Top FREE Antivirus Software for 2016

Top FREE Antivirus Software for 2016 – Guarantee Your Safety!

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Visual world is dangerous IF you do not take care of your online and offline activities! Here, we are going to introduce Top FREE Antivirus Software for 2016 which will secure your system. The list is completely up-to-date and is provided by different sources at the beginning of every year. Continue reading to find out what the best free antivirus software are.

There are hundreds of viruses, spams, worms, Trojans, etc. all around the Internet which we need to face every day and which can be harmful and get us into trouble. If you think installed by default Windows Defender can protect you from all types of viruses, you are wrong!

Before going to the list, did you know that Bitdefender Antivirus is the only Antivirus which considered as the best Antivirus for several years?

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Independently taken tests on Windows Defender show that it can protect you from only 10% of dangerous situations in the Internet. So you should use additional antivirus software to secure your information while you’re online.
You should help your device’s security by updating your antivirus regularly.

Fortunately, there is antivirus for any type of virus, so you don’t need to worry about it; just keep in mind that viruses, Trojans, worms, etc. are always one step forward of any antivirus, so it’s better to stay up-to-date with the latest security information and updates to guarantee your online safety.

In the provided list, two types of antivirus software are designed specifically for Android devices, other two are online security services, while all other items are available for different operating systems and devices and provide enhanced security for your system WITHOUT ANY COST.


1. Avira Free Antivirus

Avira Antivirus

Actually, at first glance, Avira isn’t the best free antivirus because its user interface is a bit complex and additional extension is required to secure your web surfing activities. BUT taken tests on AV-Comparatives, AV-Test and Virus Bulletin which are leading security software testing labs gave it better rating compared to Bitdefender and Kaspersky.

It’s easy to use and can protect you from many online security threats. Also, if you need urgent help, there’s a local help file on the program which includes everything you need to know about security issues. There are also some other features; for example, its blocks auto-run, decreases risk of infected USB drives and protects you if a path is going to be changed by a Trojan or malware.

While Avira provides all the services above for free, its big brother (Suite 2015) supports 3 devices for 3 years with online support for $39.90.

Click Here to download Avira Free Antivirus.


2.F-Secure Anti-Virus (Online Service)

F Secure Antivirus

There are no useless features or unnecessary tools in this software. Using a simple antivirus with no additional stuff does not mean you’ll be at risk. This antivirus software received maximum security level from AV-Test and its rating on AV-Comparatives is also pretty good.

One of the advantages of this antivirus is its user interface which is simple, beautiful and very easy to use. Its system memory usage during scanning your device is as low as possible, so it does not affect your system’s performance much. It helps you solve a problem with a few simple clicks.

Although some competitors such as Bitdefender or Nod32 provide more security and features, free online service of F-Secure Antivirus is a lovely, fast and light pack which can be run along with other security tools without any problem.

To use this online tool and scan your system Click Here.


3.360 Total Security

360 Total Security

This antivirus software needs more time to scan your system, but it finds and cleans most of risks and threats. If you’re looking for an antivirus package which acts totally independently, 360 Total Security can be a suitable choice. This Antivirus provides Anti-Fishing, Online Shopping Protection, Threatening Network Blocking, HDD Cleaner Tool, Windows Update Finder, etc.

Although many features are provided by this antivirus, its user interface is still easy to use. Of course, it must be said that working with 360 Total Security isn’t always easy and sometimes if you have technical problems, there’s no complete guide for solving them. However, its user-friendly UI and 5 antivirus engines make it different. When you install 360 Total Security, you actually have a mix of 5 technologies include: Bitdefender (one of the best antivirus for business in the world), Avira (the best FREE antivirus protector) and 3 other engines which belong to the creator of this antivirus, Qihoo. It also provides Cloud technology for users.

360 Total Security default settings aren’t always the best, so you might have to spend some time setting it up according to your needs. Usage of 5 engines is one of the reasons for its long scanning time, but I`m happy to say that it does not affect the system’s performance negatively and it’s surprising because the size of software isn’t small.

