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SEMrush – One Suite For Your Entire SEO!

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As one of the most well-known keyword research tools, it’s hard to think that you may never heard anything about SEMrush before, especially, if you’re a content creator and use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics to rank your site.

But if you are not really familiar with SEMrush, it’s ok and it’s never too late to get started using this incredible tool to find the best keywords for your content and rank in Google in a shorter time.

If you’re looking for global audience then professional and quality optimized content is the only way to reach that level. From the point of search engines like Google, this type of content is the only valuable material that can help you get recognition in the online world in 2020 and beyond.

If you want to stand out from the crow, give people a reason not to forget your site and content! SEMrush is exactly that great program for both experienced and new content creators who want to provide a pleasant and unforgettable experience for their audience.

If this is the first time you hear about SEMrush, this 360-degree review if what you should definitely read!

The price of SEMrush Starter Plan is $99 but it’s not too high for a tool that can increase your website traffic from 0 to 60,000/month (minimum). That’s why it’s trusted by the world’s most valuable brands like eBay, HP,, Quora, as well as +5,000,000 online marketers and Internet entrepreneurs who use it as an everyday tool for their website.

What’s the big different between SEMrush and other similar tools like Jaaxy? Is it worth really $99? What are the main features of this program? And more importantly, how this tool can help you show up on the First Page of Google even if you’re a newbie?!

Continue reading this in-deep review to have a clear overview of SEMrush and all the features it provides.

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5

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what is semrush

More Than a Simple Keyword Research Tool

Let’s make something clear from the beginning. Although we need to put SEMrush in the category of keyword research tools but the truth is that this program offers something much more than a simple SEO tool.

By the help of SEMrush, your website and content will be optimized in the best possible way which will naturally increase your SEO ranking.

Without a doubt, SEMrush is an All-In-One Tool which is suitable for ANY type of website like E-commerce, Blogs and Personal, Informational, Online Community, Photo Sharing, etc.

It does not matter if you have a personal blog with some affiliate links, Google AdSense and infolinks or if you run multiple business sites, SEMrush has been built to exceed your expectations in an advanced level perfectly.

The way SEMrush works is that it identifies various types of trends within the niche of your website and helps you identify varied types of related keywords for you, check backlinks, check your rankings as well as audit your on-page SEO.

All this information helps you assess if your website or blog is doing well or not. It is obvious that a well-optimized website or blog will perform well in getting more traffic to your website as well as increase your revenue.

Hence, using a tool like SEMrush can help you bring more traffic to your website so that your overall revenue can be increased too. Without SEMrush or a similar program, it is difficult to find common keywords that more people search for, and you might also not know the type of content or pages that work better for your website. It is also a good piece of information to know the pages that are a hindrance to your website pages.

Using a tool like SEMrush can help you transform the visibility and outreach of your website. This review will help you understand if this tool is essential for your marketing efforts or not.

How It Works? – Spy on Your Competitors SEO

One of the main positive points of SEMrush is that it’s not useful only for your website but you can also spy on your competitors. This means, with the help of provided tools in SEMrush, you’ll be able to see what methods are used by your competitors to get traffic then copy the exact process for your website.

An overview of your competition

SEMrush benefits from a very user-friendly interface. For example to spy a competitor’s website, you just need to enter its domain name then SEMrush displays details, data and information about the website as a clear overview.

Also, by click on each section, you’ll go to more details.

The holy grail of keyword research

Long-tail keywords are extremely valuable as short head keywords. The only problem with a long tail is usually finding these valuable terms. There’s Google Suggest, Keyword Planner, and tools like uber suggest, but that’s not it. We can now expand our current keyword set again.

For the report, go to Keyword Analytics and then phrase matching. It is important that you have not entered a domain in the search, but to start your main keyword.

Here are some terms with matching search volume. So maybe you can find here terms that you have not yet on the screen. In the next step, look at what type of content your competitor uses here to get his rankings. Just click on the corresponding keyword. In the next window, you will immediately see the organic search results at a glance.

Unlimited Backlink Opportunities

Without a doubt, backlinks plays an important role in getting traffic from search engines and it should be in your business plan.

Reports of SEMrush is a great way to find quality backlinks for your website. You just need to tap on the competition column of the report to see all backlink opportunities. Actually SEMrush does an in-deep research then lists all opportunities so you just need to take advantage of it by one click.

