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What is Survey Club? – A Reliable Opportunity or Waste of the Time?

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Hello everyone and welcome to my review of Survey Club. You have landed here because you a couple of questions in your mind such as “what is survey club?” or “How much money you can make with it?”.

Ok, I would be more than happy to help you find answer of your questions; that’s why I’m reviewing online survey companies and other making money programs for a long time now.

I’ve been internet marketer for 6 years and a half now and I’ve come across and reviewed these different surveys sites and many other online services( I do not know how many survey sites or programs I’ve reviewed but I’m sure that it’s more than 100. That’s why you can totally trust me because I’m completely familiar with this type of sites and my honest review of Survey Club will help you to find all the truth about this company and see if it’s a legit opportunity for making money online or it’s just another scam.

Let’s start!


Product Name: Survey Club (aka Survey Club Research)

Owner: ?

Product Type: Paid Surveys

Cost: Free

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

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what is the survey club

At the beginning, let me tell you you’ll find answer of what questions in my review:

  1. What is Exactly Survey Club?
  2. How Much Does it Cost to Join it?
  3. How Much Money You Can Make with Survey Club?

And more importantly…

4. Is it a Legit Company or it’s just a fat scam!?

Let’s go ahead and take a deep look at Survey Club.

First of all let me share my personal opinion about this company with you. From my point of view, Survey Club is not a scam website but it does not mean that it’s something that you can trust and make serious money from. Actually not only Survey Club but all other survey sites are not my recommendation for making money online because all of them COSTS you.

“But Ali, you have told that it’s Free to join…” Good point! Yes I’ve mentioned that you can join it for free but it’s not the meaning of “Cost” that I’ve mentioned above. Have you ever think about all the time and effort that you put behind a survey site? It’s what I mean by cost. And do not tell me that you have not heard “Time is Gold”.

Yes working on survey sites like Survey Club requires a lot of energy from you to full out all the surveys and complete all the tasks and it’s not much different in other platforms. This is not the only problem that I have with survey sites, the main problem that I have is that the amount of money you’ll be able to make on survey sites is pretty low and it does not worth your time at all. Yes, it’s not the way that I would want to make money with.

What is Survey Club?

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s a survey company which you provides paid surveys for its members. (it’s only available for members and you won’t be able to access surveys without signing up). So in simple word, you’ll get paid to complete surveys online. The sign-up process is simple and straight forward; you just need to fill out registration form and can become a member for free.

As I’ve mentioned before, Survey Club is also as known as Survey Club Research and it’s up there for a long time now. If Company founding dates is what you are care about, it must be said that this company has started its work about 12 years ago so being online for 12 years can be a positive point for them as well as a sign for their legitimate.

Another thing that you can find on their website is that they clearly say they have +16 million members. That’s pretty cool for a survey company but keep in mind that this is the number of all people who have registered on their website from 2006 till now and it does not mean Active Members. So someone may registered last year and never used it but they’ve counted him too.

how survey club works

How Survey Club Works & How to Make Money with it?

Whenever you decide to become part of the Survey Club, you just need to fill out a form to join the company and pick a list of other available survey sites that you want to join. It’s almost exactly the same as what you’ll do to join in any other survey sites.

After filling out the registration form and in order to get started, you should confirm your email address by clicking on the link that will be sent to you by Survey Club. Once it’s done, you should complete your profile.

There are some questions you need to answer while completing your profile like: Your demographic, are you male or female, what’s you income, do you have kids or not, your ethnicity, where are you from and where are you located, how old are you and etc. So if you feel these are personal questions that you would not be happy to answer, simply ignore Survey Club!

After completing your profile and providing all these information, they’ll send start to send you appropriate surveys that you can complete and get paid for that. Now let’s answer an important question, Is Survey Club worth you time?

How Much Money You Can Make with Survey Club?

Well it’s totally depends on how much surveys you’ll complete and how much you’ll get for each survey. Normally survey companies do not pay more than more than $1 for taking a single survey (it’s mostly under 0.50 cents.) and Survey Club works in the same way so you should not expect to earn more than a couple of dollars in a week IF there are always surveys available to complete.

There is a minimum threshold of 10 dollars which you need to reach first to be able cash out your money. You can request it by PayPal and it takes several business days to receive it in your account. The minimum threshold of Survey Club is low and achievable compared to some other illogical survey companies which request you to reach $50 or more to cash out your money. But the problem is that it really takes time to reach that $10 and you probably do not want to put time and work for a couple of days to have money which is enough only for a cup of coffee or a MacDonald’s.

is survey club a scam

Conclusion – Is it Scam?

As I’ve told you, I consider Survey Club as a legit company which is online for a long time and let you complete paid surveys but it’s not my recommended way for making money online. Let me explain why…

It does not teach you anything, you won’t be able to make serious money with that and it’s not worth your time. You’re going to spend a lot of time and effort to take different surveys it really drains your energy. And what you’ll have at the end? Just maybe a couple of dollars (maximum) in your pocket.

I’ve tested tons of survey sites and even worked on them in the past but none of them gave feeling of satisfaction. My last experience in survey companies was Survey Junkie, yes I was part of it and that was my initial exposure to making money online.

I came across surveys and I started filling them one by one but by the end of the day, I was worn out. This experience has been repeated for my in almost all other survey sites and you may ask, why I continued to test or work on them if I did not get satisfaction with, well, the answer is very simple; every time that I joined a new paid survey site, I always was feeling that this is different with previous ones but it was not and I stayed in a vicious circle. That’s why I do not want you to have similar bad experience as mine in Survey sites.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed my survey Club review and if you have any questions comments concerns, make sure that you leave them all down below in my comment box.

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