Why Do Developers Need a Multi-Monitor Setup?

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Software developers and programmers are responsible for the creation of software and programs that computers need. The development process needs to run programs, conduct online research, and access text editors to view the working product and code on-screen. But, do you wonder why they need multiple monitors?

Developers and programmers use a multi-monitor setup to organize their work as it requires their complete attention. They need to reference various sources for information, work with several windows at once and run multiple programs to make the development process smooth and hassle-free. Keep reading to know how using multiple monitors boost their productivity.

What does a developer do?

A developer, also known as a software coder or software developer, builds computer apps by debugging, writing and executing the source code. They are typically specialized in a particular set of programming languages and involved with developing and structuring software. Based on their specialization, they might be software developers, application developers, mobile developers or web developers.

Even though the primary task of a developer is to write code, they might be involved with tasks related to design, software documentation, software architecture and the overall software development process.

Using multiple monitors in Windows 10 or MacBook

A multi-monitor setup is possible regardless of the computer. For instance, you can have a multi-monitor setup on your Windows PC/laptop in the following way:

  • Connect the external display to your laptop, but before that, make sure to update your Windows OS and properly connect the monitor cable to the dock or PC
  • Next, you can rearrange the display to suit your specific needs by going to Settings > System > Display and click Rearrange Your Displays > then select Identity. After that, a number will appear on the screen.

On a MacBook, using multiple monitors means checking which external monitor is compatible by clicking the Apple logo > selecting About This Mac > choosing the Support tab > tapping on Specifications. External displays for Macs can be arranged in any way that one pleases. The monitor needs to be plugged into a power source and the Mac, and then the display can be arranged from System Preferences. Here’s a guide https://setapp.com/how-to/how-to-connect-monitor-to-macbook on how external displays can be connected to a Mac and customized,

Benefits of a multi-monitor setup for developers

  1. Split screens for research and coding

When developers write code, they tend to use references from their research and conduct online research. That’s why it is convenient to have one screen dedicated wholly to a terminal and an IDE (integrated development software). In contrast, the other screen has StackOverflow, documentation, main pages and so on. In addition, looking at two screens simultaneously is easier than alt-tabbing between windows.

  1. Screen sharing is easier

Working with someone remotely requires sharing a screen, and that’s where a multi-monitor setup can come in handy. So, one screen can be shared with a colleague while the other screen is available to check work emails, do research, or reply to messages.

  1. Helps in saving time from managing multiple windows

Added screen real estate means snapping between sections or programs is more effortless. It helps in saving time as there’s no need to keep switching between programs or apps. Each app or program can be used on specific screens.

  1. Cutting and pasting is hassle-free

Multi monitors ensure there’s limited switching between apps or tabs and makes it easier to scroll to the sections that need to be copied and pasted. The boosted visibility ensures that mistakes are reduced, and developers don’t need to waste time solving the issues. Since developers work with complex codes, the absence of confusion is vital.

Is a multi-monitor setup distracting?

One of the arguments against using a multi-monitor setup is that it’s too distracting and may affect one’s focus. But, that’s not the case because developers treat one screen as the primary or development monitor. The other screen is used as a secondary display to check the documentation, references, emails, code samples, etc. When developers get into the groove, they only concentrate on the main display.


A multi-monitor setup is beneficial not only to developers but programmers and gamers. Users get ample screen space, enhanced visibility, and you can separate your tasks to avoid mistakes. For instance, you can have one monitor for completing your tasks, a second monitor for conducting research, a third monitor for checking emails and Skype, and so on. So, consider a multi-monitor setup, whether you are a developer or someone who needs more screen space.

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