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Transform Pictures into Awesome Artworks with Prisma Photo Editor app

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Prisma is a new phenomenon of the virtual world and Android/iPhone phones that transforms your plain pictures into wonderful artworks.  You probably have seen some of its samples on Instagram and other social networks. Stay with us…)

Prisma photo editor app is definitely one of the most interesting apps in the history of smartphones, and its output result totally qualifies as Artwork. When Prisma transforms your pictures into attractive designs (art), it’s difficult to believe that output result isn’t done by a painter.

At first this app was available only for iPhone. You have probably seen many photos transformed by Prisma in social networks, especially Instagram. Finally, its Android version has been released, and now Android users are able to use this amazing application too. Luckily, unlike unprofessional decision of MSQRD that didn’t open up all its iPhone effects to Android users, we have access to all available Prisma filters in Android.

You can even edit multiple photos at the same time and see stunning output result in seconds.

Prisma Effect

Aside from applying effects, it must be said that Prisma can be known as the best and most professional photo editor. As you can see in the samples above, output results of this app can`t be compared to other apps; as much as Snapchat and MSQRD got users attention in video editing, Prisma succeeded in the field of images. That’s interesting that apps are going to be professional too, and we could hardly imagine anything like SnapChat (video effects) and Prisma just several years ago.

The point that you need to pay attention to when you’re working with Prisma is that your input picture will effect your output result. There is no clear criteria for input images, but our experience showed that  some photos become even more stunning after applying Prisma filters while other were so bad that we wouldn`t even save them. The size of the app is 6 MB for Android and 16 MB for iOS platform. To run Prisma, you need at least Android 1.4 or iOS 8. You can download this application from the links below. As always, we would love to hear your opinion about this application so feel free to share it in comments below. )


  • More than 30 amazing effects
  • Professional and beautiful output results


  • Long editing time in Android version


Get Prisma here:

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Images courtesy of Zoomit

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