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What to do When open with Option is Missing in Windows 10…

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Level of difficulty: High

In this trick, we’re going to show you what to do when open with option is missing in Windows 10.

Open With option in different versions of Windows OS lets users use their favorite tool to run a file. For example, you have installed several music players on your computer and would prefer to use a specific player to play a music file. In this case, if you right-click on your file and go to Open With menu, a set of applications will open that are able to run your file, and you can run your file choosing one of them.

Unfortunately, this option is invisible or unavailable for some Windows 10 users. If you’ve the same problem and are looking for a solution to get this option back in Windows 10, we recommend you to use this registry hack trick.

1-    Go to Start menu and type regedit, then select regedit from the list. (If you get an alarm message, click Yes to confirm that you want to edit Windows registry.

2-    In the left side of registry editor, follow this path below:


Note: the asterisk (*) is the name of a folder.

3-    If you don’t see Open With key after going to Context MenuHandlers, right-click on Context MenuHandlers and choose key from New menu.

4-    Choose Open With name for the new key and double-click on Default from the right side to change its value.

5-    Enter this value as the new value in Value Data box.


6-    Click Ok to save changes.

7-    Close registry editor and see new changes right-clicking on files. (If you still do not see Open With option, reset your computer.)


NOTE 1: As we’ve mentioned before, you do this trick by registry hack. The registry is the heart of Windows, and any wrong changes may cause not booting the Windows or other problems. Pay a lot of attention to following the steps correctly.

NOTE 2: Before doing anything, make sure that Open With option is not available on your Windows. To check that, choose a file and right-click on it. (Please, note that if you choose more than one file or a folder, you will not see Open With option.)

Hope you enjoyed this trick; feel free to leave comment and share your opinion about this and other tricks with us.

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