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In order to secure a good ranking for my website, I have to constantly stay up-to-date when it comes to different SEO services. Recently, I came across Rank Pay and was struck by its ambitious offer to return money in case your website doesn’t get the ranking.

The Right Keyword Is Everything for SEO

Many newbies in our field think that content is the most significant part of our job. However, everyone who has ever managed a website knows pretty well that the most important thing here is to help your website receive a high ranking. And for that, you need to choose the right keywords – those which appear in searches more frequently and have fewer competitors.

This process demands a ridiculously large amount of time of brainstorming words related to the topic and then putting them into phrases that will make a potential post title. Also, it requires the usage of several professional websites like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush.

Professional SEO Services​

Professional SEO consultancy will cost you, and it is never cheap. If it is cheap, not only you cannot expect high quality services but there is a risk that your site may be damaged in the long run.

The cheap consultants may use wrong tracking system such as automated spam link building on your site. Therefore it is essential to learn what the professional SEO services involve, their system, strategy and reputations before making a contract.​

Pay For Performance SEO Services​

Most SEO services charge monthly flat charge or even hourly service fees, whereas RankPay simply only get paid when you rank in search engines. You only pay for results.​

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5

RankPay – Who Are They and How Does It Work?​

RankPay is based in San Diego, CA, established in 2007 and has been giving results-based SEO services since.

Before registering, you are able to see the pay-for-performance price plan against your desired keywords on the actual website that you own. The fees are based on your ranking position at both Google Search and Yahoo! Bing Search.​

Below is an example that RankPay will instantly show when your enter your domain and keyword.

As you can see, the first column (Keyword) is your targeted keyword that you want to get rank for. The 2nd column (Recommendation) shows if you have a good chance to get high rank in google according to quality of your content, site speed, QSR, page speed, DA, PA, etc. and some other important factors.

In this case, the chosen keyword “foap app scam” has an “Excellent” chance to get rank in the first page of Google or Yahoo/Bing.

4rd column shows the monthly price for the particular keyword/phrase. This, and the second column are calculated by comparing SEO related factors for both your site and your competition for each keyword.

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There are six position tiers and price is different for each one:

  • Tier 1 > Positions +30 (Free!)
  • Tier 2 > Positions 21-30 (Lowest)
  • Tier 3 > Positions 11-20
  • Tier 4 > Positions 7-10
  • Tier 5 > Positions 4-6
  • Tier 6 > Top-3 Positions (Highest)

As it’s shown above, you can use this service and get on the position of +30 for Free and RankPay does not charge you anything for that. This is a great chance to test quality of this platform, especially if you’ve just recently launched your website. Of course you won’t get much traffic if you rank on the position +30 in search engines but it shows how RankPay helps you grow and get better rank on search engines step by step.

And the two last columns show your current ranking as well as search volume for the keyword.

In above example, I would pay $126 if my keyword (site) ranks at No.4 on Google or I would pay $38 if it ranks on Yahoo/Bings. (The price for Yahoo/Bing is always some cheaper than Google).

Of course, if your site is already ranked in top 30, you’ll only pay for the ranking increase. For example, if your site is ranked at No. 8 on Yahoo/Bing the price is still displayed for 10-7, as the keyword’s rankings can still improve within that pricing Tier to position No. 7. However, you are not charged unless the site ranks at No. 7 or above, which is both within the top 30 positions and an increase from the existing ranking at No. 8.

How Does RankPay Achieve Rankings?

RankPay claims it uses proven SEO practices to achieve rankings including credible link building, relevant blog postings, trusted social bookmarking, and select directory submissions in order to build a consistent, customized SEO program for each and every customer.

Also their SEO Team has partnerships with hundreds of publishers, blogs, and directory sites to identify relevant context to strengthen the customer’s SEO programs. Almost all their SEO activities result in permanent exposure, even if the program is no longer in active status.

How Is RankPay Different from Other Similar Websites?

RankPay has proved to own a very elaborate strategy to help websites rank on Google. According to their website, RankPay has improved the ranking of over 5,000 websites up to the first page. I can’t tell how they do that. However, they mention on their website that their strategy has something to do with the location of the business so that the website will appear before its competitors in the same area.

The service is pretty much easy to use. First, you sign up totally for free. Then, before using the service, RankPay estimates an average price you’ll have to pay in case the ranking of your website improves. The price is based on the current ranking and the one you want to achieve.

The good thing about this service is that you know the approximate price before using it which is very convenient. What`s more, if your website doesn`t achieve the promised ranking, you won`t have to pay a penny.

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Services & Features of RankPay

Since there are different approaches to achieve high visibility and ranking on Google and other major Search Engine Optimization, RankPay offers more than one service. These services are aimed to tackle issues such as updating listings and posting on social media. There’s a lot that goes into each service, so we’ll go over what they are and what they are supposed to include.

