Review: Is World Ventures A Scam Or Is It Truly A Legit MLM Venture?

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On The Surface World Ventures Sounds Nice.  However. . .

Is World Venture A Scam Or

So, do you like the idea of taking exotic vacations around the world?  World Ventures is a company that purportedly allows you to make money for yourself online by getting people to join this opportunity that is in the travel industry.

In this article, I will help you to decide for yourself should you at all be interested in pursuing such a money making option:

Is World Ventures a scam, or is it truly a legit MLM venture?  I will reveal one important fact that might give you considerable pause with you even willing to invest one penny into starting up a business with this outfit.

I will also say right now that this company, Wealthy Affiliate, as this other option is not an MLM with the manner in which its business model is structured – that being a person having to build multiple levels of new recruits placed in a down line beneath him/her in order to create $$$.****


Online Business MLM money-making opportunity: World Ventures

Founder: Wayne Nugent who established World Ventures as an MLM business back in Oct. 2005.

Homebase location: Plano, Texas.

Co-owner and Chief of Business Development: Dan Stammen.

Price to start up a business at World Ventures: Although it varies by country, here in the United States it would cost $199to become a member of World Ventures with the goal in setting up an MLM business.  Thereafter, there would be recurring monthly fees to offset the price of a member receiving support, etc.

An individual must be at least 18 years of age to become a member.

World Ventures as stated on their terms of use page, not only reveals that minimum age, (18) in which a person must be in order to become a member, but it also states that the individual can run his/her own business conducted only in a country in which the company has established a foothold legally.

The exact identity of these countries in which World Ventures conducts its business is not revealed.

The one other issue having to do with a person becoming a member of World Ventures with the intent of establishing an MLM business, would be that he/she must receive a sponsorship from an active member.  So this means, you simply cannot join World Ventures on your own, ready and eager to fork over the $199 join fee.

If a person does not know of an active member who would sponsor him/her, as an option it would be possible to contact the company’s “Client Services” to be set up with such a member/sponsor.

What the BBB thinks of World Ventures:

On the BBB’s, (or Better Business Bureau’s) page dedicated to World Ventures, the company officially named “World Ventures Marketing, LLC” is listed as a non-accredited business as thought of by the organization.

The BBB opened up a file on World Ventures back in July 2006.

The organization has assigned a grade of C+ to World Ventures.  On the whole, you might think, “Okay, the BBB believes that World Ventures as an MLM is right about average”.

Well, over time the fact that the BBB has never considered World Ventures to be an officially accredited business might be due to the fact of the rather numerous amount of complaints that have been filed on the site against this company by people who either started an MLM business venture or else purchased discount vacation trips.

While many reviews, (103) coming from people have been positive, (versus only 18 as being negative) one reason why the BBB just did not assign a grade of A or A+ to World Ventures might be due to the fact that there have been 306 complaints lodged against the company for their practices. Is World Ventures A Scam Or

The BBB then did a thorough investigation on World Ventures that allowed them to arrive to a conclusion that these complaints all fell into a pattern:

On World Ventures’ page on the BBB and in the “alerts and action” section it reads like this:

(Quote) – “On June 20, 2015, the BBB requested World Ventures’ voluntary cooperation in eliminating an identified pattern of customer complaints.

Specifically, complaints received by the BBB allege that World Ventures gives misleading information about their product to consumers prior to a purchase, exaggerates the savings realized by their product and fails to provide refunds for canceled services.

After initially providing the BBB with a strategy to eliminate the pattern of consumer complaints, the business, (World Ventures) has failed to eliminate the pattern of complaints that are still in question” (Unquote).

I will also reveal, below the fact that due to the nature of its business set-up, World Ventures was named the defendant in a class action lawsuit that was filed on May 1st, 2017.  The plaintiffs feel that this company is set up as nothing more than an illegal pyramid scheme.

If you already don’t have a bit of a sour taste forming in your mouth about what World Ventures represents to be as an opportunity for you to make money online through owning an MLM business, I will go ahead anyway and present info about this company.

This will allow you to come to the conclusion whether you’d ever want to get involved with World Ventures.

