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Truth Exposed! – Is the Conversion Pros a Scam or…?

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The Conversion Pros claims that you can earn money from Multi-Level Marketing but is the Conversion Pros a scam? By reading this unbiased review of Conversion Pros, you will find out all the truth about this program and can be decided for yourself if it’s worth giving a shot or not.

Before going into details, I want to give you a summary of this membership site first. David Dubbs is the founder of this training program and he aims to help people make an extra income through affiliate marketing.

There are different training levels inside the platform for Multi-Level Marketing and Affiliate Marketing that help you build a website based on those skills and make it profitable by using marketing techniques. The same as other training platforms, Conversion Pros is not Free however, the more important question is that does it worth your time and money?

Let’s find out!


Product Name: Conversion Pros

Official Website:

Owner: David Dubbs

Type: MLM & Affiliate Marketing Training Platform

Cost to Join: $50/Month

Recommended? Yes if you’re expert in MLM business

Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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what is conversion pros

Intro – What is Conversion Pros Exactly?

What makes me intrigued to check Conversion Pros was its lead packages which means you can purchase a package of potential buyers and use it to promote a specific product.

Well, I’m an affiliate marketer and I’m interested to know about all the ways, methods, techniques and new strategies that lead me to have access to a wider range of audience and potential customers, that’s why I decided to see what the Conversion Pros is all about and if I can rely on its claims or not.

Can you really earn money by purchasing ad packages of this company or it’s just a marketing trick to sell a new digital item?

Is It an All in One Toolbox Really?

To answer this question, I’ve watched the sales video of this product and found out that it’s not only about Ad packages and it helps you earn money through getting Opt-Ins and Traffics from different ways.

Let’s take a short look at tools and training materials that the Conversion Pros provide:

  • Auto Dialer Lead Generation
  • Invoice & URL Creator
  • Lead Page Creator
  • Sales Page Creator
  • Short Message System (SMS)
  • Auto Responder Tool
  • WordPress/Mobile Website Creator
  • Promotional Video Creator
  • And more…

To know more about each tool, search the name of the tool plus “Conversion Pros” term in YouTube and all details about each tool and how it works. I didn’t test all tools but I know that some of them like Auto-Responder or Landing Page Creator are necessary tools for an affiliate marketer.

Now I’m going to give you a short description of each tool which help you understand how they work exactly;

Landing Page Creator

By using this tool, you can create a customized sales page for any digital item professionally.

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how does conversion pros work

How It Works? – WordPress & Mobile Website Creator

To have a professional website, you need to make it friendly for both desktop and mobile users. This tool helps you with creating interactive websites to promote products. Also the mobile website creator updates your website as it looks fit and easy surfing in all mobile devices so people who use mobile phones to visit your web pages, don’t leave it because of unreadable content.

Invoice & URL Creator

Short affiliate link creator lets you increase the conversion rate by creating short URLs. The affiliate links look more beautiful when it’s shorted and you can track the conversions on any page of your website easier and faster.


To run a successful email marketing campaign, having an auto-responder is necessary. With the help of Email Auto-Responder, you can send automated messages to your email list and there’s not any limitation for sending this automated messages.

Promotional Video Creator

This is the section where you can create marketing video for your sales or landing pages. A promotional video increases the conversion rate significantly and it’s a critical factor for your marketing purposes.

Finally, there’s a live webinar that David Dubbs organizes on a weekly basis that helps you to improve your marketing skills. Affiliate marketing is a long-term business and keep yourself motivated is a key to get success in this industry. These weekly webinars also help you stay motivated, especially if you’re in the first year of running your online business.

Should You Try the Conversion Pros?

If you remember, in my previous reviews like Funding Circle (int link) , lotto magic (int link) or max international (int link), I’ve mentioned that not all programs in money making online industry are worth trying and it applies to Conversion Pros as well.

MLM Marketer and Affiliate Marketer are two main groups that can get the most benefit from this training platform.

If you’re an MLM or Network Marketer, leads packages of this program can be useful to increase your conversion rate. Also if you’ve already an email list then you can get more subscribers by using these leads. Of course the auto-responder tool can help you build your email list faster.

Leads are available in different niches so you can choose the package that has leads in your niche (weight loss for example) to have a better chance to get more leads.

