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PhotoShake: Free Photo Collage Maker App

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PhotoShake is a free photo collage maker app which is available for both Android and iOS and can help you make a photo collage as easy and beautiful as possible. Continue reading to learn more about this interesting application and its amazing features!

There’re many free photo collage creator apps that have been made to edit photos or create collage images and PhotoShake is one of the good ones. You can get either free or paid version. With PhotoShake creating a photo collage will take only a few simple steps: you just need to pick a theme first and after choosing your photo, it’ll turn it into a collage automatically. However, there is a unique feature that makes PhotoShake distinctive among other similar apps.

The most important feature of this app which has caught attention of many users and makes it different is the way the photo collage is created. To create a photo collage you need to… shake your phone! That’s probably why Shake is included in its name. After choosing a photo, you need to shake your phone and every time you do it, a random photo collage with a different theme and layout will be created for you.

PhotoShake App

Some other great features of this application include high quality frames for separating pictures, various effects and basic options adjusting brightness and size of the pictures, interesting stickers to make your collage more attractive and ability to share the final version on social networks. As I’ve mentioned above, PhotoShake is available both for free and in a paid version which has more themes, layouts, frames and effects compared to the free one. If you’re curious about this free photo collage creator, you can use the following link to download its free version. Hope you’ll use and enjoy it!


  • Making a Photo Collage by Shaking Your Phone
  • Different and Attractive Layouts
  • Diverse Stickers

What makes photo collages amazing? Of course, amazing photos used in these collages. So, to take the most out of PhotoShake or any other photo editor, you`ll definitely need a smartphone with a good camera. iPhone SE is the newest Apple smartphone which benefits of a good quality main camera as well as quality display.

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PhotoShake is available on both Android and iOS

Download from Google play

App Store



Video2me: Manage & Edit Photos, Videos and Audio Files

Video2me app

The second app that I’m going to introduce today is Video2me. If you liked PhotoShake, without a doubt, you’ll like Video2me too. Video2me is an app for Android users which helps edit photos, videos and audio files. You’ve probably seen many different apps some of which can edit only audio files while others specialize on editing video files or photos. But have you ever tried an all-in-one app which gives you an opportunity to edit photos, videos and audio files in one application?

Video2me is an Android app that lets you edit your photos, videos and audio files. Having installed Video2me, you won’t need any other app to edit your multimedia files. Of course, there’re users who need none of those editor apps, but if you’re one of those users who share photos or videos on social networks like Instagram or Telegram on a daily basis, you’ll realize how handy Video2me can be. In the next couple of paragraphs, I’m going to explain the features and parts of this useful application.

Video2me app

Video Editing Section

Creating beautiful video collages is the first feature that you’ll see in the video editing section of this application. Some other features include but are not limited to: creating attractive photo slideshows, cutting videos and mixing them together, converting video files to GIF and vice versa, decrease size and quality of videos, cropping videos, taking screenshots of videos and rotating video files.

Photo Editing Section

Just like the video editing section, photo & GIF editing section provides unique features to you. Creating GIF files from simple photos, recording videos with your phone and converting them into GIF, making GIF from video files and vice versa, cutting, rotating and changing the size of GIF files are just a few features related to GIF section. Changing brightness of photos, cutting a specific part of a photo, applying attractive filters to your photos, etc. are some features you’ll have access to in the photo section.

Audio Files Editing Section

In the audio files section, in addition to changing and setting phone’s ringtone, you can extract sound from video files. For example, if you liked music from a video and want to have it as a separate audio file, with Video2me you’ll be able to easily convert that video file into a MP3 file. Trim tool is another feature in the audio files editing section which lets you cut audio files and use them as ringtones.


  • User Friendly Interface
  • Ability to Edit Videos, Photos and Audio files
  • Wide Range of Useful Tools to Apply Changes You Need

To see all the amazing features of Video2me in action, try to edit a high quality video. If you decide to create one yourself, a smartphone with a good camera will definitely come in handy. As Video2me is available only for Apple devices, brand new iPhone SE can be a good choice. It has a good main camera and powerful hardware.

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Get Video2me from here

App Store



Now, if these features include everything you expect from an all-in-one editing app, you can download Video2me from the link below. Please, keep in mind that this application is only available on iOS devices. However, it may be released for Android phones in near future too. Hope you’ll use and enjoy it. And as always, feel free to share your opinion about introduced apps in comments below!

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