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Thrive themes are one of the leading theme designers in the WordPress market. With this Thrive themes review, we will help you know about Thrive themes and analyze how good the Thrive Theme products are to create your site.

Choosing a WordPress theme, or a plugin is often confusing. Since the performance & usability of your WordPress website totally depends on the theme and plugins you choose, it has to be a careful decision.

Here, in this Thrive Themes Review, we will discuss one of the popular theme & plugin providers in the WordPress world – Thrive themes. This is one of a kind WordPress theme company that intends to deliver conversion oriented themes and plugins for your WordPress websites.

Read on to find out what Thrive themes has to offer, it’s pros and cons. Discover the good bad and the ugly before you actually invest for your WordPress products.



Yes, there are many premium WordPress themes out there, but Thrive Themes is easily the best all-in-one solution for affiliate marketers, niche website owners, and bloggers. With its Conversion-Focused capabilities, Thrive Themes is a no-brainer for your WordPress website. 

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what is thrime themes

Thrive Themes – It Isn’t Only About Themes

When one hears about Thrive Themes, it is easy to assume it is just about themes. But, to be clear…

The reason I recommend Thrive Themes has nothing to do with their themes.

When they got started, themes were likely the full focus of their work. But, then things developed and today themes are not the focus at all. In fact, the library of themes they do have are not being actively developed any longer because they have much bigger things in play.

When it comes to just themes, there is obviously a whole library of free themes available for WordPress. There are also numerous sources for paid, premium themes. StudioPress is one of the most popular.

StudioPress, in particular, is a textbook case of why I am so keen on what Thrive Themes is doing. See, while StudioPress themes are very nice and based on the solid Genesis Framework, truth is they are difficult to modify.

Unless you have developer skills, tweaking a StudioPress theme can be quite complicated. You end up delving into the developer world of hooks, actions, custom PHP functions and the like. There’s just no way the average blog owner will be able to deal with that unless they hire a third-party developer.

Most other traditional themes are the same way. If you want to modify anything beyond the basic color settings, you’ve either got to be a developer or you need to hire one.

Using most traditional themes, you’re either severely limited by your own skills… or you’re dependent on others. For me to recommend something like that to you would be doing you a disservice.

A Tour Of The Thrive Themes Suite

To be clear, Thrive Themes offers several very nice themes. They are well designed and they have great options that will fully serve your theme needs. Since I like simple themes, I prefer their FocusBlog theme, personally.

However, it is their suite of plugins that is most relevant here and the real reason I am such an advocate for their Thrive membership.

Let’s go through all the tools in their suite. Since one of the goals of this is to compare costs, I will also outline the cost of each plugin if you were to buy it separately.

Let’s get started…

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Perfect For Newbies

If this sounds like a lot of pressure, that’s because it is. It should be a thoughtful and purposeful choice, which can be stressful if this will be your first time running your own website.

There are lots of themes and plugins available directly through WordPress, but many businesses still want to invest in third-party options that are conversion oriented and catered to their unique business needs.

Thrive Themes is one of the most popular third-party options available for WordPress plugins and themes. By focusing entirely on WordPress as a CRM, inexperienced businesses do not have to worry about making choices incompatible for their site.

Although a lot of WordPress websites are ultimately just for fun – personal blogs and the like − Thrive Themes is really best-suited for those of us who mean business.

I built an entire sales funnel on Thrive, fast!

Many of the plugins available through a Thrive Themes membership are focused on directly impacting the success of your business, whether it’s helping you increase your digital engagements, organize your content more effectively or creating effective targeted marketing campaigns.

What’s Included With The Thrive Themes Membership?

While you can always buy plugins and themes individually, Thrive Themes Membership often offers a better value by putting together everything under one plan.

With the membership, you get access to every single theme and plugin that the company makes. That means:

Thrive Architect a powerful visual, drag and drop page builder with tons of pre-built landing page templates.

Thrive Leads a detailed email opt-in service with a variety of helpful features that go beyond most list building plugins.

Thrive Optimize run A/B tests on the designs that you create with Thrive Architect.

Thrive Ovation helps you collect and display testimonials on your site.

