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This USB Killer is Really a Small Terrorist!

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A Hong Kong company has recently developed a device which kills motherboard and destroys PC/laptop within seconds after connecting through USB port! The name of this device is USB Kill Drive (USB Killer) and it discharges computer with 220 negative voltage after connecting to USB. Since this amount of voltage damages motherboard, other parts of computer can’t work anymore too.

USB Kill Drive price is about $50 and it’ll be released to the market soon. Its size and appearance is very similar to normal flash memories. Some experts warn that it can become a serious issue in the future. However, it’s not clear yet who will be customers of this innovation.

Source: motherboard.vice


  1. This is scary and proves how important it is to take regular back ups of your files. I would hate to lose my computer too. Thanks for making me aware of this!

    1. You’re welcome Stina, I’m also making an article about how to prevent yourself from USB Killer and similar types of attacks so feel free to check new articles )


  2. That’s insane! It seems like everyday someone is inventing something new to ruin our computers. Thanks for the heads up on this new little destroyer!

  3. Hi Ali,
    That’s a spooky little device. Big things come in small packages!
    Pretty soon you won’t need a computer just a flash drive.
    These will probably be a little too expensive for the common prankster, at least at first.
    Great article!
    – Joe

    1. Thanks for your comment Joe. Well unfortunately it’s not expensive at all now. It’s available for only ~$50…
      I hope it won’t effect negatively in our relationship with our friends! 😉


  4. Wow! Why would someone want to do this? I guess I can imagine! But thank you for alerting us to this technology as I’ll be very careful of who I and my kids accept USB drives from. Sometimes they are given out like candy for promotions…etc.

    1. Thank you too for your comment Linda. Of course, it can be used in both negative and positive sides and it depends on the person who owns it. Well maybe it’s interesting for you to know that the second version of this little terrorist is now available and everyone can purchase it online.


  5. That’s nasty. And building such device is very easy, I’m an electronics engineer and I know how to replicate this thing, but why would one want to create such a thing? And who will even buy it? Hah, mind boggling to me.

    1. Dear Elias,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, actually all devices that can make negative effect on our life seem to be created easily! ; )
      I suggest you to take a look on above comment which I’ve explained what I’m thinking about who wanna buy devices like this.


  6. This is an interesting thing that I got find and it’s very simple but yet detailed review. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. So does this mean that if you get sent a USB stick through the post you really should not just see what’s on it ?
    Does this mean a counter for this is to short out the pins on the passive device before you stick it in your machine?
    So there is a market for a shorting cap for USB sticks?
    Who would want this and why?

    1. Dear Phil,

      Thanks for your comment.

      About your first question I can say that science has been always two sides during the history, positive and negative. For example Alfred Nobel invented dynamite many years ago and you know all things that happen after that wasn’t positive. It’s the same for this USB Killer Driver too. Like viruses, hacking and many other things, this is what people need to know about so they will pay more attention when they get a USB as a gift from an unknown person. )
      2- Yes, actually it happens less 1 minutes and there is no any counter for that. I invite you to take a look at this article which explains how it works exactly.
      3- Yes, unfortunately there’s a market for this USB killer now and even you can buy it for less $60 online!
      4- Well it depends on the person. Well from a negative side you can imagine that what can happen when a person buy and wants to use it for any reasons and from a positive side, a computer/laptop with many terrorist attack maps found by secret police and it should be down silently; well what could be better than a small USB at this situation )


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