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How to Scan Documents Without a Scanner Easily

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If you want to know how to scan documents without a scanner Mobile Doc Scanner app is something that you need! Mobile Doc Scanner is a document scanner app for Android phones which scans documents and saves them as PDF. Stay with us…)

Increasing quality of mobile cameras gave smartphones interesting abilities such as scanning physical documents. It lets us take photos from documents and convert them into an image format on the phone. If you’re a student, at least once you probably have taken photos of your friend’s notes or notes on the blackboard to be able to use them in the future.

This method can be useful for everyone, but those who are used to reading notes from a smartphone, tablet or computer can get the most out of it, because those who don’t use devices to read course notes may have difficulties with catching on. Mobile Doc Scanner is available for Android phones and can scan documents and notes more regularly.

Mobile Doc Scanner app

Although you don’t need a high-end smartphone to use this app but camera quality of  your smartphone should be good enough to take picture of documents with all details.

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After running the app, you can take photo of all documents and notes that you want to be scanned with the built-in camera of your device. Then you can save them separately or in one PDF file so that all your scanned files will be in order.

In addition to many positive features of the app, it makes sending/transferring documents and notes easier too. Thus, instead of sending several images, you can send a complete PDF file to other devices.


  • Ability to scan files with built-in camera
  • Convert scanned files to PDF
  • Save scanned files separately in Jpeg format .


Get Mobile Doc Scanner here:

Download from Google play




  1. Hi

    What a great idea. It is just amazing what we can do with our phones these days.

    Slowly we are not requiring printers and scanners hence kinder to Mother Earth.

    My partner works interstate and this is going to be extremely helpful. Previously either of us having had to go to the library. Sometimes it was not open, no public transport or not to mention the traffic. Thank you for the great up.

  2. Hi Ali,

    I can’t tell you how many times I could have used this!

    I was really excited and all ready to get it until I realized it wasn’t for my phone. Have you heard anything about them making it available for other phones like a Smartphone?

    I don’t want to buy another phone to use this but it would make my life so much easier.

    Great article. Thank you for sharing such exciting news.

    1. Hi Wendy, nice to hear that you liked it )
      I’ve not heard about their plan to make it available for other phones but generally, if it gets famous enough, it’ll be available for other phones after a while too )


  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the appeal here is the ability to convert to pdf. Otherwise, you can just take a pic with your phone and email the pic file to whoever you need to. So, basically it’s the pdf converter part that’s the selling point? That’s useful too. I mean I would get it just for that part.

    1. Hey Dave, yes you’re right. It can be use as a PDF converter and you can take advantage of that ability too )

  4. Would the file size be the same as a jpg of the scanned doc? I might have heard a friend recommend this. As a financial planner he handles a lot of paperwork and uses such an app to scan on the go. It sure reduces the steps to bring a photo to pdf on my phone.

    1. Hi Regina and thanks for your comment ) The file size depends on your camera quality. If you take it with high resolution, it’ll be high and your print quality will be high too. But for normal text or image, that’s not big and it’s the same as a normal file.


  5. Now that is cool and is something I’d want to get for my smartphone. I had always wondered if there was a good way to scan documents on a smartphone and after reading this, I plan to that Mobile Doc Scanner on a Galaxy S7 Edge that I have. This will be perfect for documents and things that I definitely need scanned and do not have to use a printer or copier just for that reason.

  6. That is a good app. I searched for a while for a similar application . I will try it.

    Is it available for Windows phone and apple? Or is it only for Android?

    How clear is its images? Is it comparable to a regular scanner?

    Thanks for the share. Will share my experience.

    1. Hi Mahmood and thanks for your comment.

      Now it’s only available for android and the quality of images depends of quality of your phone’s camera. Higher = Better )


  7. This app looks like it could be a game changer for people that don’t work in an office on a regular basis but still need document scanning capabilities. Real Estate agents in particular come to mind.

    I like how the images are stored in PDF format which can be opened in Word and other programs. No more messing with photos!

  8. Hey Ali, thanks for this info man, indeed nowadays cameras are very sharp and clear so having this kind of app is really viable in this age. I have a ton of productive apps, this will definitely be added to my home screen. I would like to have more productive apps on my phone such as these, do you have anymore maybe on cleaning out cache files without having to do it manually?

    1. Dear Joseph, thanks for your comment and glad to see that you liked this app ) About your question, I would recommend you below apps which can clean cache memory on your phone automatically as well as optimize your OS.


      I’m going to add more useful apps on this page on a regular basis to feel free to check it every now and then to keep your phone up to date with the latest helpful apps )


  9. I can see this app being very useful. Not long ago we were selling our home or we were traveling and the realtor needed some documents we had with us sent to her ASAP!
    We were finally able to find a scanning/copying center and get it done but with this app I could have gotten done it in minutes.
    I’m currently taking a course and the prof writes a lot of information on the whiteboard. Do you know if it would work well enough to take a picture of the board zoom in and save as PDF?
    Great find…thanks

    1. Dear Paul, thanks for your comment and glad to see that it was useful app for you.Yes, it work with taking pictures from whiteboard and save it as PDF very well too so feel free to make your work easier and save your time in your course with using it ; )



  10. Actually, this is a very useful application; I have an internet center and it happens very often that a client comes in and asks to send a document through e-mail.

    It would be way easier to take a picture with this application and just send the document with the mobile device’s internet connection than having to use the scanner and the computer.


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