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What is Rev Seller? – Everything You Need to Know!

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So you want to know what is Rev Seller and how it works right? Rev Seller is simply a Google extension whose function involves FBA. The next question you may have is…what is FBA?

What is FBA?

“You sell it, we ship it” is FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) network’s promise which is basically what they do. FBA service enables you to store the products you want to sell on Amazon in their warehouses. They also pack and ship these products to the buyer in case of a purchase. It won’t matter whether you’ll be shipping to a buyer locally or internationally, they’ll handle the fees and ensure your product reaches the buyer.

This service is really beneficial especially to startup entrepreneurs. They’ll be able to reach their customers without having the burden to deal with shipping or the costs involved where limited products are concerned. Now that you know FBA, lets get back to the matter at hand.


Name: Rev Seller

Official Website: Revseller.com

Cost: $99.99

Do I Recommend it? Depends

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is rev seller about

What is Rev Seller?

Rev seller is a Google chrome extension which facilitates profit calculation on-screen while on the specific page on Amazon.com. This means that you won’t have to go all the way to an FBA calculator, the items you’ll be checking out can have profits displayed in an instant. However, that’s not all Rev seller can offer.

You will be able to view:

  • In and out of stock products
  • UPC
  • Weight
  • Size
  • ASIN
  • and much more

Rev Seller saves you the headache of calculating your return on investment, FBA fees among others hence enabling you to estimate numbers regarding your sales easily. It does research for you and makes it easy to make decisions pertaining your products. In addition to all that, Rev Seller has an affiliate program included for you to make more money.

how rev seller works

How does it work?

When you have the extension, you can check the listing on your Amazon account where the relevant seller’s information will be displayed. This will enable you to find a profitable product in a less competitive market. You can count on its accuracy more than you can on your own research.

What about Rev Seller’s affiliate program?

As much as Rev Seller and Amazon are intertwined in function, they have completely different affiliate programs. Amazon Affiliate Program which is famous for its success for many online businesses facilitates earning through referrals with which a customer buys a product and the affiliate earns a ten percent commission.

However, Rev Seller pays a fixed commission of $30 in case you refer someone and they actually purchase the membership using your link.

How do I get started with Rev Seller?

To use Rev Seller, you have to register for membership. However, if you want to taste the waters, you can easily start with the free trial which goes for 30 days. The best part is, you won’t have to enter your payment details. Just sway right in and start learning how to optimize sales with the tool.

After trial or if you decide to go all in at once, you will be prompted to pay $99.99 which will last your usage for a whole year. This is genuinely affordable especially when you think of the perks like the function of the tool and the affiliate program. It is a great deal.

pros and cons

Negative & Positive Side of Rev Seller

So far so good, Rev Seller has proven its legitimacy in the fact that it functions like it promises it will. It is also verified as an official application on Google Chrome store. The prices it offers for its function are reasonable and fair. The fact that the free plan exists for a long 30 days shows how confident they are about the product’s function. So, Rev Seller is totally not a scam. To reduce any confusions, you should know that Rev Seller isn’t affiliated with Amazon in any way.

How Can I make money with Rev Seller?

You can do buying and reselling of product from Amazon on Amazon. Before this extension was introduced, people used to do head cracking research on various goods to know what sells most and also calculate estimates and profits all by themselves.

To be able to profit with Rev Seller, you’ll need to have a website where you’ll be writing about the products you recommend and earn money when people go to purchase. You’ll have to be creative with your copywriting skills as you will need to persuade customers to buy the products.

All this will bear fruits the time you have created enough traffic to your website. If you are starting up and do not know your direction around FBA business, you should research and reach a step further first. Although the extension talks about it being friendly to a beginner as well as a pro, you might come out frustrated when you pay for a plan that doesn’t necessarily help you with your handful traffic.

For someone with an established presence in the business, this will be a great extension to use.

is rev seller scam


Generally, Rev seller is a sensation among FBA business owners. It makes it easy to know all the things you would research at a glance. This tool has received numerous good reviews as it has helped many ecommerce business owners and definitely deserves the praise. However, this isn’t a tool for a beginner who is aspiring to own an ecommerce business. Instead of plunging straight into the deeper end blindly, checking out how to navigate the ecommerce niche is the place to start. After some grip on the matter, Rev Seller can assist to make the work easier.

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