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Mathpix – One of the Best Free Math Equation Solver app

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Mathpix is a great and free math equation solver app which can recognize and solve even handwritten math equations.

Solving math equations automatically has always been a dream for many people, and fortunately, it’s now possible to do it on smartphones with specific apps. In other similar apps, math equation should be typed or placed in front of you so that the app can take a photo of it, scanned and recognized as a math equation and finally, the app will solve it. But Mathpix has brought innovation to it. Mathpix can solve even your handwritten math equations and will show you its step by step solution.

Of course to do this, you need to have readable handwriting which will let Mathpix recognize your notes. With Mathpix you can solve any equation that comes to your mind just writing it down on paper.

Mathpix Application

Your equations will be solved in two steps with Mathpix: 1- recognizing handwriting; 2- solving the equation.

The first step will be done offline, but to solve the equation you will need the Internet connection because it will be sent to Mathpix servers. However, you will get the final answer with its step by step solution within seconds after it`s been recognized. Mathpix supports almost all important mathematical topics such as logarithms, Trigonometry, integrals, derivatives, Algebraic equations, etc. So, with the help of Mathpix you can solve all your math equations easily and get a step by step solution for each as well.

The good point is that you don’t need an expensive or high-end smartphone to able to install and use Mathpix. It can be installed and work on even simple but powerful models such as Samsung Galaxy A3 or LG Stylus 2.

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Mathpix is only available for iOS users now, you will need iOS 8.4 (or upper) to run it. You can download it from the following link (the file size is 9MB).


  • Solving math equations just by taking photos of them
  • Ability to recognize handwritten equations
  • Support most important mathematical topics


Get Mathpix here:

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  1. Mathpix sounds like the answer to many people’s problems. It’s a blessing that technology has moved on to solving problems just by reading someone’s handwriting. I know many students who would be happy when I recommend this product to them.

    I also like the PDF to Word Converter, especially the ability it has to connect to other Google applications. Any chance that they will come up with a PC version?

  2. Hello,

    Very interesting page. It’s true that technology has really come to serve us at every aspect. Having the ability to have the handwriting identified and than take a photo of a math problem for it to be solved is quite remarkable.
    Mathpix is on to something with this technology, Great review. It was interesting to read and I learned about something new.

    All the best,

  3. These days you don’t have to struggle to solve such problems, this would have been really useful when I was doing my engineering program. I can think of a lot of problems I could solve easily with this. I would recommend this to some of my friends, it comes in handy in my line of work too. Thanks so much for this Ali.

  4. This looks really cool Ali. My brother is currently studying advanced higher (british) maths in high school so maybe he could get good use out of this app. I’ll make sure to let him know about it!


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