The idea behind this process is simple and straightforward. Websites that link to your competitors would probably like link to your website as well if you have good content on your site. SEMrush report shows you all these websites that you can get quality backlink from so it’s a win-win game for both you and sites that link to your articles.

Monetarization Possibilities

Reports of SEMrush opens your eyes to new methods of monetization, you just need to be some smart and creative to find these opportunities.

By taking advantage of these reports, stand on the first page of Google is not a dream anymore. If you know where your competitors get backlink from, you can simply do the same and with a little better content, you’ll get their place in the search engines result.

Picture shows what you see when you click on the competitors section.

The Golden Key – PPC Campaign

If you want to go with Google AdWords, again SEMrush is there to help you. Imagine you have access to details of a successful AdWords campaign and can see what keywords is used by the competitor in this campaign. Is not it really like a Golden Key? Yes, you invest on the same keywords and run your ppc campaign and you’re already know that it’ll be profitable!

The Paid Keywords is a list of keyword that your competitors invested on so if they are using and benefit from these keywords, why you don’t do it?

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semrush features

Main Features of SEMRUSH Are:








SEMrush Benefits

The main benefits of SEMrush are giving you a competitive advantage, empowering strategic advertising, expanding social media reach and optimizing tactical content marketing. Here are the SEMrush benefits:

Competitive Advantage

Marketing professionals who use SEMrush can gain an advantage over their competitors as the tool suite gives them data about their competitor, such as keywords competitors are using to boost their search engine ranking. Armed with that information, you can come up with a strategy to counter it.

SEMrush also lets companies know when new competitors pop up and how website rankings change, giving you information that will help you fine-tune your SEO plans.

Strategic Advertising

Companies can use SEMrush to discover how their advertising approach compares with their rivals and how popular their competitors are with consumers advertising-wise. They can also discover the ad spend and return their competitors have and adjust their budgets accordingly. It also gives them insight on how to localize their messages and enhance their campaigns.

Expanded Social Media Reach

The visibility SEMrush provides companies allows them to maximize engagement with their consumers and measure the success of their brand’s social strategy. They can also use this to improve their audience reach and convert their engagement into sales.

Tactical Content Marketing

SEMrush lets digital marketers know which topics are popular on the internet, giving them time to spin these for their own benefit and connect it to their goods and services. They can also discover how popular they are among netizens, while also enabling them to expand their reach and take advantage of any promotional opportunities.

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Generate Leads

SEMrush comes with another tool called “Lead Generation” and if SEO is one of your main traffic sources then this tool help you turn traffic of your website to leads and sales. All errors and weaknesses of your website are listed by this tool and solving this errors will bring you more traffic.

Lead Generation has a built-in widget which can easily built into source code of your website. To get the result, you just need to enter URL of your website and an email address, Lead Generation scans your site and send report to your mailbox.

If you want your keywords that are in the first Google page to be evaluated then using this strategic tool is a must-do task.

Writing Assistant

I’ve tried and worked with almost all famous keyword tools, from Moz to KWFinder, Long Tail Pro, Soovle, Ahref, Serpstat, etc. And SEMrush is the only keyword research tool that has a SEO Writing Assistant which will definitely surprise you if you’re a SEO content writer.

It works like a magic lamp when you’re in rush and need to write a lot of content. One of the unchangeable facts of SEO is that you can never get in the first page result of Google (or other search engines) if you don’t have quality content; this content includes blog articles, email messages, texts, video content, podcasts, etc.

Writing content that ranks in search engines will be an easy and enjoyable task with SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant. The quality score of this tool shows how your content would probably rank in top positions of Google so by checking and correcting quality of your content your chance of standing in the top Google results will be increased significantly.

Customer Support

It is no secret that the customer support of a company can be the thing that either helps it grow or shuts it down forever. It is definitely one of the most crucial factors behind the growth and success of a business.

When it comes to services such as that of SEMrush, this fact is even more important as there are definitely going to be countless queries as well as questions from a super active SEO community in the online world. Hence, it requires customer support teams to be on top of their game when it comes to lending their expertise and providing expert advice and guidance to the relevant people.

In this regard, SEMrush offers support predominantly via emails and their comprehensive knowledge base. In addition to that, the company also regularly organizes different kinds of seminars on diverse subjects to unveil new features as well as offer actionable tips for the improvement of PPC and SEO.

Therefore, you can rely on the customer support team of SEMrush to help you out with its platform and services promptly.

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Everything has pros and cons. Now, when we’re talking about a platform that is #1 in its space, there will be more pros than cons.

