliate community. Everyone is very helpful and supportive. This is how brilliant this program is. There are incentives for being helpful and active in the community. This is very useful when you have a question. When that happens you just go to the questions section and ask your question. Within minutes you will get multiple, helpful answers.

    Your review is also great for someone who is not a member yet and is searching for information or trying to determine if this is something that will suit his/hers needs. The way you are showing your readers what the Wealthy Affiliate platform can do for them is very helpful. I remember being in the research stage before I joined. I wish there were more honest and genuine reviews like yours out there.

  6. This is a very detailed overview of Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve seen several “make money online” platforms and most of them promise “quick” cash which always sounds suspicious. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t do that, as you state in your review, they are an ethical company and they are honest with their claims.
    I especially loved reading the success stories, they are very inspiring. I’ve also made some sales with my websites, not enough to quit my day job yet, but it’s getting there and that feels great 🙂

  7. Hey Ali, this is a great detailed review of WA! I like that you mentioned how you got scammed for 3 yrs into other online platforms that advertised a get rich scheme; I believe they are called MMO’s. I can totally relate to that as well. I was also searching the net to find better ways to earn an income online because I was fed up of the 9-5 grind. In doing so, I fell into a lot of scammy MMO’s and lost a decent amount of money. Oh well, I know better now.

    WA offers a world of possibilities and I love that they have a complete free trial period where I can check it out for a while to see if it really is for me or not. this is really unheard of! Most platforms don’t offer anything for free!

    You have been making great success with affiliate marketing! I keep hearing that it works and can’t wait for it to work for me as well. I mean $5k a month is a steller deal! Good on you! I am super motivated to try it out and keep going.

    Thank you for such a great detailed review where you have broken down everything anyone needs to know about what WA is all about! I look forward to reading more posts from you!
    Thanks a lot!

  8. hi,

    great review of wealthy affiliate, I have looked around at a few different platforms and I must admit that these are one of the best.

    They have comprehensive learning classes and great training in many different areas too. Like if you are looking to grow your youtube channel, theres training on that subject.

    The other thing that is a great bonus with Wealthy affiliate is the community, everyone there is helpful and willing to help you with any questions you have if you feel stuck. No one is out to sabotage you, which is nice.

    A great review of the platform mate, I really enjoyed reading it so thank you.



      1. Hello,
        So where do I find your recommendation list? You talk of #1 here, but what is #2, #3, #4, etc,? I couldn’t find. A list on your website.🤔 and are you In anyway connected or an affiliate of the #1 your recommend? Thanks!

        1. Hi Patty and thanks for your comment. The title is My #1 Recommendation so it clearly says that there’s one program not a list. I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I enjoy my time there. 🙂


  9. Hello Ali,
    I read alot of your post and I find the content very interesting and, the way your article are written, they give me confidence on what you write and that you know what your talking about. I like the presentation, easy to read, find what you look for. Great information about SEO, ranking, Tik tok. I would like to know more about finding more custumers for your website?

    1. Hello Lyne and thanks for your comment and kinds words. ) I’m preparing a new article and I explain how to increase your sales and customers so make sure to follow upcoming posts )


  10. Ali,
    Wealthy Affiliate does seem to be one of those rare gems where the program is legitimate.
    I’ve tried several different programs, and most of them have limited training opportunities- such as only a blog or only a few fairly generic videos. These guys have lots of different ways to access the content, and they seem to cover all the bases. The opportunity to get a free account with them just to try it on is a testament to their content.
    Thanks for such a clean, informative, easy-to-follow write up!

  11. This is an amazing review! The details that you have included are very helpful. I’ve always wanted to try to make money online but have always ended falling for a scam and dealing with the constant up sell that those types of sites always use.
    Based on the details, the pro and cons and the fact that you can start for free, it sounds like Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal.
    I’m a little skeptical but I have bookmarked your site and will be coming back after some careful deliberation.
    Thanks for all of the information you have complied and shared.

  12. What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You for sharing this quality post with others.

  13. Hey Ali,

    You’ve done a great job here. Before I clicked on your link you come to this page, I read 2 other reviews of Wealthy Affiliate. And I can assure you if I clicked on yours first, I wouldn’t need to go anywhere else.
    You’ve helped me find the accurate and detailed information about WA and I want to leave this comment to let you know that you’ve done a great job here and you’ve helped one more person find a way that could change his life. You will see me around very often.

    Thank you!

