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What is Article Genie? – A Valuable Content Creator or…

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Hello everyone! Today, I’m going to review Article Genie and I tell you about all positive and negative sides of this content creator software. Stay with me if you want to find all the truth about this new opportunity!


Product Name: Article Genie

Official Website: Getarticlegenie.com

Type: Article Writing

Founder: Radu Hahaianu

Cost: $15 per single article

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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What is the Article Genie

What Article Genie is Exactly Doing?

Well using (stealing) content of other people is something many marketers use for a long time which is not valuable at all. Maybe you could use this type of programs 10 years ago but time changed and Google can detect which sites use plagiarism content much better than before so do not put your hard work and business on a risk.

Actually you can read clearly that using spanned content is not the type of content that Google likes in the last update of Google webmaster. It was not good for a reliable business before too but now Google started to monitor and take downs sites that using this way.

The second negative point of Article Genie is that rewritten content produced by this program is not human readable which means your visitors will see a couple of words and sentences that is wrote by a robot and it effects negatively on behavior of your visitors. Actually it’s hard to read a text rewrote by a software and it’s not something that your audience will like.

Article Genie claims that your content produced by their software will get ranked on top page of Google well. That’s good but it’s opposite to what Google says. As I’ve mentioned before, well-known search engines like Google see these tactics against their terms of use so it’s clear that you would not get rank on Google if you are willing to use this way.

how article genie works

How Does Article Genie Work?

Yes it’s not easy to write content by yourself and it’s too hard sometimes. I know this well because I’m writing all my posts by myself and it kills me some days. Article Genie told about problems with writing articles by yourself which included but not limited to:

  • It would be difficult to write long content (more than 1400 normally) for per single article on a regular basis, especially if you want to do it by yourself.
  • Making unique content is something that 90% of people are not able to do by themselves and that’s why they fail on that.
  • Hiring quality freelance writers is not cheap and it costs serious money which is not suitable for many people who just started to build their online business and have very limited budget.
  • That’s why some people started to make content writing/rewriting software but it cannot be a good solution.

Let’s see how you can make process of writing content easier:

Always pick something you are interested in as a topic when you want to make a new piece of content, it helps you a lot to keep you motivated and write better.

Writing about what I really love was the only thing let me write a lot of content during all past years. Yes there was many other options like I could use like outsourcing or using a software like Article Genie but I decided to do it by myself because of several reasons like:

  1. Making a totally unique and reliable content. This is the type of content that Google and other search engines love and it definitely gets rank better and faster.
  2. It’s a green and completely white hat method and unlike black or gray hat methods like using automatic software, it’s valuable from point of Google.
  3. If you use this method (writing your own content on your own words), you can make money and turn your website/blog into a profitable business for sure; when you stand on that level, scale up your business is the only thing you need to do so finding and hiring high quality writers would be your next best step.

Yes, this is the golden key that everybody is looking for and there is not any other secret. Providing quality content to your audience and helping rather than selling is the true way that many people used to build million dollars websites. It’s simple and very straight forward way to build a trusted website and also you’ll never get a penalty by Google.

What If You Cannot Forget About Spanned Articles?

To be honest, it happens for me too when I’m so tired and I surfing web pages to find a quality spinner software but I stop searching after a short time and come back to the right way. I repeat it to myself that it’s not a legal work; it’s hard work of other people and you should not steal it as you do not in the real world. I do not want to put my hard work and site into risk by using spinner software and I do not recommend it to you too. Write original content and stay valuable in Google’s eyes.

Of course many persons still use spanned content because they do not know about what I’ve told you or they just are affiliates who work with these software and make commission if you buy those software so they HAVE TO tell only good things about spanned content to encourage you purchase software.

Article Genie is not an exception and that’s why you may see many positive reviews about Article Genie around the web; these are bloggers who are affiliates with this program and encouraging you to purchase this software is their only goal.

They hide some important facts and do not tell you all the truth about it as well as spanned content. So next time, when you see a review which gave 10 out 10 rating for Article Genie, do not jump into it immediately; wait and do some more research to find all facts. I’m sure there are still people who do no cheat you and share what is really inside of the program.

my recommendation

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