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AlPrismaBot is a Telegram robot that lets you use Prisma effect without installing the app and even on PC and Window Mobile. Continue reading…

Without a doubt, Prisma is one of the most interesting mobile apps of all times. Photos edited by Prisma are so stunning that can be called artworks. The app turns your simple photos into professional pictures that look like they`ve been done by a real artist!

This app was released only for iPhone first, and then for Android. And you have probably seen many Prisma creations shared in social networks (especially Instagram).

However, there are some annoying limitations with this app. The first one is that it’s not available for Windows phones and PC, so you MUST have an Android smartphone or iPhone to be able to use this app. The second issue is that its photo editing time is too long, and sometimes you should wait for 1 or 2 minutes to see the result. Of course, they’ve tried to reduce this time in the new version of Prisma, but it still isn’t perfect.

Another drawback of Prisma app is “busy server” problem that shows that you should try another server or try the same one again later. But in this post, we’re going to show you, how you can lift all these limitations.

AIPrisma Robot

AlPrismaBot is a telegram robot that is directly connected to Prisma and can perform all Prisma functions without installing the app on the phone. It means that Windows phone and PC users can enjoy Prisma beautiful effects too, if they have access to Telegram. It shows the advantages of using Telegram robots; moreover, the final images are shown even faster than in Prisma app and you won`t see busy servers anymore.

To use this robot, go to; or search @AIPrismaBot on Telegram and then click on it, that will start Prisma.


After entering and tapping Start, filters/ command code will be shown to you. By choosing or sending this command code to robot, you will see a list of Prisma effects and choose any filter you like. First, you will only see 3 effects of Prisma effects , tap more option to see more effects.

There is Use Filter option at the bottom of each effect, if you tap it, that effect will be set as default effect for this robot. After choosing the effect, you can send any photo to this robot through Telegram menu and you’ll get the result (or exported file) in seconds.

AIPrismaBot Filters

Please note that your photo will turn into square size automatically, so if you want to send a wide photo, it’s better to crop and make it square-size before sending, because if you don’t, Prisma will do it instead of you. All photos that you send to this robot, will be edited by default effect. If you decide to use another effect, send filters/ command again and you’ll have access to effects list.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to share what you think right here in comments! )

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