  14. My Personal Success with Wealthy Affiliate……

    I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for less than a month now and I must say it has been such a joy. I can say from personal experience that this free site is so worth it. The information I have received from Wealthy Affiliate helped me build my first real website and it is now up and getting many reviews. I can honestly say I have tried so many other sites that never brought me this far like Wealthy Affiliate.

    The strong community and detailed training I received from this program has helped me move forward so much that now I see real actual results. I am proud to say that I have no regrets. Wealthy Affiliate is my new family and if you are serious and dedicated to starting your own online business. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely where you would like to start. My website has been recognized online and I am looking forward to seeing my first sale.

  15. Hi Ali,
    Thank you for sharing your review and provide so much information. I’m actually a Premium Member of WA too. I just join in Aug 2019. I have not made any income from it yet as there is not much traffic to my website. Maybe because I have not completed the training course (I have completed 3 courses of the Online Entrepreneur Cerification) in order to learn the correct skill to generate more traffic.

    But by seeing those members who have made income from it in your post help me to have more confident and assure that I’m in the right place and it does work. I just need to continue with it and learn more through the training courses provided.

    Maybe you can provide me the links of those skill on how to generate more traffic to my website? To be frank, I still have a feeling of confusion and lost in there as there are too much information and I don’t know where to look for. Would appreciate if you can help me since you are a member with WA for years already and I’m just a newbie…:-) Thank you very much!

    1. Thanks for your comment Janet. Traffic does not come overnight and there’s not any magic way to get it. It just takes time and you should continue working on your site. The only thing that you can be sure about is that it’ll come sooner or later so just don’t give up easily.
      This is a useful link for how to generate more traffic for you site:


  16. Many people are very skeptical about online business programs and with good reason. Nobody likes a scam and there are many out there and many people are aware of that and so they tend to bypass legit opportunities. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not a “get rich quick” scheme as you have pointed out in this post. There is definitely some work and commitment that need to go into the program. Taking passion and making a business out of it is definitely an appealing selling point.

  17. Finally, an honest post, thank you Ali!
    I’ve been tinkering with the idea of setting up an online business as an affiliate marketer. I’ve been reading and trying out different options, and most of them end up with somebody trying to sell you a pretty expensive “great deal”.
    I’ve recently joined a 15-day challenge with a company, for a low price (I think it was $7). It was supposed to be a 15)- days challenge to help me build an affiliate site. For the first 2 days, they were showing a clip, kind of useful, but nothing revolutionary. After that, they were aking me to buy a $2000 package from them in order to proceed, and the material was about how to sell their $2000 product to other people…
    Your Wealthy Affiliate community sounds appealing. $50 sounds decent, it’s not cheap nor expensive, and if I can get to cover the subscription after a few months it sounds good. I don’t believe in making thousands of dollars in a few days as I keep seeing ads around.
    Thanks again for the detailed post, looks like you just made another sale 🙂

  18. Hey Ali I really see that theres so much information and all in a simple format which makes it easier to understand. You elaborated all the pros and cons about Wealthy Affiliate and helped me make my decision to follow it through. Thanks!

  19. Thank you for your thorough review! I have been a member for a little less than a month. I have a website up right now with a bit of content, although I have not monetized it yet… I AGREE with the con that you put up, it is a bit of an information overload. Also, you get notified almost constantly with new things, which can be a bit annoying at times (I’m sure theres a way to fix it but I have not looked into it yet). But, with that aside, it is definitely a great platform. I didn’t know ANYTHING about making a website 2 months ago, and now I am discovering it is a bit easier than I thought. I also am very weary of get rich quick schemes, and this is not one of them. Thank you!

  20. I really enjoyed your content, though it is a long article it is very interesting, and as you read until the end you will end up motivated as if you want to jump right away and enroll yourself in Wealthy Affiliate. Everything said in your article is true and I am a living witness, especially the training. When I saw the WA review of Jerry Huang, I never think that WA is a scam. I signed up the day I saw the review and started the free membership, and because the training you will get as a premium member is incomparable, I decided to upgrade the next day and took the 6 months discounts they offer. I hope that there are more people looking for an internet business to see your website and enroll in Wealthy Affiliates.

  21. I joined Wealthy Affiliate about a month ago. I was thinking it could be another scam on the loose. Anyway, it’s free so I decided to jump in. After 2 weeks of training, I realized how different WA from other “get rich quick” sites. Then I decided to get the premium offer and continued training. Now, I’m getting tons of information from WA and fellow members. I am not good in English but sharing to other people informative contents is more important than grammar. Thanks for this post of yours. Hope more people will join our community and change their lives.

