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What is the Best PC Optimization Software? – iolo Answers This Question

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Using a computer is very enjoyable when it’s new or you have installed or upgraded your OS recently. Everything works fast, all applications run smoothly and you never ask questions like ‘what is the best PC optimization software?’ because you have enough free space and can complete all your tasks without any software or hardware issues. But after a few months you feel that software does not work properly, speed of Windows has decreased and you have to wait more than before for computer’s booting. These are issues that we have to face when lifetime of our system passes during the time and that’s when we need to optimize our operating system. And the first question that comes to our mind is ‘ how to make our computer fast again?’

There’re several ways to speed up your computer. You can even apply changes to Windows and registry settings to get everything better but it’s risky if you’re not a technician. I’m going to introduce powerful optimizer software which is able to speed up your computer and give it a fresh spirit again. Stay with me!

System Mechanic

System Mechanic is the name of software which can help you optimize your system with different advanced tools.

System Mechanic software includes different sections that scan and find all issues and problems which cause low speed of the system and then repairs them and returns your computer to its good days’ form. It’s equipped to 7 effective tools which can repair registry errors, compress your disk drives, remove junk files and speed up Windows and keep its performance on a high level.

Another positive point of System Mechanic is that it does all the mentioned tasks automatically, with only one click and you don’t need to do anything yourself. This optimizer software is able to find and solve any type of issue and problem while you can sit back and enjoy seeing how it solves all those issues automatically.

System Mechanic Software

Actually, the only things that you have to do manually are installing and running the software for the first time. After that, it’ll monitor your system’s performance on the background and some of its tools will run automatically on a regular basis to keep your Windows healthy. Most of the time this monitoring will be done on your RAM memory and by optimizing it, you can experience playing a game with faster speed or downloading a file much quicker.

Now let’s take a look at the main sections of System Mechanic:

  • PC Cleanup: its job is to find and remove unnecessary files which can decrease your system’s performance. It acts like a powerful vacuum cleaner and removes all junk files from your system.
  • Drive Accelerator: It’ll speed up computer’s loading time and increase Windows performance by optimizing and integrating disk space.
  • Shortcut Repair: According to its name, its task is to work on shortcuts. Sometimes some shortcuts on your desktop are not linked to their main programs anymore for several different reasons; it’s time when Shortcut Repair comes to find all those defective shortcuts. It tries to fix them and link them to their main programs, but if it’s not possible, it’ll remove them from your desktop (with your permission) to prevent your computer from becoming slow. In fact, any action that is related to shortcuts will be monitored in this section.
  • Internet Connection Repair: This feature monitors, scans and repairs your Internet connection. You may experience slow Internet speed or something goes wrong with your Internet connection. System Mechanic`s Internet Connection Repair is up there to help you solve all these issues before you lose your Internet speed or connection.

System Mechanic Performance

Some other features of System Mechanic are listed below

  • Cleaning registry and disk defragmentation
  • Increasing system and Internet speed
  • Solving software issues
  • Ability to block pop-ups and suspended websites
  • Blocking viruses, worms, Trojans and spam
  • Increasing Internet speed by removing spam advertisements
  • Getting backup from your important information
  • Recovering deleted files
  • Ability to delete files completely so that they can’t be recovered (can be useful if you decide to sell your computer)
  • Repairing Windows registry to increase system’s performance
  • CRUDD ability which is able to find and remove unnecessary software
  • PC TotalCare to completely optimize your system automatically, with one click
  • And many other features!

Now let’s take a look at the inside of System Mechanic and see how it speeds up your PC or laptop. After installing and running System Mechanic, you’ll see a window like you see below will open. It’s similar to antivirus software main page and you will probably be glad to know that clicking Analyze Now button is the only thing you need to do!


After that, analyzing process will start and System Mechanic will scan your system completely. It may take a couple of minutes (depending on your hardware) and in the end, a status of your system as well as two other options will be shown like in the image below. Hopefully, you won’t get a Poor status but if you do, there’s nothing to worry about. It may be uncomfortable for you but System Mechanic will be absolutely happy when it sees it because it’s the only time that it can show how powerful it is.

System Mechanic Process

You can see a report of problems by clicking View Problems; it lets you know which parts of your system need to be optimized. Click Repair All and it will start repairing all detected problems and show a summary of actions performed when the process is over. You will also be able to see a summary of resolved problems at the final step.

System Mechanic Repair

Finally, System Mechanic window will come up again, but this time you’ll see a nice Good status for your system.

System Status

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Final Word

Size of System Mechanic software is small compared to other similar software which lets you easily install and run it on your system. It’s been selected as The Best System Optimization Software for several consecutive years what shows all hard efforts of iolo developers behind this software aimed at helping home and professional users experience a fast and reliable system.

Hope you enjoy using this software and feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.


  1. My computer has definitely taken some abuse and it is showing it’s age. It would definitely be nice to breathe some new life into it!

    No matter how many times I run a virus scan, remove spyware and remove unnecessary files my laptop still seems to be bogged down.

    System Mechanic seems to be a very powerful all in one system optimizer and I am sure it will do wonders for my little engine that couldn’t.

    Thanks I have bookmarked your site for future reference!

  2. System mechanic sounds like an extremely good program. Set up on my laptop which has been two years already it is getting slower and slower every day. I definitely do not have the expertise or skills to fix that. I tried using something like Malwarebytes or avast antivirus to see if there anything on the computer slowing down the speed but nothing worked. There are probably in other issues that doesn’t involve viruses or malware. I am going to give your program a try thank you.

    1. Hi Win and thanks for your comment. Nice to see that you want to give a chance to System Mechanic and I’m sure that you’ll be satisfy with the result. I personally use it for a long time and never had any issue with it.


  3. I’ve tried programs before and was always skeptical. System Mechanic appears to be a software that can fix and clear up many computer issues. How often do you have to run this software? The only thing I would want to know is if there is a money back guarantee with it and what is the cost?

    1. Hi Rob, I run it almost two times in a month and the good thing is that I don’t need to run it manually and every time it finds an issue, it runs automatically. It has 30 days money-back guarantee. To get more info about refund policy, click here and Its price for unlimited devices is $35.99 now.

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