is free money system a scam

The Truth: Is Walter Green’s Free Money System a Scam?

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Wow… I’ve just seen ads of Walter green’s free money system tomorrow morning in my mailbox which offered me a unique way to make a fortune online with zero or little effort. To be honest, the ads was designed professionally and it really got my attention but I’ve asked myself: Is Walter Green’s Free Money System a scam or legit?

When I’ve checked the official website of Walter Green to see if it’s really true or not, I saw that only 2 spots are available and it’ll be finished soon. Since I didn’t plan to purchase it, I left the website after checking it out but when it came back to it after a week, guess what… there were still 2 spots available!

Everything on this website (from design to claims, promises, information, etc.) encourages you to purchase the item by clicking on the “Join Now” button and it’s sad to say that most people don’t know what they get even after joining it!

Big and unreal claims are what I’ve seen in Walter Green’s Free Money System and this is not the first but let’s answer some important questions about the system in this in-deep review of Walter Green’s Free Money System.

Here you’re…


Product Name: Walter Green’s Free Money System

Official Website:

Owner: Walter Green

Type: Money-Making System

Cost to Join: $200

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 10

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what is free money system

Intro – What Is Walter Green’s Free Money System?

There’s not enough information to find out what is this Free Money System exactly, even on the official website, most content is about features and pros of this product.

If you’re a digital product reviewer like me, you easily recognize scam signs right after opening the web page of this product and you’ll notice that all effort behind this website is inviting people to purchase it as soon as possible.

But what about the founder, Walter Green? That’s interesting that the first sales video you see on the website is about this man who claims that he made +180 million USD only in 3 months and he helped many ordinary people to become a millionaire with his special secret weapon.

The interesting part of the video is where Walter says that you can make millions of dollars too just by a few clicks of the mouse. That would be very good if it was real but I’m sorry guys, this is not what you’re going to experience inside the Walter Green’s Free Money System and more importantly, after watching +60 minutes sales video, you still don’t understand what the system itself is all about and you don’t get any details about that.

The worst part is that everything seems to be available for Free in this program but only after completing the registration phase and giving your personal info like name, email address, phone number, etc. you’ll find out some more facts about the system and know it’s only a trading software that works based on binary option, also $200 deposit is required to start with that.

Yea, unlike what it tries to show, all claims are a big lie in this system. You can’t start it for Free and you can’t make millions of dollars just by a couple of mouse’s clicks.

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how does free money system work

So, How Does Free Money System Work Exactly?

If you remember, I’ve mentioned that we should consider Walter Green’s product as a binary option system because it’s all about this trading model however, what I have problem with is the “Free” word Walter used for this program and the truth is that unlike what we see in the sales video, there’s anything like Free Binary Option or something like that because you need money to start ANY kind of trading.

What you’ll do in Free Money System is like lottery. You predict the future of price of a share or stock then if the price goes the same way as you’ve predicted, you earn money, otherwise you lose! And if you think that it’s risky because you may lose ALL your money at a blink of an eye, well, you’re right and this is the nature of Binary Trading Option. There’s not some profit or some lose, you win ALL or you lose ALL.

Actually most of the times, you lose significant amount of money by using any kind of Binary Option system but this is not what these systems want you think. Predict the next move of price in the stock or other financial markets is the base of all binary trading software; these software give you information to predict the market and they calim that by taking advantage of Binary Option, you have a chance of +80% to predict the sotck’s price properly.

To be honest, I can’t call Binary Trading Option even a business because in a real business, your success rate depends on the effort you put behind that business but in Binary Trading it all depends on the chance! You may win a few extra dollars today but you will lose all of it and even more tomorrow!

What Are the Claims of Free Money System?

There are always money making claims in programs that I’m reviewing like Inbox Blueprint, PlanproMatrix or Max International however, not all of them are real. The big claims are everywhere, especially in the binary trading software and Walter Green guarantees you following things:

  • This is a system that can make you thousands of dollars daily!
  • You’ll be supported by expert forex traders who teach you everything to make a fortune from forex trading.
  • The minimum earning potential behind the system is +$10k/Week
  • You’ll open an account in top-rated forex brokers
  • And more…

Well, I think that even a baby does not believe such those claims. Making honest money from the Internet is possible but it’s not as easy as he says. You need to work hard to build a trustworthy website and get traffic for that.

Of course, you can join Free Money System and see how it works by yourself but don’t blame me if you lose big money in a very short because I’ve already warned you about this binary trading program.

free money system pros and cons

Walter Green’s Free Money System – Pros & Cons


  • There’s a little chance to make some extra money if you’re too lucky
  • You can download and install the software for no cost


  • No refund option is available
  • Fake testimonials, claims, and promises
  • Unreal income proof about the system
  • Risk of losing at least $200 right after joining
  • No contact way to talk with support: Phone, Email, Chat, etc.
  • A very risky system and market

Are Testimonials Real on This Website?

One of the positive points of writing review articles is finding tricks that scammers use to cheat people. When you review new products and programs regularly, you keep yourself up to date with the latest cheaty ways that have been used by crappy programs.

One of the parts that these programs focus on is the testimonials section. In this section, you see video or message from people who have got success and made thousands or even millions of dollars with the system that you’re going to purchase. It’s hard to believe but the truth is that even these testimonials are fake on scam websites.

If you think that it’s hard to find a person who makes fake claims about a system or product and talk about it in front of a camera then I must tell you that it’s as easy as hiring a freelancer on one of the freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. They receive your requirements and tell what you want for as low as $5; low-quality companies use these videos as Real testimonials to credit to their website or product.