  22. Thank you for you honesty. Especially, I appreciated that you said that this training program won’t make you money overnight. There’s so many scams out there that claim to make you money overnight. And, that’s not realistic. It’s a business, not a money making scheme. No business is created instantly. Also, I appreciate that you are there to assist people that sign up based on your recommendation. Yes, the training is easy to use, but people still have questions. It means more having help from someone who uses the program themselves.

  23. Hi Ali,
    I am so glad to have found your post.
    I was long time wanting to write a comment about Wealthy Affiliate and I think this is a great opportunity for me.
    I am a returning member of WA. I was a member in 2014 and left. And you said it right, it was because of the CONS that you mentioned in this post, information overload. I am not at all tech savvy, new to online marketing and was actually rushing to earn money online.
    With the little knowledge I got from WA, I cancelled by subscription after a year and jumped into the world of the digital marketing craze that was going around the net. It was a jungle! But still I took all risk because of the promise of earning big money in a few weeks. In the end found nothing and lost a part of my savings.

    Fast forward to now, I am happy to be back to WA and I am taking my trainings slowly but surely. After all the different memberships and payments done to other promising quick cash scheme programs, I feel safe and well supported by the WA family.. I’ve learned my lesson and will take it seriously.

    Cheers Ali, and kudos to a great post!

  24. Hi, I just joined WA on 6/1/19. I’m writing content for my own website and my website has already indexed on Google. As you said, it’s a lot of work, not a get rich quick scheme, but I’m hopeful about where it will take me. Members of WA seem to be very positive and encouraging. They seem very happy with their choice to join WA with a Premium membership. I chose to pay my premium membership in one lump sum. This option is cheaper and I figured that I needed to commit to the website for at least a year anyway.

  25. Thank you Ali for sharing this detailed article about Wealthy Affiliate,
    it’s very informative, and i’m a member of WA now for about a month.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  26. Hi Ali, thank you for the article. It was very informative.

    As a premium member for about two weeks now I can definitely confirm that the info shared in this article is true.

    I learn new things everyday regarding my online business and there’s amazing support from the WA community.
    Whenever I get stuck with something there’s always someone willing to help.
    I’m feeling very motivated to get my business profitable and WA helps alot in that regard. The knowledge gained at WA thus far is priceless, and with all the tested methods shared by all the WA members, makes it so much easier to establish an online business quicker.

    I’m excited to finish the course and see how my business will develop over time. I can’t wait.

  27. Wow it’s a quite amazing explanation about Wealthy Affiliate!
    I’m interested in making money online and this post is really helpful.
    About price and training system part was very impressive for me.
    I think I’m going to register free membership so that I can start my own website business right now!
    Thanks for the good posting Ali!

  28. Congratulation you do a good job. You show what you are telling. As a premium member for a few weeks I see what you are talking about , I do not think there is another platform that give those advantage.The information that you are sharing give me more motivation to keep working.  Thank you.

    All the best

  29. I have been in WA for almost two years but I have not been able to consistently work on it due to other commitments as well. Your statistics and sharing of experience has inspired me to put in more effort and time in it to see more positive results. Thank you for sharing so much information. 

  30. Thank for the article! I happened upon it, and had to stop and leave a comment. I started Wealthy Affiliate a few weeks ago, and applying information I already knew from my experience with health and fitness, and I’m starting to apply it to creating my niche. I’m only about a week in, and I’ve really enjoyed creating something that I enjoy learning about, and working towards making money from it. I still have a long way to go in the training, but hope to start seeing the benefits soon!

  31. If I had known about Wealthy Affiliate in 2007 when I started Affiliate Marketing, my story would have been quite different today. What I spent on starting my online business 12 years ago was higher than what I’m spending monthly today to keep my wealthy affiliate account going.

    And What I have learnt and accomplished with WA in 3 years (with two and half years break) is quite more than what I accomplished with other programs in more than 10 years! Reason? Because WA tells you upfront how much (the basic amount) you need to run your business is and there are no other hidden charges. Other programs I was involved with didn’t tell me before I got started that I needed to pay for some countless other unnecessary tools or that I’d need to upgrade to higher plans . So I ended up running short of money to run my business effectively.

    It’s really nice that you gave this in-depth review so that people can make informed decisions about joining wealthy affiliate. Kudos!

