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What Is Proven Private Label? – My Honest Review!

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What is proven private label all about? This is the question which you’re looking for answer and I’m here to help you with that. Proven Private Label is related to Amazon website so let’s talk a little about Amazon first.

You’re familiar with Amazon.com for sure, the website which started with selling books and now you can find and buy ANYHTING there. Jeff Bezos turned Amazon into one of the most important eCommerce business during the last 10 years which has more than 500,000 employees now and make $+150 billion revenue every year! I doubt if you’ve never used Amazon before but if you have not bought anything from there till now, you missed a great opportunity.

Well the first question comes to your mind at this moment is that “how a person can take advantage or even make money from one of the biggest eCommerce companies in the world?”. Good question! To find out that, you need to know about all options you have to make serious money from Amazon.

In the next couple of paragraph, I’m going to explain all available ways you can use to make money with Amazon so stay with me! )


Product Name: Proven Private Label or PPL

Official Website: provenprivatelabel.com

Founder: Jim Cockrum

Cost: $37 Book – $397 Book + Mentoring Program

Recommended? Not the best choice for beginner

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is proven private label exactly

So let’s start with the first way which is selling on Amazon! It’s the most common way people use to make some extra cash through Amazon. Some people even turn it into a full time business for themselves and some other use it just as fun. Amazon tries to help seller by providing additional services for them such as Fulfillment by Amazon or Amazon Advantage which makes the selling process as easy as possible for every person with any level of internet marketing knowledge.

Affiliate marketing is another option to make some extra cash from Amazon. If you are familiar with internet marketing you can join Amazon Associates Program which is totally free and available for everyone. After joining, you can start promoting ALL available products on Amazon and make commission for all salea you made.

What is Proven Private Label All About?

Now let’s see what Proven Private Label is and how it’s going to help you. In short, Proven Private Label is a training course about how you can run a successful private brand on Amazon so we can call it a new option of making money through Amazon.

The difference between this method and previous methods that I’ve mentioned above is that you do not need to sell or promote products of other companies instead, you’ll make your own brand and will start selling your own products.

As you may feel, running your own brand is not easy to do; even if you’re expert in online marketing, there are several important complicated factors which can stop you from doing this so it’s not a common way for making money with Amazon. Although there are some teaching programs about making your own brand on Amazon but since it’s not a common method among internet entrepreneurs, those available courses in this filed are complicated and expensive.

That’s why Proven Private Label decided to change this by providing an easy-understanding course in a reasonable price.

Founders of Proven Private Label

Well, unlike other similar programs, PPL (Proven Private Label) has not built by only one person. When I’ve done a research about founders of this program, I ended up with a couple of names like Jim Cockrum, Bret Barlett and Jenni Hunt who introduced as owners of PPL so we can’t belong it into one person.

Among those names I’ve seen a familiar name, Jim Cockrum. I knew this guy because I’ve reviewed some other programs before which has been created by Jim Cockrum. When you search his name, you’ll see several similar training courses, tools and programs that has been run and introduced by this guy like Proven China Sourcing, eBay to Amzon, RevSeller and so on. So he’s an experienced person in creating online course and services.

how proven private label works

Proven Private Label Partnership Program

Well there is only one type of affiliate program for all different products available on PPL so to start making some cash, you’ll have only one option. By joining PPL, you’ll learn about all aspects of making your own brand and it teaches you how to launch it and make it profitable on the web.

The other way to make money through PPL is promoting and selling the course to others which let you make commission based on your sales. This is affiliate marketing with PPL and it’s quite popular among people these days.

Every company has its own affiliate program and they offer different commission from 10% to 90% based on product you sell so there is not a fixed-commission but like any other business there are scammers as well and that’s why you should not trust any attractive affiliate program you see.

Is Proven Private Label Trustworthy?

In short yes, it’s a legit program. I’ve went through PPL and after checking its product and affiliate program I can tell you that it’s not a scam. Also products got BBB rating (Better Business Bureau) which is another reason but its legitimacy but do not get me wrong, this answer does not confirm if it’s a worth to try program.

And although PPL’s product is expensive and costs you about $397 but I’ve not found any negative reviews from people who did not get training course or get scammed after purchasing it. Anyway do not forget that to start making money with PPL you should buy product in $397 first to get eligible as an affiliate marketer then you should be able to sell it to other people to make commission so it’s not like as easy as anything.

pros and cons

What is Included in PPL Package?

Let’s think you decided to give it a try and pay that $397 so you want to know what you will get for that amount of money for sure right?

So let’s see what you’ll have and what’s training materials of PPL after purchasing it.

The training teaches you:

  • How to choose the perfect logo for your business
  • How to create a list of product that sells well
  • How to find best suppliers for your products
  • How to find hot potential unreleased products on Amazon
  • How to start promoting and make your first sales
  • And so on

All lessons will be taught to you as PDF files and to make everything more clear, some webinars and ebook with additional information will be provided to you. A Facebook community will handled all support you need during the course. That’s it!

is proven private label scam

My Final Verdict for PPL – Should You Try It?

As I’ve mentioned above making your own brand on Amazon with provided training or working with company as an affiliate marketer and make commission based on your sales are the only two ways you can use if you want to take your chance and give PPL a try.

Of course there is not any limit if you decide to try both options at the same time but each option has its own positive and negative points. For example I’ve seen some negative reviews about training materials of PPL which may seem some confusing for you at the beginning but many people who tried training before confirm that it’s easy understanding and not complicated as well as not very expensive compared to other similar courses.

On the other hand, there are also people who did not like it and they believed that it’s not as quality as they mention and they could not get enough support when they needed it.

All in all, proven private label is not something that I can recommend you, especially if you are beginner and do not have previous experience in internet marketing. There are much better ways you can start with to build you own business and turn it into your full time job.

my recommendation

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