I would dare to say that SEMrush doesn’t have cons. Maybe it may not be the best tool for your situation, but it doesn’t make it a bad thing.


Without further ado, let me tell you the pros of using this platform. SEMrush is an all-in-one digital marketing software. This means that everything is integrated and you’ll have all the features that you need in one place.

A great marketing strategy involves everything from content creation to distribution. You’ll have to get started with your content strategy. This is your keyword research and planning. If you already have a running website, you can audit the whole thing to make sure that what you’re doing is working, and then, improve what isn’t.

I’ve already explained to you all the features you’re going to find, but what I think is the best thing is that you get features that you don’t find in other services. The efficiency and effectiveness of their competitor’s analysis are amazing.

So, if you like the practicability of having everything in one place, plus amazing features that you won’t get elsewhere, this is the tool for you.


There are two main cons when it comes to SEMrush. The first thing is that having everything in one place might make it more difficult for you to learn it all if you’re new to digital marketing.

It just means that you’ll have a little more of trouble to grasp everything, but it’s worth if you’re willing to.

Then, the second problem is pricing. As you’ve seen it isn’t that different from the competition, but some people consider it expensive.

While there’s truth to that, you can find a cheaper solution for keyword research, the wealth of data and the amount of features you get make the price worth it.

Now, if you’re just getting started and doesn’t have too much money on your budget, it may not be the best option for you.

Plans & Pricing – How Much This SEO Wizard Tool Cost?

At the first glance, it may look some expensive to pay $99 for a keyword research tool but according to what it gives you, the price is very reasonable.

How much you would pay to get on the first page of Google? You need to know that many bloggers are paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to improve their on Google rankings so if like me, you chose SEO as the main strategy of driving unlimited traffic to your website then SEMrush is a direct path to get on the first page of Google.

As it’s shown in the picture above, SEMrush offers 3 types of subscription plans which starts with “Pro” plan at $99 and goes up to $399 for the business plan. The best plan to start your journey in SEO and blogging is “Pro” which is a perfect choice for new bloggers, freelancers, startup owners or anyone else who wants to benefits from a pro keyword research tool and don’t want to spend much money.

28 advanced tools that are included in the “Pro” plan will move your SMM, PPC, SEO campaigns to the next level. A detailed result of your competitors’ activity like traffic sources, rankings, focused keywords, ppc budget, etc. will be given to you to help your site and content ranks top in search engines.

On the other hand the “Guru” plan exceed all expectations of the growing marketers, pro bloggers and business owners and it’s a suitable choice for this group of Internet entrepreneurs. In addition to benefit from all features of “Pro” plan, you’ll have access to some additional features like branded reports, extended limits or historical data in the “Guru” plan.

The third plan is called the “Business” plan, which costs $399.95 per month. It is ideal for e-commerce businesses and projects that need to have an extensive presence in the web world. It has all the features of the “Pro” and “Guru” subscription. Additionally, it has white label reports, extended limits, as well as sharing options and API access.

Finally, it also gives you an option to customize a plan as per your needs. It is called “Enterprise,” and the price depends on the features you select. This plan is designed to offer solutions that are specific to your business needs. It offers custom keyword databases, unlimited crawling of big websites, on-site training, custom limits, and much more. You can just add features by requesting them.

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is semrush worth

Is SEMRush Worth It or Not?

By now you will have seen some of the functionality and why it is working so well for me.So now to the
fundamental question – is SEMrush worth the money? In my experience and opinion, 100%!
Why do I say this?
Yes, SEMrush is quite expensive on the face of it – the cheapest package being $99 a month. But when you consider all the tools and all of the uses SEMrush offers, its actually a really good price.

If you wanted to get each of the tools separately, it would cost considerably more – likely to be in the thousands. You’d also need to sign up to various platforms, manage all of these payments, access different platforms for all of the different tools etc.

SEMrush was designed to overcome these issues and be an “all in one” platform for a variety of individuals and businesses who want to improve, manage and scale their online business through effective marketing and SEO practices.

Then you need to consider how much more money you will be able to make with an optimized site, ranking for dozens of keywords that you would not otherwise be able to identify and go after. Just one article or piece of content that ranks in the search engines could easily pay back the monthly cost of the platform.

Perhaps in just one day depending on the keyword, the niche and the content!
These are not the only reasons why it is worth the recurring cost. I have used many platforms during my time operating online. I can confidently say that few compare and none have the level of functionality that this platform can provide.

