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What is Empower Network? – Not Worth to Try…

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What is Empower Network?

Today I want to talk about Empower Network and important decision that I’ve made about this making money program. After testing Empower Network for some times, I decided to quit it today because of the mastermind that is behind this website.

Now I’m going to tell you that why I made this decision and I’ll explain why I canceled my membership with this network. Although I’ve lose money on this program but I’m ok with this if it helps others to get not scammed by this and other similar networks.


Product Name: Empower Network

Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe

Cost: $25/month + up-sells: $19.99/month, $100/month, $500, $1,000, $3500

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended? No!

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what is the empower network

Let’s be clear at the beginning; the big idea mastermind is effectively a marketing vehicle to promote the empower network that you might have heard of. Big Idea mastermind is just a team of promoters and people who promote empower network in a team because you build teams in the empower network.

This is a really slick organized team, pull the big idea mastermind and he’s an amazing team but today I decided that I don’t want to promote the empower network anymore so effectively I’m not longer promoting the big idea mastermind either because they’re linked, so hopefully that all makes sense and you understand when I say I’ve left the big idea mastermind I mean that I’ve left the empower network because that’s the actual thing that I’ve quit.

What is Empower Network?

So let’s talk about the big idea mastermind first. It’s free and it’s just have free tools to promote the empower network but obviously you got join the empower network to be able to earn an affiliate income from selling the empower network so first of all, yes I made money with the empower network using the big idea mastermind as I have demonstrated.

Actually the money that you make from selling something like the empire Network is directly proportional to the time and effort and the work that you put on it.

When I first signed up, I put a lot of work in and I made videos and did a lot blogging and of course I made money and I even wrote about it in one of my posts here that it does work because I prove that but then you need to scale it up and it’s the thing that I’ve not really concentrated on because more recently I’ve been working on other areas of my business and I’m not really  had the time to dedicate to the Big Idea Mastermind Empower Network.

It’s important to spend time on it and even all the training and all the advice they give you is about this. In the both Big idea Mastermind and Empower Network, they make it very clear that you need to be doing stuff every day to get success as well as investing money. You need to blogging every day, you need to making  videos (maybe recording a video), you need to get traffic, etc. They even had a 90 day video program where you effectively would make a video in one day. It actually encouraging you to make a single video every single day and post it up.

Well that’s great and I think if you’ve got an online business or you’re promoting a blog then you need to be blogging every day and making a video as often you can and put it on YouTube. I mean these are all great ways of driving traffic and you need to be doing that so if you’ve got a business, these are great techniques and I use it for my own business blog as much as I can.

But it’s useful if you already have a business and since I have other business areas that I need to concentrate on so the less time I spend on marketing the empower network unless I make less.

how empower network works

How Empower Network Works?

Let me tell you the truth about Empower Network here, it’s all about building a team below you and you earn money from the people who earn money below you. If this is not what you are interested in, simply skip the next paragraph and go directly to my best recommendation section.

Building a team is one thing and debating, supporting, encouraging, etc. that team is another thing. And all these things takes time and I think that  people become very disillusioned very quickly when they don’t start seeing all that money, all the cars, all the lifestyle that is promoted in the in the sales videos of Empower Network and that’s the biggest issue with sort of making money online programs.

All these sort of videos and sales videos about becoming rich online are overhyped. They set expectations too high and don’t get me wrong, people do make a lot of money from things like affiliate marketing and building lists.

To be honest, they’re the kind of people who invest time and money in advertising to get success. And to make a real success of Big Idea mastermind, you need to have or build a big list. You need to get that big list quick and the quickest way to get a big list is to pay for it.

if you need a quality list, it’s going to cost you money but if you’re committed and prepare to make that investment on it properly, you will see results but who sign up, do not have that kind of money or enough time to put behind it and make a big list so they become disillusioned and they just give up fast and easily. Also building a list takes time and if you’re brand new, it could be quite a while before you start earning money and as I said people just don’t have the enough patience and they give up too easily.

You need to know a fact about Empower Network and other similar programs here. You should know that no one is going to give you that kind of lifestyle on a plane, no one’s going to hand it to and it’s only you who should invest on it.

When I say invest, I mean investing your time. Of course that’s necessary to invest a little bit of money at the beginning too. You cannot make money with no money, believe me! But you know that’s more important? Reinvesting your revenue! Many people forget about this important part of business. When you do not reinvest your money to scale up your business, you close door to more opportunities to make money online.

I’m a full time internet entrepreneur and I always reinvest a big part of my revenue. My main business is based on SEO technics and it’s something that really takes time and a lot of effort to see the result but -it’s something that I really like so I invest all on time on it and I make a full time income from affiliate marketing on my blogs.

I promote different types of products from information products to physical products. A lot of things about affiliate marketing is teaching on Empower Network training program and that’s why I say that it’s worth to invest on it.

is empower network scam

Conclusion – Is Empower Network Scam?

So that’s why I say you learn everything you need to get success in Empower Network training and after that, it’s all up to you how to use all those information. In the training section you’ll learn many things from building an email list to, creating powerful sales funnels, copywriting, etc.

It must be said that the guy who created Big Idea Mastermind put useful information in training section with a proper English language (not similar to mine!;) ). So you can go with the training and apply it into your business even after finishing it. I’ve done it and I’ve got positive result from applying these techniques to my blogs then I started to teach it to other people who are interested to start their online business.

But let’s see why I decided to not continue with Empower Network anymore. Firstly the Big Idea Mastermind which has been said that it’s an amazing training is not that much quality. It’s good when you can start it free but I believe that it’s not enough to make and promote your own product.

I mean their product is the viral blogging platform which is okay in my opinion and you get high rank and sort of good rank by link back that you get from them to your sites but it’s not really worth that $25 monthly. I’m not sure whether it’s worth that you can have your own, your plenty of free blogging services and the training is just ok but I don’t think there’s enough to use as a business model.

I think it’s really good but if they had a more tangible product that you promptly sold or you promoted, it would be much more effective. I think it’s effective but I walk away from this knowing that I’ve made a profit and more importantly I’ve being taught really valuable information that I apply to my own business so I’m not here just dissing the whole thing.

I’m trying to do business with integrity and I’m trying to only promote products that I’ve fully tested and have a real faith in and this is not what you learn in Empower Network. So that is why I’m no longer promoting the empower network.

my recommendation

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