Thrive Ultimatum helps you create evergreen countdown timers to drive urgency.

Thrive Quiz Builder helps you create interactive quizzes…and display offers or add visitors to your email list based on how they answer.

Thrive Comments create a more engaging comments section.

Thrive Apprentice build online courses.

Thrive Headline Optimizer A/B test your blog post titles.

Thrive Clever Widgets show different widgets based on categories, tags, and more.

Every Single Theme currently, Thrive Themes offers 10 different themes

Beyond all of the products, you also get access to Thrive University, which is a variety of courses designed to help you learn digital marketing. Some courses are free, while others are only available as part of the membership.

I’ve never used the University, so I won’t focus very much on it for my review. I have read Thrive Themes’ blog posts and they certainly publish quality content…but I just don’t have time to go through full courses.

Going over every single product in detail would take far too long, so I’m only going to look at the two biggest tools in detail.

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  • Thrive Themes is hands-down the best WordPress visual editor for aesthetically appealing content
  • It comes with conversion-focused WordPress themes and landing pages
  • The drag-and-drop editor is easy to use and includes many elements you can add to your pages, from testimonial boxes to exit-intent pop-ups
  • Affordable pricing for individuals and agencies
  • Fast-loading WordPress theme that’s optimized for both SEO and mobile
  • Excellent customer support you can count on
  • Membership includes access to new plugins and other features as they are released


  • Thrive Themes is only meant for WordPress CMS websites
  • It’s mostly helpful for new posts and pages, and difficult to modify your old pages with Thrive Architect
  • Take some time to get used to it

Thrive Themes Pricing

The best thing about pricing, you can buy single site license or 5 site license or go for an Membership account to use at most number of sites just for $19/month. Most of the products costs around $67 per year (Industry’s lowest price) for a single site license and the price gradually increases for multiple and unlimited site licenses.

If you are looking for a powerful lead conversion tool, it certainly cannot get any better than the Thrive Themes Membership.

With the Thrive Themes Membership, you get a set of advanced tools for creating exceptional landing pages, Pop-up forms, commenting system, etc. and try out different strategies to convert more.

The Thrive Themes Membership has addressed every aspect of conversion in a very meaningful way. Over the years, users have largely benefited from using these tools in terms of sales and ROI.

  • Straight and simple way of creating Landing pages
  • A/B Testing with WordPress Dashboard
  • A very intelligent commenting system
  • Engage more traffic with the Thrive Quiz Builder
  • Dynamic Countdown timers

With the Thrive Themes Membership, you can get all its products comprising all the useful plugins and themes by choosing one of the two available plans based on annual billing.

Also, it offers a money back guarantee of 30 days. It is perfect for landing pages, opt-in forms and for Blog sites.

As you become a Thrive Member, you have the advantage of having unlimited access to its brilliant support as well.

Another brilliant advantage you can have with the Thrive Themes Membership is the fact that none of the Thrive Themes products are going to affect your website loading speed in any way since the entire design is based on completely on optimized CSS code with no need for images to load.

Upgrading Thrive Themes Membership is ridiculously simple. However, in case you bought a lot of Thrive Themes products in parts, they cannot be included in your membership.

Also, with buying Thrive Themes products in parts, you have a huge disadvantage in terms of pricing as they may cost you higher with times whenever there is any revision in price.

However, this does not hold true for Thrive Membership and the price stays fixed in the case of Membership. On top of that, it offers you access to future products and updates at the same price.

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What You Can Build With Thrive Themes?

Ok, now you know what you get with a Thrive Themes membership and what it will cost you so it’s time to take a look at what different things you can build using their products.

You can quickly design, launch and split test sales pages and/or lead generation pages. Thrive Architect and the many included page templates make it easy to customize to match your site and brand.

Along with the Thrive Optimize add-on that is part of your membership you can then split test certain elements of those landing pages to determine which will convert better for you.

The Thrive Leads plugin makes it simple to construct specific offers for your audience depending on the type of content you are presenting them to grow your email list.

