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What is CPA Pirate? – Do Not Trust It Before Reading This!

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What is CPA Pirate is a good question you can ask when you enter to their website for the first time. If you are interested in discovering more about CPA Pirate, and expressly if you are a newbie in this scope or still you don’t know who are Mr. Art Flair and Mr. Pallab Ghosal, this glance can give you a different view!

Let’s start it with a point! If you’ve had the prior product of CPA Pirate, likely the new one will not be so useful for you! Because by considering several of the prior products that some of them are favorable too, you will discover the same old product that is renamed, just with a new video and a new name but the same old usage!


Name: CPA Piratecpa pirate review

Owner: Art Flair & Pallab Ghosal

Cost: $10 – $13 + upsells

Official Website: http://artofmarketing.academy/cpa-pirate/

Do I Recommend it? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is cpa pirate about

What is CPA Pirate About?

Although it is not sure that CPA is really a freebooter but at least it can be oddly embellished as a freebooter! Anyhow it would be more obvious by passing the term.

In fact, with a fast browse through the teaching it can be seen no trick except one that an eight-year-old child could do it, it would be reviewed in more details to aware you more. As the sales video shows, It seems that an eight-year-old child could perform the traffic “know-how” as these men have found it. Please look at 0.57.

how cpa pirate works

Who Is CPA Pirate For & How it Works?

Nowadays, it’s not hard to make money online, even if you are a newcomer in this field, you can become an expert with getting information by the time!

For this purpose, you have some choices that one of them is CPA Pirate but it wouldn’t be the best option for you, especially if you are a beginner or not interested in paid traffic, because CPA is a way of making money based on paid traffic. Furthermore, the prior output Slick CPA Profits that was proceeded on twenty second August 2017, includes most of the contents of CPA Pirate. ‌But it’s not all! Because by personal evaluating of the sales page, you would discovered that earnings evidence, sales content and certifications are the same in many instances. Here are their links:

Sales page of CPA Pirate – http://artofmarketing.academy/cpa-pirate/

Sales page of Slick CPA Profits – http://www.trafficxtractor.com/scpap-live/

Who Is Mr. Art Flair?

One of those who has inaugurated many online goods with the goal of earning money online, is Mr. Art Flair. He inhabits in Portugal, is an online marketer who divides his skill in his products and plans for making money online. Formerly he was a Fiverr Vendor. In collaboration with him, Mr. Pallab Ghosal as a full-time internet marketer has made many products.

pros and cons

Lets Look At The Pros & Cons

The system doesn’t have any special advantages to mention! On the other hand, disadvantages include: exaggerated promotion, without a good teaching, the lack of support and not earning any money at all by this system.

What You’re Really Getting Here?

Since it’s so wonderful for everybody to gain easy money online and the originators of this system have found out it too, So they assert that this traffic fount can enrich you by transferring money to your bank account! An option for a passive earning, is a program about driving traffic to promote itself and connects with no kind of website making or SEO.

What do I mean?

At first, the system seems very inexpensive to start with, you must pay only 9.97 dollars!

But the story won’t be finished here! Because after entering into the system by paying 9.97 dollars, you have to pay for up-sells. First for a live case study up-sell, you must pay fifteen dollars and then for another up-sell that is so called Platinum Pack and costs twenty-seven dollars. Certainly for the resell rights of the system, you must pay forty seven dollars. In addition to all these expenses, it costs 197 dollars for you if you need to six coaching calls!

Definitely, it’s not the only system that has this procedure and you encounter with many online programs that surprisingly force you to buy all these up-sells!

Will You Earn $332.25 A Day Here?

The reality is that this system is not made for earning easy money at all! Because basically the plan is to take your money instead of giving money to you! By spoiling your time and money, this system won’t assist you in discovering unspoiled traffic or even something similar! Making money by this system is just a dream!

It’s actually a sad news for who was imagining that could earn easy money by CPA Pirate. Despite of what they tell to you, you won’t earn anything there! Not only you don’t gain anything but also you lose your money and time too because in this system the only profiteers are its creators who get benefit from abusing people by their absurd system!

is cpa pirate scam

Is CPA Pirate A Scam Or Legit System?

Truly, not only CPA Pirate isn’t a legal system but also it’s a scam! Because the main selling point of this system is based on deceiving newcomers by the dream of earning money easily without trying and working enough!

The reality of these systems is different and you must really work hard for earning money by this way. These systems have not been planed to give easily money to you even if their producers claim another thing! So be sure that CPA Pirate has nothing to give to you except of wasting your time!

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