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Use VLC Player as a Laptop Battery Life Extender Software

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Today, I’m going to show you how to maximize laptop battery life and use VLC Player as a laptop battery life extender software. As you know, VLC Media Player is one of the most powerful music and video players supported on various OS. Because of its range of features, it will perfectly suit all your needs. With VLC you will not need to install additional codecs to play different types of video and audio files as it supports many new formats and plays high-resolution videos with good speed.

High consumption of laptop battery in Windows 10 is one of the problems that have been recently discovered in the study on this software. The battery consumption doubles when you are using VLC Media Player compared to built-in Windows 10 app Movies & TV, and this high power consumption is a huge problem for many users. You can use following tip to prevent this problem and maximize laptop battery life.

Did you know that low power consumption of Movies & TV on Windows 10 lies in Hardware Acceleration feature in it? Would you like to enable this feature in VLC to fix its only problem and use it safely on your laptop? To do this, simply follow these directions:

NOTE: Using this feature is only recommended in modern laptops so if you have an old laptop, do not use this feature.

1- Run VLC app and choose Preferences in Tools menu.

2- Choose Input/Codecs tab, choose Hardware-accelerated decoding and set it to Automatic.

3- It’s done! Simply click on Save to save changes.

VLC Hardware Acceleration Decoding

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