  32. Wow man, this is unbelievable! Really I think you’ve gone through so much and given so much information!
    I have never seen someone giving actual snapshots and data, but you make everything so transparent! Good job, definitely looking for more!

  33. Hi Ali,

    thank you so much for this amazing information package about Wealthy Affiliate. I am so happy I came here to your high-quality website. I am in now in Wealthy Affiliate community and I agree it is the best online business platform and community.

    Thank you for the possibility to ask you anything if I have something in my mind about online business.

    I agree the training inside is eyes opening experience and it gives the opportunity to learn and make living in online business.

    Your post gave me even more information about WA. It is always inspiring to read these success stories in Wealthy Affiliate. It gives the feeling that maybe it is my turn someday. And it can be it depends on me.

    I can also recommend the Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who is interested in online business.

    Have a happy summer and full of working joy and relax with your beautiful wife.

    All the best success to you,

  34. Hi Ali, I am curious about this program. If I join, do I have to totally quit if I don’t want to become a paying member? It sounds to good to be true. Is there a money back guarantee? I really want to make money online, I have spent a lot of money already, and have nothing to show for it. What makes your program so unique from the other ones out there? I just can’t figure it out by myself, and I am tired of being taken advantage of. Sorry for all of the negativity. I guess you don’t have to post my comment. I really think my questions are relevant though. I would appreciate some kind of answers. I will be checking back. Thanks

    1. I think the best way to find your answers is testing it by yourself. You don’t need to pay anything to join wealthy affiliate and you can test it and see all features for completely free for 7 days I recommend you to join and ask the community inside the platform to see if it fits your needs or not. )

  35. HI Ali,
    Thank you for this excellent review on the Wealthy Affiliate website,
    I found it very useful and interesting , I am my self just recently joined Wealthy Affiliate,
    and you are spot on with the review, and I agree with you very much on the point of information overload,
    I just started and got a little overwhelmd with information, now I am getting the grip on it
    and working my way through the lessons and taking action , still did not made any sales,
    but I am sure with hard work and sticking with the program I would get there.
    Thank you very much for this information Ali, you also made some things a lot clearer for me.

    Best Regards,

  36. Great article, I enjoyed reading it and you give a very thorough review. I have been with WA for a few months now, I am very excited to be apart of the community and enjoy learning all I have learned thus far. I have three little ones so I feel like it takes me longer to get through the lessons than most. However, it is very straightforward and completing one step at a time helps me to feel like I am one step closer to my goals. It’s great to hear and see other peoples success stories in the community and having all the support helps keeps me motivated. Glad to hear of all your success within the platform!

  37. I tried to register but i was not allowed because Senegal is not among the countries the recommended.. please is there another way???… i am really interested in this to be able to earn some money.

    1. Hi John, you can register on WA if you are from Senegal and you just don’t have access to 7-Day Free Trial. (You need to go for premium member). You can also contact WA support and ask about this but I don’t think their answer will be much different than mine. 😉


  38. Hi Ali,

    I’m also a Wealthy Affiliate member and you’re absolutely right about this program, how it helps you to follow your passion and turn it into an online business.

    The best thing is, there are so many trainings, even from members. One time my website was down, the IT support helped me right away in minutes, that was amazing!

    It would take some time until you get the first income, you need to put a lot of effort into it, a good research and to become successful you need to be motivated and remain positive.
    The online business is a perfect start if you want to have a second earning, later on you can turn it into your main income and be independent.

    I wish I had seen your site earlier, but would definitely share this information to others. The whole content is understandable, I really appreciate all the steps and how you showed successful people from this community.

    Thank you for sharing this awesome post, it was a pleasure to read it.

  39. Hi Ali,

    Thanks for a thorough and really impressive review of Wealthy Affiliate. I was fortunate to come across Wealthy Affiliate back in 2017 after reading a similar review. It really peaked my interest and jumped into the free version. I loved it so much it didn’t take long to go fully on board and start using all the training and systems.

    I love how it hosts your websites and gives you all the bells and whistles that most other hosts make you pay for. The training is second to none and the support from the owners and other members is brilliant. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

    Thank you again for a really well written post on Wealthy Affiliate. All the very best,


  40. I felt I have found it but I was disappointed as I when to sing in and my country Nigeria was not successful pleas is there any solution to allow me sing in?

