Viral Cash App Review – “Stinks Pretty Bad…”

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The Viral Cash Application or simply Viral Cash App, is a new software application by a guy named Matthew Neer which he claims you can use to make lots of money online.

I just saw the presentation and my first impression of this is not good.

I’ll tell you why in this Viral Cash App review where I break down some of the red flags in the presentation to determine whether or not you can make money using this thing.

Someone commented on one of my other posts and asked if I had seen it. “It stinks pretty bad,” the commenter added.

What is the Viral Cash App?

Name: Viral Cash App
Creator: Matthew Neer
Cost: $47
Years Online: Since March 2018
Verdict: Cannot recommend. The presenter uses a lot of misleading and manipulative tactics as well as blatant lies to get you to purchase Viral Cash App. In any case, you don’t own the properties and you have very little chance of making any substantial income.

Viral Cash App is a cloud-based software application that builds web pages hosting viral content, typically in the form of funny videos.

According to Matthew, you earn money by sharing these web pages which are supposed to go viral, earning you commissions from display advertising present on these pages.

You do not have to pay for a domain or web hosting as everything is done through the app and hosted on Matthew’s own web pages.

Matthew outlines a five step process that you have to follow once you pay the $47 access fee in order to make money.

  1. Login
  2. Choose a category
  3. Pick your keywords
  4. Input your affiliate links
  5. Click done

After this, all you’ll have to do is share the web pages that are created for you and you sit back and earn money.

But before you can take advantage of this special opportunity, you will first have to qualify for a spot and there are three conditions you have to satisfy to qualify.

  1. You must have basic level computer skills (copy & paste)
  2. You must watch and share videos online
  3. You must make a minimum of 10 posts inside Viral Cash App

If you’re good with all this, Matthew says that you can get started with Viral Cash App and be making money in the time it takes someone to watch his video presentation.

What’s Wrong With Viral Cash App?

viral cash app presentationNow that you know what Viral Cash App is, there are some things in the presentation that set off alarm bells. The too good to be true mantra applies to this program in a lot of ways.

The first thing I want to point out is that Matthew is targeting newbies and this is evident in the language he uses throughout and some of the things he shows.

He’s expecting you to not understand how things work very well so he could sell his Viral Cash App.

For example, he says that the software taps into something called “the Network” that allows you to take advantage of the $70 billion free traffic source.

I’ve been doing online marketing for over 10 years and I’m not sure what he is talking about here. Is the “Network” a social network like YouTube or Facebook? Or is it an affiliate network?

Either way this is just talk to intrigue newbies who aren’t that in the know and this is why he’s targeting this group.

It’s even more evident later on in the video where he asks you to “qualify” as a beta tester stating that the first condition is that you must have basic level computer skills – you must be able to copy and paste.

He further states that if you have advanced level skills then you don’t qualify. This is because anyone who knows better will know that this is pretty much filled with BS and you’ll be less likely to continue using it. Or you’d expose the truth like I’m doing now.

Another thing that is a bit tricky is that Matthew showed a couple of screenshots, one from Clickbank where he logged into his account, some JVZoo earnings and his Warrior Plus earnings.

Again, because I understand how things work (and these guys do this regularly), most likely none of these earnings were made using the Viral Cash App so this is misleading.

Matthew is a marketer and uses other ways to generate income but chose to show these screenshots as proof that his system makes money.

He also talks about selling websites like the viral ones that you’ll be creating but alas, none of these web pages belong to you so you will not be able to sell them.

But I get his point. If you do manage to create something viral, like a website that reaches a lot of people, you can indeed sell the site for 5 or even 6 figures and in rare cases, higher.

These are just a few things that I found very off about the presentation. I won’t even mention that the script he is using sounds like some scam programs that I’ve seen presented before. That is not a good look at all.

Can You Make Money With Viral Cash App?

If you ignored all the warning signs that this isn’t something that is going to work, or maybe you missed this review and got an account then you’re probably asking yourself this question.

It’s a good question to ask because the concept does sound like it should work.

Let’s get a few things clear first.

In the presentation, Matthew talks about two sets of earners who take advantage of viral traffic to earn lots of income online, YouTubers and sites like ViralNova and BuzzFeed.

YouTubers can earn a lot of money with viral videos because they find an interesting way to tap into the emotions of their viewers – viewers that they have built up over time through providing content that people thought were interesting enough to subscribe for more.

It’s these subscribers who then share new content with others causing a snowball of shares and new subscribers.

The YouTuber usually works very hard to build up a fanbase and also on their content. It is true that some content, even by relatively unknown and unpopular YouTubers, can accidentally go viral.


With sites like ViralNova and BuzzFeed, the content creators find an interesting way to compile and share content that is already available online. It takes a lot of work and thought to come up with these angles to create content people are going to share.

It also does not hurt that these sites at this point are huge sites with huge followings and traffic.

With Viral Cash App, you create a web page with a funny video and some ads on it and share it on social networks hoping that it goes viral. And even if it does, you’d hope that people would click on those ads and make a purchase so you could get some affiliate commissions.

I’m sorry to tell you that you have a huge uphill battle to fight if you think that this is going to make you any substantial amount of money.

Yes it is possible to make money but it would take more than clicking a few buttons to make some real income with viral traffic.

My conclusion on this issue is that you’re not going to make any money with this app and method – nothing like what Matthew wants you to believe.

Is Viral Cash App a Scam or Is it Legit?

I wouldn’t exactly say that Viral Cash App is a scam but I certainly do not recommend it.

viral cash app discountIf you would like to try it, you do not have to pay the $47 they initially ask for. Clicking away from the site gets you a 50% discount for $24.95 and clicking away from that offer gets you access for as low as $9.99.

Beware the upgrades that you see on the checkout page. The traffic upgrade costs $19.99 per month which means you’ll be rebilled every month until you stop it. I’m not sure how this upgrade works but if anything is a scam, it’s this kind of offer.

And so is the other upgrade for faster hosting. This costs $9.99 one time fee but since you’re not hosting your own pages then why would you need this?

There are some very manipulative things going on in the presentation for Viral Cash App and you won’t make the type of money Matthew wants you to believe you’ll make from using his software so I’ll say that you should skip this.

Learn How to Make Money the Right Way First

Matthew presents just one way in which people can make lots of money online but he doesn’t choose to teach you how.

To get to the point where you can understand how viral traffic works and to make money from viral traffic, you first need to know what it takes to make money online.

You need to start at the very beginning so that you understand the process.

If I were to take advantage of viral traffic, my first step would be to choose a niche and then build a website with an interesting way of presenting my content.

Choosing a niche and building a website are the two foundations of earning money online. You can easily learn how to do these things (they’re very easy) by going through any affiliate marketing training course online.

One that I would recommend, simply because I’ve used it and because it has everything you’ll need (training, websites, hosting etc) is this one. The training works and people have had success making money with the program.

To wrap this up, I’d say that Viral Cash App does have a good concept but fails in its presentation and actual application. You’ll most likely become frustrated if you use it to try to make money with viral traffic.

There is a better way and that is to learn how to make money online the correct way. I’ve reviewed an affiliate marketing training program that you can use to do just this and you can check that out here.

If you have any comments about Viral Cash App, or if you’ve used it and want to leave a review yourself, feel free to let me know what you think in the discussion area below.

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