What World Ventures is all about as an MLM and within the travel business:

Essentially what World Ventures purportedly represents itself as being is that the company promotes memberships of discount vacation clubs and sales of travel services as multi-level marketing opportunities. Is World Ventures A Scam Or

If you don’t know what multi-level marketing, (or MLM) ventures are here is an explanation:

A person has an online business, and is affiliated with a company being a member.  The company has a product, or line of products be it in the category of discount travel vacations, diet pills, health & beauty, exercise, weight loss, etc.

The person not only would market the company’s line of products, but in order to generate most of his/her income try to recruit people into joining the venture.

As the company’s structure would be modeled in, (often) elaborate level of down lines, each level having 2 or more legs, overall it would resemble a pyramid.

The real problem in often preventing that person from ever achieving financial success in an MLM business would be that he/she would be relying primarily on new recruits placed underneath him/her to also be working their businesses hard as they also try to entice other people to join.

If a person has a number of lazy people placed underneath him/her who see the sheer folly of recruiting new members only to see a percentage of their earnings go directly to people above them, then the original member will NEVER be able to achieve true financial success in his/her MLM business.

Below, is a list of the various discount travel packages that are part of the company’s product line.  This product does not mean that a person enticed to purchase one of them automatically has chosen to pursue World Ventures as an MLM business opportunity.

Vacation package:  Dream Trips Platinum.   The initial cost to purchase this package would be: $399.98.  The added monthly recurring cost would be $99.98.

Vacation package:  Dream Trips Gold.  The initial cost to purchase this package would be: $249.98. There added monthly recurring cost would be $54.98.

Please note that the prices listed above would just be to have a discount off of a regular vacation package compared to if a person did not belong to World Ventures.

If one were going from the U.S. to say Australia for a vacation, (at the Platinum membership level) rest assured that looking at airfare and lodging say in Sydney Australia, it would cost much more than $399.98 per person.

So, in building up a MLM business with World Ventures, in addition to having to recruit other people to join underneath you, you would be trying to sell the company’s line of products listed above as discount travel packages.

World Ventures compensation plan is provided as a separate document found by clicking here.  I will not spend time trying to explain it in detail, meant to not make this article even longer.  You can peruse it through yourself through that link provided earlier in this paragraph.

As you can see in the company’s compensation plan it is possible for a person to make a lot of money for him/herself in running a business as a member of World Venture. However, as is the case in practically every MLM business opportunity that exists on the Internet:

A lot of things have to go absolutely perfect for you in order to earn real, recurring income!  In probably 99% of all cases, this does not happen with people who run MLM businesses.

World Ventures – They state on their website that a new member would be “trained”. So what, as this “training” appears to be inadequate! Is World Ventures A Scam Or

If you were to ever think about joining World Venture, (after first getting involved with a sponsor) wouldn’t you want to know how you would be provided with educational training that would show you how to market your business – not only the ability to successfully market the company’s discount travel packages but also, more importantly, recruit others to join as well?

On the company’s page which it dedicates to enticing site visitors to start up a business with them, the only thing mentioned about training is the following and found by scrolling about a third of the way down the page:

The new member would receive a business and product presentation, free training videos, a user-friendly App and weekly newsletters.  That is what you’d receive for your $199 investment regarding training as a new MLM member of World Ventures.

I’m sorry and especially if this would be something you’ve never done before.  The odds of your success in making a good deal of money as an MLM business opportunity for you would be almost zero!

Nothing is truly revealed on the page as to how you would be trained to promote your business other than the fact that videos, (which beforehand you know nothing about) are provided.  Were these videos created back in 2008?  If so, they’re all now seriously outdated.

I’m sorry but getting some one-time only presentation, an App, and weekly newsletters does not constitute very good training!  What do you think?

Below, is a YouTube video which explains something about how and “WHY” you could try to sell to a person the benefits of starting a MLM business with World Ventures.  Watch this short video and see if it provides great educational training:

Well apparently World Ventures is having their legal issues! The subject of a class-action lawsuit!

In what represents a clear-cut example as clearly seen by what the BBB has declared to be a real problem with World Ventures and how it conducts its business, the company has been the subject of a class-action lawsuit originally filed by a member in May 2017.