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What Others Say About SEMrush?







I’ve checked websites of several professional bloggers and I’ve seen SEMrush as one of their top 3 choices. This means, SEMrush has been trusted by marketing experts and pro bloggers as a reliable, popular and quality SEO and PPC tool.

When I’m talking about pro bloggers, I mean persons like Brian Dean, Larry Kim or Neil Patel who are influencers of SEO and blogging industry. I’m not as famous as these influencers so when I recommend something, you may agree or disagree with me but when a tool or platform is recommended by SEO experts like Neil Patel, you can comfortably pick it up and trust it 100%.

Not only influencers but most of the review sites left a high rating for SEMrush. Let’s take a look at the rating SEMrush got from some of famous review sites:









































Is SEMrush A Fit for Your Business?

Overall, most SEMrush users are satisfied with its features and performance. Because of the software’s coverage of just about every aspect of online marketing, making it a must-have tool for anyone looking to rank higher on their target keywords.

However, the only thing that makes a lot of customers wary of SEMrush is its cost. But when you look at the services and the features it has to offer, you will be getting more than what you pay for! It would be the only tool you need for ALL your online marketing needs.

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Jaxxy or SEMRush – Which One is Right for You?

Jaxxy targets beginners in content creation who would like to get noticed. It is a tool for those who would like to see their rankings in real-time. Affiliate marketers looking for affiliate programs and people who want to begin with domain names from the scratch would also find Jaxxy useful.

On the other hand, SEMRush targets people who are keen on crushing their competition. It is a tool for advanced affiliate marketers who desire increasing their traffic and SEO firms looking for data from the web.

If you are in need of just a keyword research tool and tight on budget, you should go with Jaaxy. Those who are serious about tracking their competitors and crushing them should choose SEMRush over Jaaxy.

SEMRush is the ideal tool for advanced marketers and SEO firms who want more tools in one place to make their SEO marketing more successful and effective.

Content creation and keyword research are two inseparable concepts. Regardless of the level of your business, you need a keyword tool to make your efforts effective. Check the Jaxxy Vs SEMRush Review and decide which tool would work perfectly for you.

Both these tools provide a free trial, so don’t forget to check them out for free and choose the one that suits your requirements the best.


Finally, you have reached the final section of this review after reading through all the features of SEMrush and its other competitors.

In short, with SEMrush, you have everything that you need to make your website get on to the top results of all the search engines. It can help you optimize your content in the best possible way. It keeps you well versed with your own website so that you know what your strengths and weaknesses are so that you can work accordingly.

Moreover, it also gives you a good overview of your competitors so you can assess what is working well for them and what is not so that you can plan your strategies well.

Furthermore, you can also do advertising and link building with the help of SEMrush. It helps you do it in the best possible way so that it works in the advantage of your website. It also helps you understand your social media usage and traffic. So, basically, you can use it to your advantage and unleash the power of social media.

In the end, SEMrush can be considered as a must-have tool to boost your SEO, thanks to these numerous advantages. It does have certain disadvantages like high price and difficult to understand, but once you see past these disadvantages, you will understand that the ROI is much higher.

This review helped you attain a detailed understanding of the features of SEMrush so that you can use it to the best of its advantage. However, to be 100% sure of the tool, you must start with the free trial and use it comprehensively. Once you are completely satisfied with the tool, GO FOR IT, and you will never be disappointed.

SEMrush is a powerful tool that helps us a lot, but the one who has to make the decisions, analyze and develop a plan is ultimately us. It provides us with the necessary tools, but the final decision is ours.

We have seen that SEMrush provides us the keywords that bring more traffic to our website, track the positioning keywords looking at their evolution over time, discover new terms and related keywords, observe the incoming links of our page and the competition getting new links to our website to improve SEO. We could not miss the SEM with its useful information and suggestions if we need to use it for ourselves or for a client.

SEMrush has helped numerous websites and blogs so far, and it can do so for you as well. You just need to take the first step and dive deeper into it. Did you know about this tool? Do you use SEMrush? What is your opinion? Leave a comment to the community and tell us when are you starting your SEMrush trial!


  1. Ali,

    First off, thank you for such an in depth post on SEMrush! You really took the time to look into and analyze every detail of the service they provide. Being that I am a new blogger and never hearing about many of these things that SEMrush offers, it is a bit overwhelming! As mentioned though, you do a great job at describing what each detail is. I currently use Jaxxy and find it very useful! You mention though that SEMrush is more ideal, how does SEMrush differentiate itself exactly? Jaxxy does a good job at explaining the avg traffic and competition, but what exactly does SEMrush do differently that is better?

