what is the best recovery app for android

What is the Best Recovery app for Android?

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Are you looking for an answer to the question “what is the best recovery app for Android”? You’re lucky because I’ve done a research and found 4 best recovery Android apps which will exceed all your expectations. Continue reading to find out what these quality apps are.

All of us have accidentally removed some data on our smartphones at least once. To solve this issue and recover the removed information you need to find a trustworthy app. The first question that comes up is this: what is the best recovery app for Android? To help you find the answer to this question, I’m going to introduce the best Android recovery apps in this post so that you won’t need to worry about deleting your important information anymore. Continue reading!

It has probably happened to you too that you lose some important files on your smartphone by accident or for some system issue and you don`t have a backup of these files and have to do Factory Reset. You’ll get a big headache if the deleted files were important ones. It may be fine for common files which you can easily download again, but what about personal files, phone numbers, texts, etc.? They’re very important and it’s almost impossible to get them anywhere else again. The fact is that until a couple of years ago there was no way to recover deleted mobile information but thanks to smartphones, it’s not difficult to recover mobile information now; some quality applications are up there to help you get back your deleted files.

I want to introduce the best Android recovery apps in the market which can perfectly recover your important deleted files. Keep in mind that power and quality of these apps are almost at the same level, but if you couldn’t recover your file with one, feel free to try another.

What Is the Best Recovery App for Android?

GT Recovery

GT Recovery is one of the best recovery Android apps which let you restore removed files as fast as possible. I recommend you to root your smartphone to take full advantage of this application, but if you don’t do it, you’re still able to use it with some limitations. The main feature of GT Recovery is a wide range of formats that are supported by this app, it means you can recover ALL types of files from photos and videos to texts and phone numbers – everything is recoverable by this powerful app for FREE.

Recent Deletion is an option of GT Recovery that lets you restore files which have been deleted after installing GT Recovery. For example, you may delete a file, video or photo accidentally while sorting out your files and folders, then you’ll be able to recover that file using Recent Deletion option. Another great positive point of GT Recovery is its user interface. It really has an eye-catching UI and all elements are perfectly designed and make it look nice. The last advantage of GT Recovery is its ability to recover messages of WhatsApp, Kik and Facebook Messenger which is considered as a unique feature.

Also, if you’re curious about accuracy and power of this application, I must say that I’ve tested it and I managed to recover 1000 deleted photos and it could recover files that were deleted recently better than files that were removed a long time ago. GT Recovery`s size is only 5.5MB and it’s available for Android users for free. Also, you don’t need to worry about Android version on your smartphone because it can be installed on Android 2.2 or later versions (Don’t tell me that you have Android 1.0!).

Having enough space for storing your personal files is very important nowadays, so storage capacity plays sometimes a crucial role in choosing a new smartphone. 64 GB internal memory and microSD slot with up to 256 GB capacity gives HTC 10 a huge benefit comparing to other smartphones in the market as there is space for all your personal data.

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Hexamob Recovery

Well, Hexamob Recovery acts a bit differently than GT Recovery and it can be installed and run only on rooted phones. Continue reading the next paragraph if you want to know what unique feature makes Hexamob Recovery powerful and totally different from other recovery apps. Hexamob Recovery supports many types of image and video formats that include but are not limited to PNG, JPEG, AVI, MOV, MP4, etc. It lets you recover any type of photo or video that you’ve mistakenly deleted.

But let’s talk about that unique feature which I’ve mentioned above. This application lets you erase data and files from your phone securely and permanently so that those deleted data won’t be recoverable by any recovery Android app (like the apps I’ve listed in this post).

This feature can come in handy in many different situations, like when you’re willing to sell your smartphone and want to make sure that your personal files and data is removed from your device completely. Fortunately, Hexamob Recovery with its erasing data feature can guarantee it to you. Scanning and recovering time highly depends on your device’s processor and RAM speed. For example, significantly less time is needed for smartphones like HTC 10 with 4GB RAM (Snapdragon 820) compared to phones with 2GB RAM.

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DiskDigger is my third choice because it can restore only image and video files (PNG, JPG and MP4). But why did I choose it and what are its advantages? Actually, DiskDigger focuses only on image and video formats. At first glance, it seems that formats supported by this app are fewer than for the other two apps. That’s right, but it’s good to know that DiskDigger acts better than Hexamob Recovery and GT Recovery in terms of recovering videos and images. It also lets you see the preview of files before recovering them, so you’ll be able to pick up those you want. Of course, like all other recovery apps, DiskDigger can’t guarantee to restore all your lost data, but still I recommend it as it managed to restore many deleted images and videos in my test.

In the description of the app it’s said that your phone should be rooted to be able to use DiskDigger, but I’ve tested it on an unrooted phone and it could still scan (with some limitations, of course) and recover files, so if your phone isn’t rooted, go ahead and use this beneficial application.

Get DiskDigger from Google Play

Undeleter Recover Files & Data

Okay, Undeleter Recover Files & Data is the last, but not the worst app on the list. Undeleter Recover Files & Data Full can be considered as a supplement for DiskDigger and can be a serious competitor for DiskDigger as it provides nice and attractive user interface and supports more formats compared to DiskDigger (at least on the paper).

You can choose memory card, internal storage or even OTG memory to be scanned, so the scanning process will be done only on that part of memory that contained your deleted file. Thanks to binary search tree algorithm, you can choose a file format and then only files with that format will be shown in results; this saves scanning and recovering time.

One issue that you need to pay attention to about recovery tools is that these apps restore all deleted data which means files and folders that you’ve removed consciously will be restored and shown in results too. So it may take time to search and find files that you’ve deleted accidentally among all recovered data. However, if your file was important and if even there’s a little chance to find that file, it still absolutely pays to try the recovery apps that are listed here.

One of the great advantages of Undeleter Recover Files & Data Full is recovering deleted phone numbers, but of course, its performance depends on how and when those numbers were removed. In the end, if you have a large amount of personal files and you don’t want to worry about losing them in the future, you need a phone with large storage capacity. As I’ve mentioned above, HTC 10 with up to 250 GB for microSD can ensure you that you’ll always have a safe place to store your important data.

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Okay! Hope you’ll install and manage to recover most or some of your deleted files with these applications. If you have any questions or want to share your opinion on recovery apps, feel free to share it in comments below.

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