Maybe, 360 Total Security can be called the best and most complete security package, especially if you’re looking for a simple antivirus because this antivirus is much better than a simple antivirus. If virus detection rate is a determining factor for you, 360 Total Security is something that you should think of seriously.

Download 360 Total Security from here.


Avast Antivirus

Without a doubt Avast Free Antivirus is one of the best choices for beginners and users who don’t want to deal with complex settings and menus. It is user friendly and everybody without any technical knowledge can use it easily. Although its free version provides many features and doesn’t cost you anything, there’re some optional paid sections on the software which can cost you money if you decide to use them.

When you install Avast, Google toolbar will be added to your computer. Avast scans your system automatically and finds harmful files, malware, worms, viruses as well as issues which can slow down your system. Although the free version does not solve all issues, it lets you know about your system problems and suggests you solve them with PC Optimizer.

Avast has a clear, adjustable and user friendly UI and it complete setup takes only a few clicks. It received appropriate score based on taken tests, and in total it’s better than AVG (AntiVirus Guard which got a lot of attention when was released for free), but it’s still incomparable with Avira. Avast is better at finding harmful web addresses what will protect you well from malware. Additional features that can be added to this antivirus include: checking network security holes (like a router that still uses default password) and its update which highlights lost patches.

Avast Free Antivirus may not provide the highest level of security, but its user friendly interface is absolutely one of the best and satisfies all new users. Also, its pro-version with hundreds of new features is available for $39.99 yearly.

Click Here if you want to test free version of Avast Antivirus.



Panda Antivirus

Maybe the blue-green user interface of Panda Antivirus does not get users attention a lot, but its other features and abilities are extraordinary.

Taken tests show high accuracy of this antivirus, and in fact, Panda Antivirus stood on top of the test results for almost two months. One of the positive points of Panda is filtering harmful web addresses what can guarantee your safety while you’re surfing the web. Actually, this antivirus protects you from viruses that come through different ways such as Internet, network, USB and Flash Memories, etc.

To get this light antivirus Click Here.


6.VirusTotal (Online)

Virus Total Online

Do you download from the Internet or test different programs and applications on a regular basis? Then, you need to be careful since your file can be infected! One of the fastest and easiest ways to check downloaded files is using free service of VirusTotal website.

VirusTotal scans your files with more than 40 different antivirus software to make sure that your file is safe. You can check your file after downloading by uploading it to VirusTotal. However, it’s recommended to check it before downloading through URL section of VirusTotal. You simply enter the URL of the page that you want to download from, and then it scans that website to make sure that it’s not harmful. If you get a suspicious file, you can scan it by uploading it over VirusTotal website. VirusTotal scans it and provides the result with a deep analysis.

The easiest way to check your file or link is installing VirusTotal extension which is available for the following browsers and lets you check the link or file by only right-clicking it.

Get VirusTotal extension from here:

Google Chrome VersionMozilla Firefox VersionInternet Explorer Version

After installing the extension, Check on Antiviruses on VirusTotal option will be available when you right-click on a file or link. Just keep in mind that if you use script blockers in Mozilla Firefox, you should add website to your white list to be able to use it.

To use this powerful and online free service visit its official website.



AVG Antivirus

These days security is the most important issue in virtual world. With increasing number of viruses, worms, malware, etc. security of our information on our computer depends on how important information security is to us.

AVG is one of the most active companies in creating antivirus software which became famous and well known among users due to its high quality. Users rely on AVG products and hope it protects them from online security threats. AVG Free Antivirus is one of the most complete products of this company. It’s totally compatible with Windows systems as well as Mac and Android and can protect you from different types of viruses and malware. Powerful servers of AVG keep the antivirus up-to-date, and its database can always find and block new types of viruses.

One of the great advantages of AVG Antivirus is that it can be installed on low-end computers too. Another positive point is that it does not make your system slow after installing or while scanning. It has 200 million worldwide users what shows how much this antivirus is trusted and that’s because of its great protection against all types of viruses, worms, malware, Trojans, etc. The great performance of AVG in controlling input and output data is another advantage of this antivirus.