    Thanks again for the in depth review!

    1. Hi Vince and thanks for your comment. It’s not hard to answer your question. As far as I know Jaaxy belongs to Wealthy Affiliate which is an online training platform and it’s just a beginner friendly but SEMrush is a dedicated keyword research and analysis tool. There are several unique features in SEMrush like competitor research, ppc research which is not included in Jaaxy. Also it’s recommended by experts like shoutmeloud or wpbeginner as the best keyword research tool.
      If you google “top 5 or top 10 keyword research tools” SEMrush is always in the top-3 result but most of the times, you don’t find Jaaxy in the list. That’s because it’s not considered as a dedicated seo tool and it’s an additional tool of WA training program.

      Hope this helped you. )


  2. Hi Ali, this is a very informative and detailed post about this keyword searching tool — SEMrush! This article basically covers all aspects of SEMrush, it’s super detailed and helpful! I really enjoy reading it! Though I still don’t know a lot about SEO, this post gives me a glimpse as to what kind of keyword tool can help me Boost Google Ranking! So thank you so much! Keep up the good work and wish you all the best:)


  3. Hi Ali,
    Nice blog post about SEMrush. I never even knew that it existed!!! Wow, it’s almost too good to be true with everything it does for the avid affiliate marketer. I’m almost intimidated by it. Hahahaha 😅 Well, it’s an advanced system for sure and kinda freaky that it can view the competition the way that it does. Its awesome! It’s like seeing the inside engine of the website that one is viewing – the guts so-to-speak. I guess I need to get more comfortable with this online business. I’m so new to all this and SEMrush seems like something worth trying. Thanks for the clear detailed information in this blog post. It’s something to seriously consider. 😊

    1. Thank you too Lili for your comment.The good thing about SEMrush is that it has a beginner-friendly user interface so you don’t need to be an advanced user to take advantage of it. Also, its 7-Day Free trial let you give it a try without taking any risk.

      Glad to see that you liked my article )


  4. I have heard about SEMrush….but years ago I go put off by the promises such programs offered and then failed to deliver.

    However, reading your post and doing my own research, I am amazed!
    I love the SEO optimsation element as well as the monetisation insights…

    I am currently using Jaaxy and will look deeper into SEMrush.

    Thanks for the post…very helpful

  5. Hello, wow what a great review of a great product. I think you wrote and explained everything possible regarding the SEMrush tool. Great job. Since I m a beginner when it comes to making websites, I have to admit that I have not heard of SEMrush. I use tools that are integrated in the Wealthy Affiliate site, but this seems like much better tool that can improve website ranking. The option of spying on the competition is very useful info because you can learn so much from others. As you wrote, the only downside might be the price, but if it is true that SEMrush improves website ratings and with all the tools that comes with it – then price should not be a problem. But there is 7 Day Free Trial so anyone can try before buying which is great. As for your website I think it is well organised, neat, simple with lots of pictures. Keep up good work. Cheers!

  6. That is a very thorough review of SEMrush. I have been waiting to get this tool for myself. The only thing that is keeping me away is the cost at this point. I should be getting this one soon for sure.

  7. I’ve only recently began my journey within the website development and can totally understand the needs of having a good keyword researcher, I’m currently using Jaaxy which is working great for me at the moment but I know a time will come when I need to upgrade. You’ve outlined some brilliant advantages SEMrush has to offer, I mean looking into competitors SEO is a major one!
    I’ll be keeping SEMrush on my notes to explore when I’m further down my journey and earning the money to cover the monthly payments. Thank you for an in depth description.

  8. I am quite new to SEO, and I had never heard of SEMrush before reading this article. It really sounds like an incredibly useful tool for optimizing a website and content. What I didn’t realize is even possible, though, is that SEMrush can somehow gather information on a competitor’s website success to be able to utilize the same tactics on your own website. That’s just incredible to me!! I do understand that the price might be a little high for some people, but, for the amount of time that could be saved by using SEMrush, the investment could be well worth it. Thanks for such a great review of what sounds like an awesome product!

    1. Thanks for your comment Suzanne. Yes you can gather very useful information from your competitors with SEMrush. Actually I’m preparing a new post to learn how to do that and I’ll publish it soon )


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