    1. The free trial is not available but you can join the premium community if you like. I recommend you to contact WA support and they’ll guide you step by step. )

  41. Hi Ali!

    While I was reading another post on your site, about some scam site that you reviewed I found your recommendation for this post. Well after I read all this positive comments and your detailed post about Wealthy Affiliate I decided to give it a try.

    One thing that is important to me and that caught my eye is that I don’t have to pay anything unless I want it. That is hard to come across nowadays, most sites wants your money first. Even if I decide to pay, price is very decent and there is not much to lose if I don’t like it.

    Thank you for all these fair reviews Ali, you are doing good 🙂


  42. Oh my God, i think i just found the solution to my problems. For some time now, i have been looking for the best way to start an online business. Actually, someone had told me about WA but what didnt move me or gave me the courage to take action is the fact that he could not give me answers to the few questions i asked him.

    But all my questions have been answered in this piece of content. In fact, everything is well ellaborated that i cant find any question to ask anymore.

    There is one honest truth you mentioned here that has actually put my mind at rest. And that is the fact that it is not a GET RICH QUICK business scheme. For some time now, i have ran into a series of scams because i was after these get rich quick stuffs and that brought me no good and rather kept me skeptical if ever i can really make money online but going through this, i now know where the problem is and how to fix it.

    Thank you sharing such an awsome information with the public. I will surely get back to you.
    Waiting for your next content.

  43. Hi Ali,

    I’m also an Wealthy Affiliate member.. I signed up about a year ago, and honestly it was the best decision that I took in regards to start an online business.

    Your post explains absolutely everything for anyone that is interested to join Wealthy Affiliate…

    In my personal opinion WA is currently the best and the cheapest choice for anyone to start to learn how to creat a business online. This platform is the most advanced and the most carting… I’m saying this after I tryed a few before I joined WA.

    For anyone that wants to join I highly recommend to do so… You never know maybe will change your life 🙂

    Back to you Ali… I enjoyed a lot reading your opinion about WA, and everything that you said is 100% accurate.

    Best Wishes!

  44. Hey Ali,

    I was conducting research on Wealthy Affiliate and landed on your page. I have read really great reviews on the program and the training it offers. I do understand it is a slow strategy with the expected goal of creating a proper source of passive income. Which sounds fair to me.

    When you started off with Wealthy Affiliate how much time were you dedicating per day? How much work did it require to maintain a site that produced passive income (after the initial phases of course)?

  45. Hi Ali, I am enjoying your website.
    I am brand new to the world of online marketing and doing some research at this point. My question to you is: how can I prove that you are just a person that gets paid by WA to praise their system and put down the other existing ones?. That is, your MLM is doing advertisement for them.
    Please be as honest as your conscience demands:)

    Thank you so much !!!

    1. Hi Terelui and thanks for your comment. Well if you think like that, all people who promote products of Apple or Microsoft are scammers and get paid to say good things about those products. Yes this is MLM and to be honest, there is nothing wrong with promoting a quality service or product. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate because I believe that it’s a very quality training platform and I personally got positive result from it and of course there are some other people who faild and didn’t get any success so it’s not strange to see that those persons call WA or other reliable products scam.

      This is how review website works but being honest is the key when you review a product and I’ve always tried to be as honest as possible in my reviews.


  46. Hi Ali, I enjoyed this article/review of Wealthy Affiliate very much. You have gone in to a lot of detail about the site, the program and training and what it all comprises of and how it actually works and what can be expected of the training.

    I am a new member myself and can confirm the information you have provided in this review is genuine.

    I’m currently going through training and have have found it interesting, exciting, worthwhile and very educational. This comes at a cost but compared to the cost of conventional education and the potential success that can and is being achieved by many many members it is nothing.

    I have niche i’m very interested in so ‘work’ on the website is enjoyable (I just don’t have as much time as i’d like to work on it at the moment being in a full-time job), a slick, professional looking and functioning website and my very own content i’m proud of which in less than 2 weeks of it’s creation was indexed in Google and within a month being followed by my posts.

    I like the inclusion of evidence of your own successes with the time-line information to give an idea that online affiliate marketing is genuinely possible for any individual. I also thought the screen shots of members first sales and more long-term members who are making a living using the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

    Excellent review and excellent platform!

    The best of success to you Ali, all WA members and anyone contemplating an online career as their own boss.