On the other hand, creating landing pages or sales pages is simple, easy and straightforward in the Conversion Pros and this would be very beneficial for an affiliate marketer who wants to promote a digital item online.

A landing page plays an important role in an affiliate marketing business; for example, by giving away something valuable in your landing page, (like an informative eBook) you can capture the email address of potential buyers and prospects than by sending them well-written promotional messages, you can turn them into regular buyers.

You have also an option to put a redirected link in your messages and increase sales by sending viewers to affiliate offers.

The last thing about Conversion Pros is that if you belong to none of above group of internet marketers, you still have a making-money chance from this platform. There’s an affiliate program inside Conversion Pros that let you earn commission by promoting this training platform.

Also they designed a training guide to teach people how to promote the Conversion Pros through their sales page but I don’t see this section as a valuable opportunity because it’s not a complete guide for beginner and many newbies fail to create quality landing pages if they rely only on this training section.

What You Can Do With Provided Autoresponder Tool?

Generally, Internet entrepreneurs and digital marketers have to purchase membership from one of the autoresponder services like GetResponse or Aweber (Leaders in the market) but thanks to Conversion Pros, there’s a built-in autoresponder tool inside the package of this program so it decreases your startup cost and helps you to have a life-time access to a marketing funnel system after enrolling into this platform. So it’s considered as an All-In-One package and you won’t need to pay extra cost for additional tools.

But there’s a problem with this tool. When you create a squeeze page (ex link: how create a squeeze page) , you can’t embed an opt-in form (ex link: what is opt-in form) into that page with this autoresponder.

It looks very strange and it’s hard to believe that programmers of the Conversion Pros forgot to add that feature into this autoresponder but knowing this fact does not change anything and you still can’t setup a landing page with an opt-in form.

In my opinion, it’s too soon to judge this tool because there are some bugs and technical issues inside the program that don’t let us to give it an unbiased review; anyway, in my personal test of this autoresponder, I’ve found out that there’s a long delay to receive subscribers info after they join my opt-in list. I’ve also seen several other complaints from people about it in other forums and social networks.

However, It may be just a beta version and I hope that they can solve these issues in the new version of this tool because people are already paying for that and it’s not fair to give them an incomplete version of a software.

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conversion pros pros and cons

Conversion Pros – Likes & Dislikes

What I Like About Conversion Pros

  • It’s not based on the old method of recruiting people
  • They don’t use upsells to make more sales
  • All you need is a quality landing page to collect leads
  • Many video, audio and PDF training is available in the platform

What I Don’t Like About Conversion Pros

  • Not a good choice for beginners and people who don’t have previous experience in Internet marketing
  • Some parts of training are hard understanding and complicated

What Is The Most Beneficial Feature You Can Get at the Conversion Pros?

Like other programs, there are both positive and negative things about the Conversion Pros however, two features that I’m going to mention below stand out in this platform.

The first one is adding new tools or updating the current ones on a regular basis. There are some other similar programs that have not updated their tools for a long time but in Conversion Pros David Dubbs never lets tools become out of dated. Also you don’t see annoying upsells in David Dubbs’s program (which is common in most other affiliate marketing training programs).

The second good important feature of Conversion Pros is its lead packages. Unlike some crappy websites, they didn’t use these leads packages before, this means, if you buy any of these packages, they are fresh prospects and you get them in a wholesale price.

In addition to above features, there’s one more positive point about this training program and it’s the owner of the platform, David Dubbs. David does not hide anything about MLM and Affiliate Marketing business (ex link: all you need to know about affiliate marketing) from students and I like the way he uses to make a strong relationship with all members of Conversion Pros. He’s honest and tries to make an honest community as well.

I think David himself is a great example of a successful Internet entrepreneur who could build a valuable training website about affiliate marketing from scratch.

Is There Any Chance to Make Serious Income at the Conversion Pros?

It may be hard to make full-time income just from provided training by this platform however, by using its affiliate program you can earn up to $20 for every new member you invite to the program. This can be done by referring people and don’t forget that you receive $20 commission only if the new member becomes a paid member of the program.