Why Walter Green Has Created Free Money System?

Walter knows that many people like to make money without any effort, that’s why he came up with the idea of creating an automated binary trading system that can make everybody rich in no time!

They claim that there is not any loss in your trading experience if you use Free Money System and it’s completely Free to get this software. This is true somehow because the software itself is Free but to start trading with that, a $200 deposit is required which you can lose it very fast and easily.

But there’s serious doubt about the first part of their claim (100% winning trades). I can make you sure that a system that can predict market (especially the share or stock markets) does not exist in reality so it’s better to don’t fall into this advertisement’s trick.

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Do I Recommend Free Money System?

Of course No! Not only me but any other person with some or even a little knowledge of Internet marketing and Forex Trading is not going to recommend Walter Green’s system. There are some big red flags about this program that can’t be disregarded. For example, the official website of Free Money System changes every now and then and if it was a reliable platform, it should not change every 4 or 5 months.

Also there’s not any money-back guarantee inside the program and working with a system in a high-risk market like Forex without a refund option is like killing yourself with a knife!

No free system ($200 minimum investment is required), marked as risky business by CFTC and SEC or tons of negative reviews from previous customers are just a few of many other cons of this program and that’s why I put it away from my recommendation box.

How Much Do You Need to Start Trading at this Platform? (Hidden Cost)

It’s said that Free Money System is available for completely Free and that’s true because they collect your personal information (email address, postal code, name, phone number etc.) then let you join one of the offered forex brokers to start trading.

They don’t request you to pay anything because firstly, the system does not work and you’ll get nothing if you pay money for that and secondly, they are looking for something More Important than your money and it’s your personal information!

When you start trading, you’ll probably lose that $200 immediately but they invite you to invest more on the system to cover your first loss and also make some profit but what you’ll end up with is only losing more and more money.

Is It Possible to Make a Side Income From Free Money System?

It depends on your background and experience in Forex trading. I mean, if you’ve made successful trades in the past in any financial market then you have a good chance of making some money by using this program otherwise, you’ll be only a loser.

You also need to keep in mind that the system does not make you any money automatically. Forget about that “autopilot” term used in many parts of the introduction video. If you know how to trade in the forex market then you can earn from your skill but if you don’t know then don’t rely on this 50% win – 50% lose binary trading system.

It’s definitely a kind of gambling and you absolutely don’t need gambling or risking all your hard-earned money to make money online, you just need to look for the right way of building a successful online business.

Building long-term financial stability does not come overnight and relying on risky platforms like Free Money System to reach financial freedom just wastes your time.

is free money system scam

Final Words – Is Walter Green’s Free Money System a Scam?

From the first day that I’ve started to write reviews in my website (, I decided to be as honest as possible with my audience and it’s my red line that should not be broken and I keep it in mind my always. With many suspicious things that I’ve seen in Walter Green’s Free Money System, I mark it as a scam system that should be avoided.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have a negative perspective about binary option or forex trading and I believe that it’s a very profitable business but only for people who are knowledgable about that.

What I’m sure about Forex is that it’s not predictable; this means, nobody can tell you what will happen for the price of a specific stock or share in the next week, day, an hour or even minute! Predict with 100% accuracy is nothing other than a dream that founders of websites like Free Money System want you to believe.

I think I made it clear for you what decision you should make about Walter Green’s Free Money System. Also if you really love binary options trading, you should know that it’s not easy to pick up the right system because this industry is full of scam and scammers!

Finally, to decrease risk of getting scammed by these crappy systems, don’t forget to check out reliable websites like CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) or SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) to see what companies and programs confirmed by these websites and if the program you want to join received a lot of complaints then you should stay away from it.

What’s Next?

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Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read this review of Walter Green’s Free Money System. I hope you’ve found the information that you were looking for about it in this article.

I always would be more than happy to see your thoughts so feel free to share it about this website and other online money making ways in the comments below. I read all the comments and reply to them personally.

See you soon in the next review! )


  1. I was basically blown away with the amount of information here and I must admit being a forex player has it’s rewards but it also includes risks which one must be aware of. There is no such thing as free money one must work to attain it pound for pound.

    People like Walter Green must be called out and there are many others like him who prey on the unsuspecting targets. One must keep a watchful eye on such people.

    Thanks for this article I could sure learn a lot from it. All the best


  2. Thanks for creating this post. So many people are wanting to “get rich quick” and it’s websites like this that are drawing people in with the idea of making millions in months. I mean I know there are people that get lucky and it happens for them. However, most people will sink their money into scams like this with hopes of making it rich. Your post gave clear and concise information about this free money system and gave reason why it should be avoided. Thanks for your honesty on this issue. We need more people to speak up about these scams.

  3. I find your post very informative. To be able to give such in-depth review you must have done extensive research. I commend you for writing such a quality post. It will definitely educate people and help them shun scam sites like Walter Green.

    You’re right in saying that Binary Options industry is full of scams and scammers. I know of someone who was scammed 3 times by 3 different Binary Options company. Their claims and promises are all lies!

    I hope many people will read your post and be educated by it so that they won’t lose and waste their hard-earned money to scammers whose business is to take advantage of them.
    Please keep on writing reviews. Thank you.:-)

  4. Thank you so much for this amazing article. You really are very honest, and I appreciate that. So many online marketers like to cheat there way through things like this and say how good it is just so they get a commision of the sale. Unbelievable! Honesty is very important so I am grateful it is a big part of your business. I also found that infographic at the bottom very useful.
    Thanks again for this amazing review. You saved me $200 dollars. Thanks so much.

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