  47. what a good review of WA.i never knew that wa was like you talked about.i just started on someones word.ive been doing this about a year only on level 2 but im not good at all ion computers.i know nothing bout them do im learning 2 different thng,.I love it for that the fact that knowledge is powerfuland im getting all these skills..reading bout Wa here has made me want it even more..thanks alot

  48. Hi Ali
    You are 100% CORRECT about Wealthy Affiliate I joined November last year as a complete newbie to the internet let alone blogging. I didn’t know that people can actually make money on the net but Wealthy Affiliate changed my life.
    I started as a free member and launched my first website following the two free courses and earned 2 referrals with just the basics of affiliate marketing.
    This lead me to upgrade to premium and wow I am learning a lot more than I imagined!
    I live in Africa I guess you have heard how hard it is to find jobs here so WA picked me up and changed my life completely. I now have a running blog (business) I can call my own, not yet earning 6 figure income but I am earning enough to help my husband take care of the family. WA is also my #1 recommendation to anyone who is serious about making fulltime income online.

  49. Hi Ali. you have done such a great review of WA. I joined last December and it is true! with the training you build a professional site. I already have 22 articles, social media related to my niche and my traffic is growing. And all that in only 8 weeks!
    Because my initial site is on a professional niche where I work full time, writing for my blog has helped me so much in my corporate job because I’m up to date with the industry, I reflect on research and I keep learning. Slowly, I am becoming an authority in my niche and that is just fantastic. When I have this first site more mature, I want to create another niche site 🙂
    In regards to my training, I’m currently doing the level 5 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification. I can’t wait to complete this great milestone! I have learnt so much and I am continuously learning with the weekly webinars. I also agree with you in regards to this WA platform being so honest, no scams, no get rich fast sort of strategies. This is about a simple formula and work on your site content to build traffic. I like its simplicity. Thanks for sharing your income updates, it motivates me to keep going.

  50. Awesome review of Wealthy Affiliate. I became a member in October 2018 and I am so glad I ran into the WA platform. I tried starting my own website and eventually get monetize it back in 2011 on WordPress.com. But I had no clue where to start or what to do at all.

    Wealthy Affiliate definitely helped steer me in the right direction and became surprised by what I have been able to accomplish so far. Still working on my training and plan to finish it by next month.

    I personally believe its the best platform out there to help ANYONE get started with creating a website & affiliate marketing. Tons of helpful training videos and support from the community. Everyone is always trying to help each other out and that’s what I love about it the most.

    Again Ali this a great review and I hope to get as good as you one day. Best wishes.

  51. Hi. I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate last year when I was looking to start an online business. I come up with this platform when I was doing some research for another platform who were promising a lot and it was kind of the business I was looking for. But, for that business, I needed a lot of money and when I was all ready to quit, I come across with a review about Wealthy Affiliate. I liked the idea and I sign up for free, while I was thinking if It’s what I am looking. This is what I liked about this platform, you have time to decide if it is the right business for you. Your review shows the strong points this platform have and I highly recommend everyone to read it carefully, because you pointed out everything you need to know about Wealthy Affiliate.

  52. Wow, Ali, this is undoubtedly the most informative article I have read that explains Wealthy Affiliate. I am a new member there and that is how I found your website. What you say is true: Newbies can learn and be successful with Wealthy Affiliate. I started less than two months ago and already I have three healthy websites and I am beginning to see commissions trickle in.

    This is not my first experience with blogging. I tried once before but I didn’t know the right way to do it and I was blocked from my account just as I started getting established. I never knew what I did wrong.

    With Wealthy Affiliate, I have unlimited support and I have met some of the nicest people! I love the way we all work together. I have found people with niche sites similar to mine and instead of competing with each other, we are teaming up and working together. It’s so cool.

    I like the screenshots you shared in your article. Even as a member, I have not seen those exact stories but have seen similar. Thank you for sharing your income results; that’s very encouraging!

    I just wanted to mention that when I joined WA, I paid for the year and that saved quite a bit of money. I think it brought the monthly cost down to under $30 per month.

    Thanks for the great site and helpful information. Wishing you all the best!

  53. This was very informative and inspiring as well!
    It’s been two months since I joined Wealthy Affiliate and I started getting afraid I won’t achieve anything meaningful but as you said it takes time before one can actually earn and achieve success.
    I am excited to be part of WA and more excited to read your articles as I don’t only get helpful tips regarding the digital world but also helpful writing and design tips 🙂
    Nothing to improve upon! Keep up the good work.
    Best regards

  54. Hi Ali,
    That was a truly nice work you’ve done and I want to commend you for providing some insights that can help any of us especially the unsuspecting newbies to know what to do when faced with the common pressures that the owners of some online companies and their agents use to mount on any one they see in the attempt to recruit such a person and convinced such to buy into their business even when some of them are not too bad and too good while some others are extremely dangerous and am speaking from my personal experiences for over 20 years before stumbling into WA about two months ago. Once again, I thank you for your efforts. Cheers!