RankPay Services

  • General SEO
  • Local Citations
  • Social Marketing
  • Blog Management
  • Website Maintenance
  • Content Optimization.

Now I’m going to cover some of the best features of RankPay.

Social Media Service

RankPay also has a strong social media team that helps businesses improve their accounts on various social platforms or create a successful account in case they don`t have one.

RankPay team prepares content for your social media accounts, posts them and engages with your audience. It`s important to mention that before they start creating content for you, they review your business and your products to be able to create personalized content that will be used exclusively for your website.

As soon as they prepare the post, they send it for your approval. And only if you are satisfied with it, it will be published. Moreover, RankPay`s social media team can create an account for your business from scratch.

Needless to say, these people are professional enough to not only create high-quality content but also focus on audience engagement, increasing comments and shares for each post they publish.

Blog Management

RankPay helps businesses generate a content marketing strategy and this involves setting up, running and optimizing your business blog. Blogs may seem to be too much work and take a lot of time, but their results have proved invaluable to business owners due to their effect on visitors and traffic.

Websites with good blogs have on average, 55% more traffic than those that don’t. The best proof of RankPay’s blog expertise is its own well-managed blog. It’s engaging and frequently updated, has a great voice and style, and it gives its readers value.

RankPay helps businesses with their blogs and they have teams of writers that are dedicated to each business and create unique content strategies based on your business and industry. You’ll work with a one-on-one writer that studies your business and works with you to determine the best tone and approach to take for your blog.

RankPay updates your blog monthly with relevant content and publish scheduled posts based on your timeline and preference.

Website Services

That`s impossible to achieve high ranking in search engines like Google if your website doesn`t meet the requirements these search engines are looking for. What I mean by that is that in order to succeed in SEO, your website must perform well, load and respond quickly. No bugs or crashes are acceptable for websites with first-page ranking.

RankPay team is ready to help you with that too. They scan your website for any bugs or issues and fix them, in other words, they help your website work perfectly.

Website performance to a high extent depends on the web hosting platform. And RankPay has a solution for that too.  You can find various web hosting plans on RankPay at reasonable prices for different time periods. Moreover, if you decide to use their website maintenance services, RankPay will improve your website in accordance with the latest search engines` requirements what will help you achieve higher ranking more easily.

Content Optimization

RankPay stresses on content, and for good reason because major search engines like Google reward and rank valuable, fresh and engaging content higher. Even if your website already has good content, keeping it the same over extended periods of time can result in lower ranking.

RankPay’s Content Optimization service basically updates your website and generates fresh, engaging content that’s SEO-focused. Their content strategy relies on not only generating this content for readers, but doing so in a way that’s optimized for crawler readability.

You have full control of the content being posted so if there are changes made to your content that you don’t like, it won’t be published. Everything is run by you to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the changes.

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No Payment In Advance, But No Free Trial

Understandably, free service trial would not be possible – the goal of SEO strategy is to get your site “known” therefore it wouldn’t be fair on their business if you already reached the goal during the free trial period.

Monthly Invoices are distributed and collected on the 1st day of each month. RankPay system will check your site’s average rankings for all of your active keywords in the search engine results, and charge the corresponding amounts for those rankings.

You will receive a detailed Monthly Summary via e-mail on the 1st of each month, also a Mid-Month Ranking Report is distributed on the 15th of each month, and all rankings are updated in your RankPay Dashboard each and every week.

If a keyword’s service is cancelled on any day other than the first day of the month, the keyword will be subject to a pro-rated service charge based on the number of days that the keyword was active in that given month.​

6-Month Plan

RankPay offers 6-month SEO services plans. The prices are calculated according to the keywords that have been chosen by the RankPay team for the website and approved by the owner of the website.

As I`ve mentioned before, the price depends on several factors such as the number of competitors for the chosen keyword, the current position of the website and so on. However, the price is determined before the work starts, so in case of success, you will know how much you`ll be charged.

And of course, if the ranking of your website doesn`t improve, then you won`t be charged at all.

However, if you decide to change anything during the period of the plan, for example, the landing page for this particular keyword, then the RankPay team will analyze the new page to determine a new price.

A fee of $200 will apply in case you decide to cancel the whole thing. But as soon as the plan comes to an end, there are two things you can do: cancel the prolongation of the plan (with no extra charges) or continue with the same plan and the same keyword.

In this case, if the page is in the top 10 on search engines, then you will get a 50% discount.

Customer Support

Online support as well as telephone support is available with RankPay. You can submit a support ticket via Dashboard 24/7, which will be replied to within 24 hours (most tickets are resolved much sooner). Phone support is available 7am-5pm PST Monday through Friday, on 1-877-RANKPAY. Also by email as well as contact form.

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What Others Say About RankPay?

