Review of Nikon Coolpix S33 – Compact, but Professional!

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In this review of Nikon Coolpix S33 you’ll find out how a camera can be compact as well as professional. Actually when we hear the name of such famous brands like Nikon, we remember the most professional photography equipment but sometimes they surprise us by introducing a simple product (of course, simple is not enough for it, continue reading and you`ll see why) which unconsciously fall in love with. Sometimes compact cameras have more features than a professional camera. Nowadays big brands like Nikon release cameras which make you able to take the most beautiful photos in any situation or environment with little training and creativity, then enjoy those moments on photographs for a long time.

Photography has never been that much easy like these days before. Good lighting, nice subject, a small button to press- and done! It doesn’t matter where you are – at a party, on the beach or under water. You only need to take your camera in your hands, look at the view you want to capture and then with a small pressure on the button, the moment will be beautifully captured. Point-and-shoot cameras give you the easiest way for photography with amazing quality. Large and famous companies started to make point-and-shoot cameras because of their popularity, being easy to use and appropriate performance.

We’ll show you what benefits of these cameras are, how they work, in what situations we can use them, how we can get the best result with them and what rules we should follow to capture a beautiful picture. In addition, we’ll introduce a compact, but functional camera which carries one of the most prestigious names in photography world – Nikon!

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As a professional equipment manufacturer Nikon has not forget about home-based and amateur photographers and like its competitors, started to make simple and compact cameras with many features. Compact Nikon cameras` series is called Coolpix and is an important rival to other compact cameras like Canon IXUS series, easy to use cameras that have fans all around the world. Although size of these cameras is small, their performance is high and can perfectly cover the needs of almost everyone.

One of the advantages of Coolpix S33 is its price, compared to its great features. This series has been released in different models with small differences. According to users` budget and needs, there is a wide range of choices available in Coolpix family. All people in any age range can get the best out of photography with this camera with little training.

These cameras are known as point-and-shoot ones which let you take nice pictures with only focusing on the subject and pushing shutter button.



The size (109.5 x 67 x 37.6mm) and weight (221 g) of this camera may look a little large for a compact camera at first sight, but if we take a look at its features, we’ll realize that it’s OK for this kind of camera. In addition to its design and size, this Nikon device is very light and ergonomic, so it`s easy to record video or take photos with it for a long time. On/Off and shutter buttons are placed on the top of the camera. There are eyelets next to the shutter and video record buttons to connect a hand or neck strap.

The control (up, down, left, right) button is embedded on the back of the body and you’ll have access to analog and digital zoom by pressing up and down buttons. There is USB 2.0 port which helps to transfer data near the battery, as well as you’ll have access to HDMI port which lets you watch recorded videos and images on large displays. Flash of camera is placed on the top of the lens and it can provide light to a radius up of 3 meters.

Play and four untitled buttons have been placed beside its 2.7-inch display and can be used when there are different menus on the display. All buttons are in one column and are placed in good position, so users will remember their place after using them for a few times. Design and position of buttons make them easy accessible for users. The camera is available in four different colors what gives quite a number of choices to its users.



The 13-megapixel sensor has been embedded into S33 and has 3x optical and 4x digital zoom, it’s a suitable choice for people who want to experience the simplest type of photography with high quality. Zoom camera equals 30mm to 90mm focal length which could be better for a camera with this type of specifications. The sensor is a layer containing pixels which optical photons collide with. Photons turn into electric charge after colliding to pixels and invigorate after converting to voltage; finally, this voltage is converted to digital values with the help of several circuits.

There are two categories of sensors: CCD and CMOS. S33 camera has CMOS sensor. In general, there is no big difference between these two sensors, but CMOS is a low power consumption sensor and has better performance in low light or long-time exposure. Size of compact or simple SLR cameras is less than professional SLR cameras, so pixels size is also smaller in this type of cameras.



The big positive point of this camera is its very high durability and resistance in different situations. S33 is able to take pictures and record video up to 10 meters underwater; it also supports face detection technology in the water. Its being shockproof turned S33 into a high quality product that can be safely and easily used by children. Form building and materials used in camera make it humidity and dust proof. Data (images/videos) can be saved on SD, SDHC and SDXC memories with high security. Its variable ISO (varies from 100 to 1600) make users able to take photos in any lighting. The point that puts this camera at the same level with professional cameras is its burst ability with speed of 4.7 FPS. Also, it must be said that that’s not a usual camera; recording video with Full HD 1080p quality gives you the opportunity to record high quality videos in any situation.



Enjoying photography with high quality in any situation is now possible with Nikon Coolpix S33! Like other big companies, Nikon has tried to make this camera as automatic as possible, so all settings will be set automatically and you only need to push the button to capture the picture.


Coolpix S33 is a family member of durable Nikon cameras that has been made very light and compact. It easily fits into your pocket or bag and is easy to carry everywhere. Taking into account its durability, features and high quality of recorded videos and taken pictures, S33`s price is appropriate. In addition, its high build quality and used components has turned Coolpix S33 into a valuable camera.