Among other things, besides the fact that the individual stated that she and 250,000 other members were all deceived by how much money they could each achieve through World Ventures in their MLM businesses, it was stated by the plaintiff and her legal representatives that the company is set up as an illegal pyramid scheme.

The plaintiffs who filed the lawsuit in the state of California also claim that the World Ventures’ products, the discount vacation travel packages are not at all what they appear to be.

By definition as found in Wikipedia, an MLM business can be considered as an illegal pyramid if the company (quote) “is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme rather than supplying investments or sales of products or services” (Unquote).

I am not a lawyer.  It’s just that the plaintiffs have a real issue with the business model structure of World Ventures, in which apparently only the people at the top of the pyramid make practically all of the income that comes into the company.

Plus, at their insistence as stated in the documents filed in the lawsuit, the products themselves, (those discount vacation travel packages) are not completely legit.   Therefore putting both together, the plaintiffs conclude in their opinion that the entire  company in fact is set up as an illegal pyramid scheme.

The class-action lawsuit as of now apparently has not been resolved.

A similar and very famous MLM business that also was the subject of a class action lawsuit – it ended up costing that company a LOT of dough!

I’m reminded of a very well-known MLM venture called Herbalife.  The company has been around since the late 1990s and I almost made the mistake of joining Herbalife in then what would have been my first foray into running an online business. Is World Ventures A Scam Or

Through the advice of my now deceased mother, who had a 40+ year career in the nursing field, (and who studied everything that she put into her body regarding prescription medication, supplement/nutritional pills, etc) I found out that it could potentially become a problem for me if one of my customers had purchased some of Herbalife’s diet pill products and through what was to be proved as a negative reaction through ingesting them into his/her body, suddenly died.

My mother asked me if along with the company,  did I potentially want to be named as a defendant in a lawsuit initiated by the deceased individual’s relatives?  That marked the end of my even thinking about joining Herbalife as this was back in around 2000 or so.

Herbalife has that similar MLM business model structure regarding the placement of people who have been recruited as does World Ventures.  It was also called nothing but an illegal pyramid scheme by members who initiated the lawsuit.

Well, back in 2016 after being named the defendant by a number of people who erroneously joined Herbalife, after also being investigated by members of the U.S. Fed department the company as part of the settlement was fined some 200 MILLION dollars in a court of law.

The money was earmarked as funds to be given back to people who became members of this company and due to the business model structure never earned as much as a dime each.

If a well-known company such as Herbalife can be found guilty of being illegal in its business model set-up then nothing is preventing the same judgment from falling on World Ventures!

My final thoughts on World Ventures:

Is World Ventures something that you would definitely want to get involved with, if you have a desire to earn money in some type of online business?  Well. . .

The company does have a viable product – discount travel packages. Is World Ventures A Scam Or

However, with the manner in which it is an MLM and has a set-up where it would require you to recruit others into this venture, I simply would not recommend it to anyone and especially a newbie/person who has never pursued the idea of making money previously.

The BBB as noted above does not endorse World Ventures as being the right opportunity for anyone to run a business online.

A person has started a class action lawsuit calling the company nothing but an illegal pyramid scheme. That lawsuit apparently is not going away very quickly.

World Ventures is not an outright scam as nowhere on their site do they promise anyone that he/she could become fabulously wealthy through what the company has to offer.

Neither, however would I call World Ventures completely legit either! And not by a long shot!!

Instead, A Much Better Option. . .

So many of these MLM online businesses, World Venture definitely included have some major components that are wrong that would enable a person to legitimately make money for him/herself on the Internet.

You not only have to recruit members yourself. But in addition, hope that the people that you recruit, (placed right underneath you on the level below in a down line) also would be adept at recruiting people, who would also recruit people, right on down the line.

I’ve known MLM’s that have had as much as 12 levels of people placed in their business structure. Yeah, that would work out for everyone! Or not!

This company, first created back in 2005, has had over a million people worldwide who at one time or another all have been members of this organization.

Wealthy Affiliate provides the best level of educational training, tools and community support that would allow a serious individual to achieve whatever would be his/her personal goals in creating income online.

Wealthy Affiliate most definitely is NOT a get-rich quick scheme so you will not have earned $20,000 some 10 days from now should you decide to join this organization.

Thank you for reading this article!  If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to post them in the comments’ section below:

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