Pros & Cons

There are several positive and negative points about this company. So let’s start with the good ones;

Positive Points

  • No Fee Unless You Rank
  • Performance-Based SEO Company
  • Lots of Experience 
  • Top-Notch Support

Negative Points 

  • No time-frame on when they will accomplish it

Final Word

The RankPay team seems to be very professional. One of the reasons why I have no doubts about that is that you won`t be charged until you get the results. So they are interested to take your website to the first page in Google searches because that`s the only way for them to receive their money.

What`s more, all RankPay plans are short-term and cover only 6 months. It means that you can easily give it a try without making a long-term commitment. And in case you like it, you may use it for a longer time or purchase a new plan for new keywords.

I am sure RankPay can be a great solution on any stage of your business, no matter whether you have just started or you have already achieved some results in SEO. Anyway, RankPay services can be a perfect tool for a one-time campaign.

It can be some expensive for individuals – as the example above, if your site gets in the top 3 of the search engines, you may be paying $550 for the next 6 months. But if you have a plan, good content and landing pages, you can not only cover this cost but also make a good profit and keep your site in the top 3 result of search engines.

I have had a liaison with a few RankPay team members and, what I’m impressed with is the customer service team’s friendliness, swiftness, and found their technical support very helpful.

Finally, it’s absolutely risk-free to try them out, and with RankPay’s pay when you rank option, you don’t have to worry about spending money on bogus results.

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  1. Nice post Ali, just hearing about rank pay and the services they offer, I must confess that the idea of no pay unless you rank is a very good, you don’t have to have sleepless night of finding keywords and content writing, these are good marketing strategies for them, and since the website owner has to see results before he pays makes them actually different.
    It will be nice to try them out.
    good jobs and thanks for the in depth information

  2. Wow RankPay looks very useful. So many people these days wanting to increase their SEO in the competitive online world. Looks like RankPay just might do the trick. I like how you only have to pay once your website is ranked. What a good idea. Thanks for the helpful post, I’ll definitely be checking RankPay out. Your website is very interested and helpful overall for people with their own website too. Will be checking out more of it now. Stay well and stay safe!

    1. Thank you Sammi for your kind words. Yes I believe that RankPay is definitely worth trying. Just make sure to set your budget and ranking goals first before trying it.


  3. Hey really cool post, as I’m building my site I have been looking into several SEOs but my main drawback is the high prices, I hard to get our from the bottom of the ranks withouts one, so it does put you in a tough spot. I’ll check rankpay for sure, nothing better for someone just starting a site than a SEO were you pay by results, saves you money and time.

  4. This is a great review on RankPay. People can easily learn the advantages and disadvantages so they can decide for themselves whether they should give it a try or not. SEO is definitely our core means in this digital marketing world. So, finding the right company is one thing we should really consider in order to grow our online business.
    Thank you for this thorough review.

  5. HI
    Thank you for this post. I have my own website and am using a different SEO, I have not heard of Rankpay before and it is great to have someone like yourself that keeps up to date with the latest programs on the market, and is able to share your knowledge to others. I have recently been running all my post titles through a program to test for its ranking in google, some are great, some not so great. So I agree that having a program that helps rank your posts highly in google, is of the utmost importance, in order to bring visibility and traffic to your site, if you can’t be found your hardwork will be for nothing.
    I love that Rankpay is a no risk, results based and easy program to use. I see that this program has some very unique functions that could work really well for people serious about running and ranking their business in the highest most visible positions in all search engines. To be able to search keywords and view what position they are likely to sit in a search, is phenomenal and can save a person many hours of overthinking and lost productivity activity. Even searching keywords for the +30 free position can still elevate your website to a more authoritative position.
    There seems to be many beneficial aspects to Rankpay, and flexible plans that fit everyone’s budget, and this SEO program could well be worth investigating and investing in. Thank you for this valuable information that could really make a difference on your business succeeding or not.

  6. Thanks Ali for this post. It certainly seems like a good deal. Do you use RankPay yourself? Your article didn’t seem to mention that.

  7. I didn’t even know about RankPay until now! Just the way the platform works as a whole is really interesting and you have listed it all out very nicely. You are not paying a monthly or yearly price for what you are getting, you are only paying based on the results that you get. I can see how so many people would like this platform with the model of paying for the results and the performance rather than time.

    Thank you for this article, keep up the great work, and have a good day!

  8. What a great post filled with information. I was looking for help getting my website to rank, but this company appears to offer so much more. You make it sound like Page Rank could be one of the best employees I could hire for getting my website ranked in the search engines and filled with great content. They can even help debug my website?
    Definitely looking into this. Thanks for the great information.

  9. Hi I really enjoyed reading your post. I myself am an affiliate marketer and therefore looking for a way to find keywords to boost my website SEO rankings. Your article has helped me greatly. The fact that you have highlighted the costs and pros and cons makes it much easier for me to make a decision on who to choose to boost my business to the next level. Thanks for your honest review. page bookmarked.

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