  55. Thanks for your education!
    Apart from Wealthy Affiliate, don’t you have have any other free to join legal affiliate programs? If yes,let me have their lists or links?

    1. You’re welcome. Yes there are several other ones like affiliatemarketertraining.com or affilorama but still Wealthy Affiliate is my best recommendation. I’ve tested it and it’s not like any other training program. The difference is that it’s a community from people like me and you who started from zero and got success and this is what makes it different from similar programs.


    1. WA is available to the entire world…as the opportunity is global and usually your location in the world will not impact your opportunity at all.
      In saying this, there are certain countries that cannot join “Starter” and are required to go Premium right away. These include:


      The reason they have done this is because of high fraud rates and gaming of the system here at WA. By all means they can still join, but they are required to join as a Premium member right away.

  56. Hi Ali, I was looking for some information about Wealthy Affiliate when I came across your review, and I’m glad I did. I’m a very cautious person and don’t like starting something I haven’t double-checked first. I saw an advert for this platform which sounded quite promising but didn’t want to fall for a scam. But I have a much clearer picture of Wealthy Affiliate now – I have to say it almost sounds too good to be true. So you get two websites for free, technical support, training and access to web tools as well? And you really don’t need to commit to anything? How long can I try it for free and when do I need to start paying? And once you are a paying member, what if you want to stop after one or two months? Can I get out of that contract or is there a minimum period I need to pay for? Also, you mention that it’s suitable for beginners as well. Does this include people who have never built a website before? I’m not tech savvy and a bit concerned that it will all be beyond me. Sorry when I’m asking a lot of questions but I just wanted to have these clarified before I sign up to Wealthy Affiliate. It sounds so amazing that you wonder how can anybody offer a platform like that.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  57. Hello Ali! This is one of the best reviews I’ve seen on Wealthy Affiliate. And I’ve seen a few.

    I’m a stay-home mother and have been looking into affiliate marketing actively for about 4 months now. I got introduced to the idea over a year ago or more. I kept toying with the idea of affiliate marketing but it wasn’t until after I had my girl that I really committed to it. I just felt like I either needed more tech experience or needed to promote products I didn’t believe in or that the whole thing was a scam all around.

    The last statement is almost true. When I started doing some research online, I came across so many scams and coaches charging ridiculous amounts of money (the cheapest one I found was $5,000). I got taken in by one and luckily only lost $250 in the process. I know it could have been much worse. So $50 a month pales in comparison to what most of the others are charging for their “expertise.”

    Thanks for this breakdown of the program. It makes me feel confident in my decision to get involved in affiliate marketing.

  58. Brilliant brilliant stuff here, it sounds like WA is the place I need to be! From reading the post I got more and more intrigued by the program, I’ve never heard of a better program if im honest, had a few scam and failure programs in the past however I will definitely be joining up and see how it goes.
    Thanks for the information Ali!

  59. Wow Ali you are acting like a mentor
    I definitely agree with you 100% on all the information you give on that review about Wealthy Affiliate.
    the reason why i consider you as a mentor it’s because you direct me to the right place to have solid online business and what best about i didn’t i was that cheap for all these tools people have access to in wealthy affiliate. I have never met an affiliate program with self hosting and free for user. I didn’t believe that but after i tried it i realize you were telling the truth that is why i come back to place this comment on your post because it has helped me.
    I am now in a good spot to make my business online.
    Thank you Ali.
    I will check your posts often so that i get all your new posts
    Thank you again.

    1. Hi Junior and thanks for your comment. I’m happy to see that my review was useful for you and I’m sure that you’ll get success with Wealthy Affiliate if you be patience and follow training step by step )

  60. Wow Ali. What a detailed review, and I think you covered almost everything.

    One thing I will mention is that it is okay to join Wealthy Affiliate and not see success for a while. Sure, there are lots of people bringing in 6 figures, 7 figures a month but the VAST majority of people there are still learning and growing, same as everyone.

    My mistake when I first joined was that I believed everyone BUT me was making huge money online, and that was really discouraging.