For instance, on this site I could have one opt-in geared towards WordPress beginners that will only show up on articles that relate to setting up your first WordPress website. Then a totally different opt-in specifically related to implementing ThriveThemes products on your website within the Thrive Theme topics I discuss.

This enables you to speak directly to your site visitor where they are in their journey and increase the likelihood they will actually give you their email address instead of promoting yet another ‘newsletter’. Plus you also have the capability of A/B testing these different offers to test and choose the highest converting option.

If you have thought about launching your own information product or online course then utilizing Thrive Apprentice along with their recent integration with SendOwl makes it effortless to do so. Although I do recommend you read my take (click the link above) on that announcement first before diving in, it is more than a viable solution for most.

Quizzes have become a very popular way to engage your audience and also offer the potential to turn those quiz takers into leads. This is where Thrive Quiz Builder comes into play so you no longer have to seek out a third party product that may or may not integrate within your WordPress website.

You can customize your quizzes to fit your brand and apply conditional logic to the responses to get very specific with the results you derive from this.

Another amazing aspect is that if you pair this with your Active Campaign email marketing account you have the ability to add tags to your contacts depending on their answers. This enables you to further segment your audience and provide them with solutions for precisely what they are asking for.

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is thrive theme worth it

Is Thrive Membership Worth it?

Thrive Membership from Thrive Themes only costs $19/month, which includes all the current and future themes and plugins from Thrive.

Most WordPress bloggers have to combine a ton of tools, to create a fragile system that can break with one wrong plugin upgrade.

Let’s take the average cost of tools that most marketing guys like me use:

  • OptinMonster: $19/mo
  • Clickfunnels: $97/mo
  • Elementor Pro: $199/year (17$/mo)
  • Astra Theme: $59/year ($5/mo)
  • Learndash: $159/year ($13/mo)

Adding all these tools together you could end up paying over $150/month!

Thrive Membership can do EVERYTHING the above tools can do together and MORE! All that for only $19/month. You must be crazzzyy if you think Thrive Membership isn’t worth it at that price.

You can get all of Thrive Themes’s current and future products at a 24% Discount by signing by for ThriveMembership. Simply click the link below and sign up using the Annual plan.

Why Marketers Like and Recommend Thrive Products?

If you look around the internet, visit marketing forums or talk to any popular affiliate marketers about the top WordPress product they recommend, Thrive Themes will be right at the top.

The main reason why Thrive Theme products are popular among marketers is that they are created with the best practices to increase conversion.

Who doesn’t like more revenue?

I’m sure you do. Thrive with over 270 highly optimized landing page designs will skyrocket your revenue quickly.

Support Forum

The final menu item is the Support Forum. This is an excellent place to track your own issues and those reported by other customers.

The forum divides into five sections:

General Discussion – For general non-specific product issues

Plugins – For plugin related issues

Showcase – For broadcasting how you’ve used a Thrive product

Themes – For theme related issues

Affiliate, Account and Presales Support – For administration requests

Unfortunately, customers don’t always use the right section to submit their requests. A smarter support software tool would force a user to select the correct category when logging an issue.

Issues reported in the wrong section are more challenging for other customers to locate.

So, there’s room for improvement in the reporting software. But when it comes to answering support questions, then the Thrive support team provide an excellent service level. They update the ticket conversations promptly and clearly.

what others say about thrive theme


Here are some of the reviews of people who have already tried Thrive Themes. Keep in mind that if you like the look of any of the individual Thrive Themes products, they are good options. However, you’ll get the most from Thrive Themes by joining their membership program and getting access to everything, including the themes, lead generation tools, content builder, and educational content.

Wrapping Up

Hope this Thrive Themes review post helped you to decide whether Thrive Themes is right for you or not.

In case if you ask me whether to go for a Thrive Theme or Studio-Press. Here’s the fact – I migrated from Studiopress to Thrive Themes as I’m not a coder and still want beautiful looking sites. Don’t you love my site?

Okay here it is. The numbers won’t lie.​

Thrive Themes is a rising giant. They have their upcoming Thrive Theme Builder.

Don’t get fooled by people who do marketing solely in the name of SEO.