If you can refer 3 persons to Conversion Pros successfully, your monthly membership fee will be covered by the commission you receive from them. Anyway, to build a passive income many people should be referred into this program through your referral link otherwise it can’t considered as a full-time income opportunity

Final Thought – Is the Conversion Pros a Scam?

There’s a space between using the “Best” word and “Good” word for a training program. Having some technical issues, not very fast support and some complicated training materials which makes it a not suitable place for newbies don’t let me to give a high overall rating to this website, however, useful information, user-friendly interface and more importantly, opportunity to make a side-income are enough reasons to label Conversion Pros as a good online course and I can make you sure that it’s a legit website.

If you already started your online business and are familiar with important terms and concepts in online marketing industry than joining Conversion Pros will benefit you in several ways however, if you’re a beginner in affiliate marketing and MLM business and if you have not run any successful marketing campaign and didn’t build landing pages and sales funnel in the past then you ARE NOT ready to take this course.

Most of the tools that introduced in this platform like landing page creator, short link builder, autoresponder system or lead capture software are tools that have been used by advanced affiliate marketers and starting to learn how to use them without having a basic knowledge of internet marketing is just waste of the time and it does not benefit you at all.

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There’s an important fact that you should know about Wealthy Affiliate before jumping into that. This program is not for lazy people who live in a dream of making easy money from their comfortable couch instead, this is a unique opportunity for everybody who is looking for an Honest Way to make serious money online.

Creating this online business requires significant amount of time and effort but it’ll pay you off very well when the result starts to coming; this is an opportunity only for people who are serious about building a thriving online business so if you aren’t afraid to put that required time and effort, you’re welcome to try this quality platform for FREE from the provided link below.

my recommendation

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  1. This is good stuff here. Personally, I did not know about Conversion Pro before this article but, the amount of information that you shared here gives me enough baggage to make myself an idea on the matter. It also shows that you really took time to deep into the subject and scratch under the surface to find the real information. I also like the fact that you took the opportunity to teach people who are not familiar with the internet or computer language about some words or concepts mean. That’s a seminar right here.

    Thank you for the work. This is really a good job!
    Take care,

  2. HI Ali

    Thanks for a well done page and intresting post.

    First of all when I came to the site I wasn¨t sure what to expect because the name of the page digital world guru made me think it was something digital related content but it was affiliate marketing. When I started reading the post I realized that you are dealing with affiliate marketing on the page.

    The latest post is well written. You will understandably go through Converion pro affiliate marketing. You start out well at the beginning, attracting the reader. You will go over the details of the converion pros company tools and what you can to do them. This gives the reader a realistic picture of the benefits of the tools.

    You have honestly told your own view of what you liked and disliked and in the summary you tell if the conversion pros are really possible to make money or not. This will allow the reader to compare his or her own experience with whether conversion pros are useful to him or her.

    Finally, you give a viable alternative to affiliate marketing and tell the most important thinhs about whealty affiliate marketing.

    Converion pros picture after the whealty affiliate presentation showing the rated company so I don´t know if it should be at all. It feels like it´s in the wrong place

    Thanks Ali for a well done page and intresting post. It was a pleasure to read.

    Hope myt feedback is helpful 🙂 Keep up good work!

    Best regards Janne

  3. Hello Ali First of all i will start with theme-it is good and clean.
    Page layout-Professional.
    Junky things-like ads not seen which is good.
    Mobile friendly-yes it is.
    So let’s talk about the content flow I think you should be clear in steps you are taking people at your promotions, I mean I saw repeated sentences and paras. So when a reader/visitor is reading your content and is in form of the flow of water that flows in one direction and if we stop the uniflow and try to reverse it a little bit then we better know what will happen.
    I suggest you write medium length contents but in a uniflow direction.
    Hoping that you are getting it.
    Overall-Good work and like the theme vey much

    Thank you,

  4. Ali,
    Hello, I am fairly new to the online marketing world and would have saved a lot of time had I seen your review. The first six months or so that I started was a slow learning process.

