what is Rewards Buck

What is Rewards Buck? – A Legit Reliable Program or Nothing…?

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So you want to know all things about Rewards Buck website right? Ok! Let me help you find out all you need to know about this new reward site and see if it’s something you should give it a try or something you should stay away from it!

Rewardsbuck.com is a new website working based on rewards and it’s can be installed on your PC or as an application in your android smartphone. It does not give you cash directly but you’ll be able to get rewards as Gift Cards. To do that, you need to earn points first which can be converted into $10 or more gift cards and to get points, you have some options like download an application, taking a survey or completing an offer.

After reading this review, you’ll find out what’s rewards buck exactly, how it works, how much you can make from it, what are positive and negative sides of it and more importantly if it worth your valuable time or it’s just another scam running with a scammer!

So let’s go ahead and find out answer of all above questions!


Product Name: Rewards Buck

Official Website: Rewardsbuck.com

Type: Rewards Site

Price: Free to join

Verdict: Legitimate

Recommended? Probably No

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

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what is Rewards Buck

What is Rewards Buck?

Yes, you can see that it’s a legit program to earn some extra cash from my point of view but it does mean that I consider it as the best (or even one of the best) programs that are based on rewards.

Although you are able to make some cash with this program but the main problem is that it does not provide you several ways to earn money (let’s say points). Actually you have only 2 or 3 ways to earn rewards which does not make any difference between Rewards Buck with other similar sites and even in some cases, it loses the game to other sites.

So we can say that the only positive point here is that you will get paid IF you reach enough points so you won’t get scammed. But is this all you want from a rewards site? Have you every thing how much time you should spend to earn pennies on this site? Let me answer it!

how rewards buck works

How Does Rewards Buck Work?

As I’ve mentioned above, you will not have more than 2,3 ways to earn rewards and the first one is Offers. You can earn points by completing offers which sorted in paid and free offers. 80% of free offers do not pay you more than $0.50 for completing a single offer. In this kind of offers, you should join a website or subscribe into a mailing list to complete the offer.

But what about paid offers…? As its name says, it’s not free which means, you have to buy a product/service or get a free trial of a program/service by entering your credit/debit card information

The difference between paid and free offers is that paid offers pay much more. It stars from $1 and can go up to $10 for completing a single offer BUT as I’ve told you, you need to subscribe in a program with a monthly fee or put your CC info to get a free trial of a program and if you forget about the membership that you subscribed to, you’ll be charged every month!

Completing surveys is another way you can earn points through Rewards Buck. The same as always, the money you’ll make from taking surveys is very low (from $0.10 to $1) and it takes time to complete each survey. Another thing you should know is that unlike other survey sites, all surveys are managed by third party providers in Reward Buck. This means you should get qualified first to be able to answer surveys and it happens many times when you do not get qualified for a survey.

The third option to get paid in Rewards Buck is downloading apps. This option is available only if you install Rewards Buck in your smartphone. After installing Rewards Buck in your phone, a list of apps will be shown in “Download Apps” section which let you download each one, perform a specific action (like create an account on it) and earn point for that. Again there are better ways like FeaturePoints if you aim to earn money by only downloading apps.

And the last way to earn money is Shopping. It’s a little bit different with other similar sites which you get cashback when you shop in a store. Actually it does not give you any cashback and I do not understand why they putted this section separately because it’s doing exactly the same as what you have access to in Offers section. There are just some more offers which are online stores (like Disney Movie Club) and you’ll get paid if you sign up in any of those sites.

rewards buck pros and cons

Rewards Buck – Pros & Cons


Well, do not expect me to make a huge list of positive points here for you. To be honest, except of legitimate, I do not see any other big positive points for this rewards website and as I’ve mentioned, it loses the game in many things to other similar sites.


  • Not Many Ways to Earn

You have been limited when you have only 3 or 4 ways to earn online in a rewards site. I’ve seen many other rewards sites that are willing to pay you for click on ads, watching videos, referring a member to the program etc. but none of these ways are available in Rewards Buck.

Of course you can still make some cash by available options in Rewards Buck but it must be said that you could make much more in another rewards site because most of similar sites give you more options to earn points/cash.

  • Lack of Referral Program

Let’s think you started working on Rewards Buck and you liked it; now you want to refer another member or one of your friends to the website to earn more points. Well, I’m sorry to tell you that Rewards Buck does not have a referral program which is pretty strange and illogical from point of my view.

Almost all programs, services and online stores have a referral program these days which is a great future and a win-win game for both affiliates and sellers but Rewards Buck does not give you this and you should keep yourself happy with all those limited ways.

So if referral program is important for you, skip all the next paragraphs and read directly my best suggestion to make money online.

  • Get Paid Only with Gift Cards

Yes, when you complete all those offers and surveys, there won’t be any cash in your pocket at the end and you will ended up with Gift Cards. Although the gift cards you will get come from well-known online stores like Amazon or BestBuy but this is not many people like after spending a lot of time in a rewards site. There are many sites which pay you cash to your PayPal account directly and you’ll be the only person who decides what to do with YOUR money.

Actually I always prefer to get cash in my PayPal account too instead of receiving gift cards, coupons code or other things.

How You Will Get Paid by Rewards Buck

There is a minimum threshold (1000 points) which you need to reach to be able request your money. When you reach 1000 points which is equal to a $10 Gift Card, you can request to receive it. Fortunately the gift cards can be used in most famous shops like Best Buy, Game Stop, Amazon, Walmart, etc. so you won’t have any issue with buying something with your gift card.

In addition to gift cards, you can get some other items like mugs or customized t-shirts in exchange for your points. (But you know what, I’m not interested in those things at all!)

You can expect to get your gift card within seven business days as they’ve mentioned to this in their frequently asked questions section clearly. I could not find any information about delivery time if you order a physical item like a mug, but according to my past experience, it would take much longer than 7 days to receive a physical item from a rewards site.

is rewards buck scam

Is Rewards Buck a Scam?

Well you can be sure that it’s a legit website and you won’t get scammed but when we are talking about making extra cash from internet, it’s not my recommendation for sure. You won’t get cash as reward and you have only 3, 4 ways to earn points. And in my opinion, making money ways like rewards sites are gone in new decade.

If this is all thing you feel happy with, go for it, otherwise, do not waste your valuable time on Rewards Buck (and other similar sites) and instead of spending hours to make pennies, invest your time and effort behind a program and strategy that you can totally rely on it and make part time and even full time income from it.

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my recommendation

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  2. Hello Ali, I have looked at several of your posts, I think you have done some really positive work on your site. Sadly there are too many scam sites, offering ways to get rich quick online. And we need to have people like yourself to guvevopen honest reviews. Well done and thanks. Kenny

  3. This is super helpful Ali. I feel like I have a friend sitting next to me, making sure I don’t waste my time. Rewards Buck seems to make you do a ton of work for very little pay off. It looks like my email would be full of offers I don’t care about. UGHHH! Thanks for saving me this time!

    Thanks for introducing people to Wealthy Affiliate instead. I’ve actually started an online blog there that is profitable. For those ready or interested in starting online – that’s a GREAT option!

    Thanks again!

  4. Hey!

    Thank you so much for the in depth review. I was actually looking into Rewards Buck for a while but this article has swayed me in the right direction. Clearly there are many negatives to using rewards buck and not many positives. Thank you for being honest and concise, you have helped me, and will help a lot of others.

    I also appreciate you posting the link to joining your #1 recommended website. I am about to go check it out now! Keep posting good material, it truly helps everyone that sees it.


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