Although pro-version of AVG is available for $39, its free version can cover all your security needs in the beginning.

To download and install free version of AVG, Click Here.


8.Comodo Antivirus

Comodo Antivirus

Comodo Group has recently released powerful and free antivirus software which can secure your online and offline activities against a huge number of viruses, Trojans and malware. Without a doubt, its great features compared to other similar competitors, a free version release as well as fast update of its powerful database make it more and more famous among users every day.

Here are some of the main features of Comodo Antivirus:

  • On Access Scanning: it protects you from viruses and malware real-time
  • On Demand scanning: scanning suspicious files with only one click
  • Automatic Daily Update: no new virus can hide from its powerful monitoring system
  • Email Scanning: scanning all incoming emails and clearing all internet viruses
  • Process Monitoring: monitoring all current processes on your system to protect you from harmful processes
  • Worm Blocker: protecting your system from worms and suspicious programs
  • In- depth Reporting: providing complete and in-detail reports with analysis at the end of scanning process
  • Pro-active virus defense: It’s one of the interesting parts of Comodo Antivirus which lets you send suspicious files to Comodo company directly and then they check it completely.
  • Scan Scheduling: you can set specific hours or days during the week to let Comodo Antivirus scan your system on a regular basis
  • Dedicated Quarantine Facility: yes, it quarantines detected viruses and malware on your system to stop their activities

Easy, user friendly interface, advanced heuristic detection engine, removable devices scan, network drives scan, compressed files scan are other features of Comodo Antivirus.

You can download this Free Antivirus from here.

Okay, we are done! But before finishing this post, let me give you a suggestion. Have you ever heard that you get what you pay? Well, it’s true about Antivirus software too. All introduced above Antivirus are quality protector software but the fact is that they’re not comparable with paid versions. However if you decide to go with a paid version, I would recommend you Bitdefender Antivirus which totally protect you from online and offline risks.

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known as one of the best protector software during recent years <<

Now, you’re only one step far from installing and protecting your online activities from any type of viruses, so take action right now and pick the antivirus that suit YOU! Feel free to share this list with your family and friends to help them be safe while working on computer!

Also, if you have experience of using any of mentioned antivirus software or any other types of system protector; or if you know a lot about device security, don’t hesitate to share it with me and others in comments below. I always like to hear your opinion! )


  1. I have used almost all of these antivirus software in the past and find all of them to work pretty well. However, I have never use Bit Defender but have heard of it and now that I have heard it is considered one of the best antivirus. I will most definitely have to replace my avast software.

    Just out of curiosity what makes Bit defender different from the other anti viruses in this list?

    1. Hi Salvatore, there’re many features in Bitdefender, from short scanning time to virus database power; I recommend you take a look at its pros to see what makes it totally different from free Antivirus on the list.


  2. I have tried most of the tools you have listed here except maybe Panda, and to be honest I find them all about the same, unless you really scour around for professional security consultants I don`t feel there is any way of really knowing which ones are good or not.

    Having said that, having a list like this is useful to have all in one place, but I think there is one you might have missed?

    Malwarebytes have a free package that I have found useful in the past.

    1. Hi Mat and thanks for mentioning to Malwarebytes. Yes, I agree with you and it’s totally a quality protector software. I’m writing a separate for specific for it and that’s why I’ve didn’t mention to it on this list because I wanted to review it separately.


  3. I had an uncle who owned tons of computers. I’m not even lying. He probably owned a good 3 dozen of them. Many different people would use them and play on them. So it got viruses a lot. However, he had always told me that you can never get the best antivirus software if you don’t pay for it. What do you think about this claim?

    1. Hi Caleb, I agree and don’t agree with your uncle! ) I don’t agree because I’ve seen people who use free antivirus for a long time and they never had any virus problems but I agree because if they hadn’t problem in the past, it doesn’t mean that they won’t have it in the future, especially if they continue using free version. The fact is that like anything else, a free version of antivirus can’t be as good as a paid version but nobody knows when you’ll get problem with a free version; that’s why I’ve decided to introduce Bitdefender as one of the best paid option too.


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