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What is Survey Voices? – Is it Scam or Legit Program?

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What is Survey Voices?

So you want to know what is Survey Voices and how you can make money with that? Good! You’ve landed on the right place. Just read the next couple of paragraph to find out everything you need to know about this survey site.

That’s a good decision that you have decided to do your research about Survey Voice before giving it a try. There are many things that you should know about this survey company and I’m going to answer all questions you have in your mind about this site, hopefully it’ll help you to make the best decision and find all your answers about Survey Voices.

Let’s start!


Product Name: Survey Voices

Official Website: SurveyVoices.com

Cost: Free

Founder: Reward Zone LLC

Do I Recommend it? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is the survey voices

What is Survey Voices all about?

The main thing Survey Voices does it connecting people from all around the world who are interested to get paid by completing surveys online. This company is managed by Reward Zone USA LLC and it’s up there for a while now.

You have access to different types of surveys on their website and you’ll be able to make money by taking each of those surveys. When I’ve started to review this website, I have not seen any differences –between Survey Voices and other similar survey sites.

There are two types of survey sites around the web:

  1. The sites that provide you surveys and let you make money by completing them. These are the main survey sites as known as market research companies.
  2. Websites that connect you to the main survey sites. Actually these sites work as middleman between you and official market research companies and Survey Voices is this type of survey sites.

Survey Voices claims that it’s the best website in this field and can connect you to all available trusted market research companies all around the web.

This is all information you need to know about Survey Voices but let’s see what’s the problem with them. The main problem starts when they claim that $300 is the minimum amount of money you’ll be able to make at the first week of working with them! Since making money online with no experience is not as easy as abc, you should not believe such that claiming simply and after see such that claim, I’ve decided to take a closer look inside of it to see is it really possible to make $1200 with only taking survey on this site or not. You know, $1200 monthly can be a good money and even a full time income for some people so we should care about what we are claiming, right?

is survey voices scam

Is Survey Voices Scam?

It must be said that it’s a scam website for sure. Although you may be able to make a little money at the Beginning especially in the first month of your working with this survey site but you can’t rely on it for the long-term business and you can’t make any serious money with that.

In addition it’s hard to make any serious not only with this website but with any order survey site. Because there is a low potential income when you are working in a survey site and you just make a few cents to come a single survey. So claiming of making $300 weekly doesn’t look like very logical.

If you take a look at some of legit survey sites in the internet like swagbucks you will find out that they never claim that you will be able to make $300 or more in a week on their website because they know what is the fact behind survey sites and they know that there is a lot potential income in this field so they don’t claim such these things. And also you shouldn’t expect to make that much money in a short time with a survey site.

I have tested a few survey websites in the past but I couldn’t make any serious money with them and that’s because they just pay few cents for per survey you complete and keep in mind that it’s for legit and popular survey sites and most other survey sites are not an official market research company and they just connect you to other sites and make commissions from this.

Of course you can find legit survey sites which on their list and I’m not saying that ALL websites they introduce you are scam but to be honest 80% of sites you’ll find there are not trustworthy. You may be able to join them for free but you’ll invest your valuable time and since you’ll not good or even enough money for completing surveys on those sites, you’ll be loser of this game.

Also when you join a scam survey site (even if it’s totally free), you’ll provide contact information and give them this opportunity to sell your contact information as well as send you ads and spams. That’s why you may see a huge number of spam messages in your mailbox after joining a couple of these scam sites.

Another thing you should pay attention to when you want to join a survey site is reviews and feedback that are available about that site in the internet. It’s clear that a website that did not get positive reviews should not be tested by you because other people joined and tested it before you and did not get success with it so you should avoid these kinds of sites as well.

As I’ve mentioned above, you may think that you will not lose anything if you join Survey Voices for example because it’s free to join but do not forget that you’re actually selling your valuable contact information to them for FREE and also you’re investing time on it in hope to get result. So if we disregard about your contact info, we cannot skip of the time issue.

You and nobody else like to spend a lot of time to make a few dollars. It’s not logical and is not recommended by any experienced internet entrepreneur.

Final Word

Although we may not be able to call Survey Voices officially a scam because it gives you something and open door to a huge list of survey sites (although most of them are scam) but it’s not worth your time and it’s better to spend your time on something more valuable.

The fact is that there is not any serious money to be made not only on Survey Voices but in any other survey sites so I’m one of those persons who is against “get paid to take survey” sites always and I’ve got this opinion from many testing and reviewing survey sites. All in all, if you are lucky, you’ll find some legit survey sites on Survey Voices but even with those legit sites, it’s not possible to make even a part time income from them and you’ll ended up with a couple of dollars in your pocket at the end of the month.

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