If you ask me, I’m currently 100% satisfied with the features offered by the Thrive Themes. The Thrive Themes has enabled me to increase the affiliate conversions drastically on my blog.

On my affiliate sites, I’m also using the Thrive Themes as I described earlier. I’ll stick with them at least for the next 2 years.

If you are looking forward to go for Thrive Themes and loved this post, buy me a coffee! 

Ready to become a Thrive Themes member?

If you’re still debating with yourself whether you actually need any of these tools to succeed with your online business, well, I hope you’ve found some value in this review.

If you’re a blogger, hit the button below to get signed up with your Thrive Themes Individual Membership package.

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  1. Really great website! I used to see often Studio Press Themes and kinda looked at a few, but I am just finding out from your content that they, basically are really not all that tech friendly, unless people know coding, which is nice to know upfront. You have a great deal of detail here that is easy to understand and is broken down with comparison to other Landing Page websites, like for instance Clickfunnels is very pricey, and is one of the reasons a couple of months ago that I didn’t go through with them. I like how Thrive Themes is way cheaper with pretty much the same great benefits as Clickfunnels. Nice work!

  2. Very, Very well written article with strong contents and media goes very well with it. You have a smooth flow from page to page, which makes it very easy to follow.

    Your explanations are very clear and precise, thank you for that, usually I do enjoy reading articles like this, but let me tell you, I sure enjoyed reading your article immensely. Great job on this article, keep up the work.

    Hey, you were so convincing , that as soon I finish commenting on this article, I will become a Thrive Theme member. Again, Great Job!

    1. You’re welcome Laurence and thanks for your comment. I’m happy to see that you’ve found my article useful and decided to become a member of Thrive Themes again. )


  3. Wow, thank you so much for this very comprehensive and easy-for-a-newbie to read review!

    As someone who is new to blogging and just starting to understand how vast and complex the tools can get, you broke this information down in a way that didn’t leave me completely lost and frustrated, which has happened many times in the past whenever I tried to learn more about the technical side of blogging. Now I am aware of the myriad of highly valuable tools that can markedly improve my blog in several ways and that is very exciting! Who doesn’t want to increase their conversion rate?! You have made a very compelling argument for Thrive Themes based on that aspect alone.

    I appreciate your detailed and thoughtful perspective on the many aspects to consider with Thrive Theme, and now Thrive Theme is something to which I will give serious consideration as I build out my site and gain some traction. I’ve bookmarked your site and will return again soon. Thank you for helping me learn in this boggling world of tech!

    1. You’re welcome Kris. I’m glad to see that you liked the thrive theme article. Yes it has a very beginner-friendly user interface and it’s an ideal choice for those who don’t want to face with technical issues and complicated coding while designing their website.


  4. I’ve just started using WordPress to build out a website, I previously had been coding everything myself. So while I can do it all from scratch, as you could imagine, it takes time away from focusing on my content. I’ve been looking for a good way to have the functionality already there and not have to reinvent the wheel so to speak.

    It’s been a bit of a learning curve with WordPress, though I’m gaining better understanding. The current theme I’m using has a couple of issues, which can be annoying at times. And going through all the themes out there is a challenge within itself.

    Your article has me thinking, I like the simplicity of Thrive Themes. Looks like an easy setup with some cool trouble-free plugins to make things smoother. Will be definitely checking them out, I gotta get things connected more.

    Cheers, Johan.

  5. Sometimes I personally try to save money in things that I think I can handle or a say to myself that’s not necessary to spend money if there are a lot of free tools out there. I started to change my mind some time ago when I bought a license of money manager app and it has been amazing. I could have accomplished te same task with spreadsheets but I wouldn’t have the tool box that comes with it. Such theme seems to be the same to me, I have a very short experience with frontend web development but even knowing a bit, based on my latest experiences I’d definitely give a try on themes like this.

    1. Thank you for your comment Daniel. Yes, I agree with your opinion about spending money on valuable tools. Some people try to make money without investing a dime. I’m not saying that it’s not possible but if you have some money, why don’t cut the required time to success to half by investing it on valuable services like Thrive Themes.

      Wish you best success,

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