    It was only when I started reaching out to people and participating in the community that I realized everyone is rooting for each other and the chances are that however ‘behind’ you might feel, there are others on WA that would benefit from your experience and advice. And in turn, if you reach out to others who are doing well at WA, I can almost guarantee that they’ll get in touch with you and give you some 1 on 1 coaching if you request.

    Don’t expect to make money straight away and do be prepared to work hard first!

    Just my two cents,


  61. What an informative and well written article.
    I don’t think you missed answering any questions someone would have about joining Wealthy Affiliate.
    The design of your website is great also, something I’m sure you learned through Wealthy Affiliate.
    As a member myself, I know you hit every detail in your review and people would be foolish not to give WA a try after reading your post. I wish I could do as good a job! Well done!

  62. Hi Ali,
    First of all great post on Wealthy Affiliate , everything is well written and described with screen shots of payments. WA is the best platform for Affiliate marketing where you can simultaneously learn and earn and you can build your successful online venture.

    I’m new to this WA family, and to be honest I have learnt a lot about online marketing and looking forward to earn my first income through my website.

  63. This Wealthy Affiliate review is very high level. You have highlighted the very important aspects in this article.
    There is no way in the internet you could get such high value for such a low price.
    On top of such a low price you get to rub shoulders with the top earners in the internet (this is super amazing).
    Being a member myself I can definitely vouch that all of what you mentioned is 100%.
    The one aspect people should understand is that Wealthy Affiliate is your number one way to having a stable online business because the community is filled with people who are wanting you to succeed unlike in school where people want to succeed on their own.
    I also love the fact that you showed the results from members and yourself so it shows the readers how real this is.
    Great review man

    1. Hello Satish, you simply need to follow training which start with “Get started here” on the left side. I’ve also exlpained other steps in details in a message on WA for you.

      Wish you best success,

  64. Brilliant review. I am also a member of WA and I joined in March 2018. I am very keen to see how much people are making as I have not made a sale yet. I am very pleased to have come across this review. I am concentrating on building traffic at the moment but was wondering if you have any tips on getting more traffic that you could give? Is it all about writing more and more good content on your website? It gives me so much motivation to know that there are members who are really making good money and I am going to stick with it. There really is a great community of people on there and the training and support is worth every penny. I wouldn’t have a clue with out WA. I really hope I am as successful as you Ali. Congratulations and well done. It is all done to your perseverance and hard work.

    1. Hello Vicki and thanks for your comment. Yes the base is writing more quality content on a regular basis. Of course there are other ways like ppc which brings result faster but you need to invest money and you may lose money if you do not know what you’re doing exactly. So the SEO tactics which is teaches in details in WA is free way to get unlimited traffic into your website. The key is “patience” and this is what you need always keep in your mind.
      I’m sure you can get success if you put time and effort behind it. As you can see there are many many people who share their success stories in WA and you can be definitely one of them too, so do not give up easily. )


  65. Very insightful, and I must say, WA sounds almost too good to be true. I wonder, is there any sort of time frame to complete the training courses you talk about or can you go at your own pace?

    1. You can complete the course step by step and it does not push you to complete it on a specific time frame. It lets you learn EVERYTHING on each lesson first before going to the next lesson because it focuses on your SUCCESS rather than completing course faster.
      Thanks for your comment )

  66. Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome internet marketing community. I have been there since 2008 and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They have have taught me everything I know about affiliate marketing.

    I like the following:

    Can host 25 sites.
    Support helps a ton with plugins, WordPress, etc.
    1 on 1 support from Kyle and Carson.
    Lots of great training.
    Weekly webinars.
    People in the community really help out a lot.
    Great affiliate program that pays money monthly.

    All and all, there are a ton of programs out there. You could waste your money with any other programs. But, make the smart decision and go with Wealthy Affiliate. It will change your life.

  67. Great review of wealthy affiliate! As a member myself, I can definitely agree that this has been the best most straight-forward platform for making money. And best of all it’s FREE to start. For anyone who is on the fence and looking for an honest way to start an online business, this is it.

  68. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely legit and I know a lot of affiliate marketers that initially started on WA. Thanks for sharing mate!

  69. Wow Wealthy Affiliate sounds pretty damn amazing!
    Thanks for giving all this information, from tips to sharing personal experiences.
    I am so excited to get started and use this program! I was pretty overwhelmed before, trying to find how to start out my online business, but this has helped me make my decision.
    Thank you! I will definitely be coming back here to find out more about what tips you have to share.

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