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  • Waterproof – up to 10 meters underwater
  • Shockproof up to 1.5 meters
  • Full HD video recording
  • Light and Durable


  • Maximum recording video speed – 30 FPS

Hope you enjoyed reading this review. If you’re a photographer or only like photography and have used Nikon Coolpix S33 before or have any experience with any other type of compact cameras, feel free to share it in comments below!


  1. Picked it up at a thrift store for $4!!! The battery even had a full charge. Can’t wait to try it out!

  2. I’ve always wanted a water-proof camera.. If it’s usable up to 10 meters under water, then it’s surely usable in rain..So, it can be taken with you to almost anywhere, a weather proof pick that one.

    One thing that worries me a bit is the fact it’s using 2.0 USB port.. compared to 3.0 ones. Let’s say you have up to 1000 images or more, in your camera & you want to load them quickly into your computer.. How much time does it take to get the job done? Will it be done in next 15 mins max, or is it going to take like forever?

    1. Hi Henry and thanks for your comment. One of the advantages of Coolpix S33 is its affordable price compared to other similar competitors. Cameras with USB 3 port are at least 50% more expensive than Coolpix S33 but let’s back to your question and do some calculation;

      If size of each image is about 5 MB and we have 1000 images, it’ll be 5000 MB or ~5 GB. Transferring 5 GB with USB 2 port depends on several factors such as USB subsystem, your computer, USB port, storage system and etc. Theoretically USB 2 can transfer files with 57 MB/s but it’s the ideal number and in the real world the speed is around 30 or 40 MB/s; however you’ll be able to transfer those 1000 images in less 15 minutes.
      You can see how long does it take to be done with different speed here;


  3. Hi Ali,

    Thanks for your review on the S33. It really a great camera and well worth the price. So many people today depend on their smartphones for photos but nothings beats a quality camera in my opinion. Thanks again for your excellent review. Oh one thing I forgot to mention, what type of batteries does the camera take? Does it come with it’s own proprietary battery? I look forward to your response.


  4. Thank you for detailed information on the Nikon Coolpix S33. You made my life so much easier :). I am looking for such a camera. That is not to large but good quality and yet it is not too expensive. Although I am not a professional photographer, I love take pictures. I can not afford a large amount of money for a camera. Price of $100 is very affordable.

  5. hello Ali

    As an avid photographer but still old fashioned and determined not to take some shots with my mobile phone, I was looking for reviews after my long trusted Panasonic digital camera got wet and just lost the quality of photographing.

    A search in google brought your site and im very happy to read how you have explained things so well and in an easy way to understand.

    The Nikon Coolpix seems a good offer and with parts and labor covered with a 1-year guarantee, the $106.95 is a real good deal.

    Will head over to Amazon, just hope they offer free shipping too.thanks for your review, real eye opener.

    1. Hello Roamy, happy to see that my review helped you find your suitable new camera. Hope you’ll get it soon and wish it will turn into your new long trusted digital camera )
      By the way, as far as I know, they offer free shipping for this product. (If they don’t change their opinion in the future!;) )


  6. I’m a traditionalist, so I like my full-size Nikon DSLR camera. But these smaller compacts are great for spontaneous situations when you see a great piture and don’t have the big boy handy. I like the features on this camera and the fact that it’s so inexpensive compared to a pro camera. Its durability is important too, because I’m always banging into things. 🙂 I think I’ll get one!

    Great review! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I’m happy to see that you liked it and hope you’ll get what works best for you )

  7. I got this camera so my daughter could take pictures and I wouldn’t have to be scared she was going to break it. So far it has stood up to quite a lot considering and take really great pictures fora point and shoot but I would expect nothing less from a Nikon I suppose.

    1. Hi Devon and thanks for your comment. Nice to see that you’re satisfied with this camera. As always said, you get what you pay for )


  8. Hey Ali

    I have no clue about cameras so I thought of asking you directly, can I use this as a vlogging camera as well?

    I was looking for some starter vlogging equipment and this camera looks pretty cool and is in my price range but how would it be to use it for vlogging.

    1. Hi Shrey, yes that’s a suitable choice for vlogging. If you take a look at the best cameras for vlogging list, you’ll find out that some of Nikon Coolpix series always stay on the list so you can choose one of those series for vlogging with confidence. Except Nikon Coolpix S33, here is alsoa list of some other best budget cameras for vlogging which will turn your vlogging into an enjoyable work!

      Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS (My recommendation)

      Nikon COOLPIX S6900

      Fujifilm FinePix S8600 (My recommendation)

      Nikon COOLPIX L840

      Canon PowerShot SX410 IS


  9. Believe it or not, I actually own this camera! I picked it up not too long ago from a nearby tech store! I did think that it was going to end up being cheap (material wise), but it’s such a strong little one. As far as your thoughts, I can’t agree with you more! You are definitely correct about the punch it packs. He is a very durable little guy,huh? Great insight, incredibly informational! A great post.

    1. Hi Jane! That’s nice! Actually I’ve recommended this camera to one of my friends some while ago and he’s totally satisfied with it now too. I guess it’s one of those few cameras that its value its price. Hope you enjoy using it more and more every day ) It’s also the same for smartphones. There’re some powerful smartphones under 250$ which you never think that they can be that much good before testing them personally.


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