    It was very frustrating because I could see how it was possible to ultimately make money online but it was like I only had half of the recipe. When I would attempt to figure anything out and ask for support they would answer me with
    You don’t need to worry about any of that its only for the bigger better-known sites that generate a lot of traffic or if you will give permission to take x amount off your credit card for whatever reason we will get that taken care of for you.
    I can’t even tell you how many times I gave up and quit or wanted to throw the laptop out the door out of frustration. A lot of what I did figure out came from youtube and finding the right tutorial there is a project in itself.
    Then I honestly don’t remember how or where it was that I came across your #1 recommendation but by then I was very leary about any program. Wealthy Affiliates made it easy to at least check out and I am thankful I did.
    Instead of spending all of my time trying to figure out how to do or fix this or that as it happened they have an awesome learning platform and so many people willing to really help new members understand what they are doing.
    Since you do reviews and have knowledge of these programs maybe you will have the answer to these questions
    Are any of them really a scam? I mean they all have a sales pitch some more honest than others but there has to be a way to make money like they say right? They just don’t teach you everything you need to know to really get there, right? Wouldnt they get in trouble for charging people for services if it wasn’t possible, there has to be some truth to what they are selling?
    If its an actual scam don’t they face the chance of some kind of punishment or something?

    Best Wishes
    Lisa Waa

    1. Hi Lisa and thanks for your comment. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely one of the most honest training platforms that I’ve ever seen in my life. Of course, this does not mean that everybody who joins this program can become rich in a week or a month but people are different and many of them are not patient enough to build their online business but what I can say is that if there’s only one platform that can help you make passive income online the Right Way, it’s Wealthy Affiliate for sure!

  5. I read your article and had to leave a comment. I have been looking for a way to quit my 9-5 job that i really hate. Im tired of my boss and wanna start working for myself on my couch or in bed, or at the park with my dog. Ive seen so many pages about working from home that its overwhelming to know who is being real or if its just another scam. Thank you so much for reviewing Conversion Pros for me. It saves me a lot of valuable time.

  6. Hi, Ali.
    I have been interested in Affiliate marketing. Currently, I am a member of Wealthy affiliate, and have been doing some research on other platforms for affiliate marketing to compare mine with them.

    Thank you for the comprehensive reviews. Quick question for you? You mentioned that its overall rating is 5.5/10. Who did this rating? It will be good to know the source. Also, do you know how many members are in this platform? I think that is a crucial factor because a large community has a lot of benefits from my experience.

    In terms of the provided service, “Promotional video creator” looks quite attractive. Also, it sounds like David Dubbs is a good guy, and he is willing to help the members. These are good parts.
    By the way, I don’t like earning up to $20 by promoting a new member. It sounds like a pyramid scheme. I am not interested in this feature at all. Also, “not very fast support” sounds like a critical drawback to me. These are my impression on Conversion Pros.

    Your description on Wealthy Affiliate is totally agreeable to me.
    To be honest, I am not sure if there are actually more than 1 million members. But, there are over 300,000 registered members for sure, and tens of thousands of active members will help you out. Technical support is also so quick. Whenever I have a technical issue, I can ask the help desk which is running 24-7-365. It is hard to believe, but I can get a right support in less than one hour. Probably, the help support team never stops working. The community is also great. When you have any question on any subject, you can ask the community, and you will usually get more than 5 answers. And most of them are quite good.

    Thank you for comparing two platforms. I haven’t tried Conversion Pros and I might be biased as a member of WA. But for sure, WA is a great community. For a serious online entrepreneur, it will be the best platform with a reasonable membership fee.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jason. The rating comes from my own experience and research I also compare the program with a similar top-rated platforms and apps to leave my final rating.


  7. Ali,
    I have not heard of Conversion Pro’s before. This article was very well written, unbiased, and quite informative. Reviews of this caliber make it easy for someone looking for information about a product or service. Your attention to the pro’s and con’s is commendable. Though this is not for me, I really appreciate your time and effort to provide such a top notch review.

    Thank you

  8. Thank you for this great review of Conversion Pros. Your review has really helped me to understand what Conversions Pros is and its product offering. I am new to MLM and do not know much about it yet. Your explanation of the company and what they do was very clear and easy to understand. I learned a lot reading this, not just about Conversion Pros but about MLM in general.

  9. I just saw your site (because I’m looking for an affiliate program) and it’s amazing.It is really helpful for beginners that don’t know which program to choose and where they will be able to maximizing their potential.
    Thank you for all the information you sharing with us !

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