You Shouldn’t Miss these 3 Free Mobile Applications!

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No matter what your smartphone OS is, these gadgets take a big part of your time during the day. Every time that you use your smartphone, you realize that you need more applications which can improve your device performance. Stay with us to find out about three free mobile applications that will be useful for your smartphone.

1- Pandora

Pandora App

Pandora (Music and Radio app) has updated its mobile app during the last weeks and added some online features. This update is a big change for Pandora, its new features make it easier for users to access different radio stations. In the new version of Pandora users can change names of the stations and see the details of each station. In addition, users now can find related stations by entering the name of the singer of the song they like.

Get Pandora here:

App Store


2- Snapchat


Snapchat is an app for sending photos that have expiry time. For example, you can send a photo to your friend that will expire in only 10 seconds. After expiry time (10 seconds) is over, the photo will be deleted from both devices (yours and your friend`s ones). Isn’t it intriguing? : )

Get Snapchat here:

App Store


3- Google Voice Search for iOS

Google Voice Search iOS

Google has updated its Voice Search service for iOS. And now not only Android users can experience it, but iOS users as well. Moreover, Voice Search is considered an important competitor for Apple Siri.

From now on, you will not just tell your phone what to search, but your iPhone will respond to you and read search result with high volume. Since searches are performed according to Google Knowledge Graph (link), your search result will be smarter than before too.

Get Google Voice Search here:

App Store


Hope you enjoyed reading this post! Now you know 3 interesting apps which are just one tap away from being installed on your smartphone! Feel free to share your opinion and interesting apps with us in comments below!

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